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  • Will and Grace is show about Will Truman, a New York City lawyer, and Grace Adler, a NEw York City designer with her very own company "Grace Adler Designs". The pair are perfect for each other in every way but one, Will is gay and Grace is straight!

    Before I really got into sitcoms, this was just another show on a fridsay night to skip past and ignore, I was so so so so wrong to do that. Will and Grace is an aboslute diamond in the golden crown of sitcoms. Throughout its eight seasons it continuously delivered gripping storylines and hilarious one liners, pairings and slapstick.
    However, to me this show seems under-rated. I was recently on Wikipedia looking at Will and Grace only to find that its ratings didn't hold a patch on sitcoms like Friends and Fraser while I was under the impression that it was up there with them! I was disappointed to find this but did not push myself away from it as I still enjoyed it. Jack and Karen are excellent "supporting characters" as they are sometimes referred but together they all make the show work, if you havn't seen it already, get out there and watch it!! In my opinion it is one of the best shows to be on T.V. and it is a shame it had to end.