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  • Two best friends help each other look for love, deal with their families and get into hijinks with their eccentric pals.

    Will is a gay lawyer whose longtime boyfriend has just left him. Grace is an interior decorator that has just left her fiance at the alter. To help each other, they move in together. As best friends since college they both encourage the best in each other while also enabling their worst habits. The flamboyantly gay wannabe performer Jack and wealthy socialite Karen (who has never met an alcoholic beverage or pharmaceutical pill she didn't like) to counterbalance their steadier friends with their outrageous and outlandish antics. Recurring cast included Harlin (during season 1) as Will's wealthy Texan client, Rosario (from season 2 onward) as Karen's long suffering maid and Elliot (from season 4 onward) as Jack's son Elliot.

    This sitcom followed many traditional sitcom tropes of co-dependent friends, looking for love in the big city and wacky neighbors. The fact that two of the primary characters were gay (and another was straight but fluently open) was big for network television when it debuted. While the characters were not above poking fun at homosexuality, it was never treated as a negative trait. Same with Grace's Jewish heritage, Karen's functioning addictions, Will's repressed upbringing, or Jack's leeching tendencies. As friends, they mocked each other and poke fun.

    Lots of shows try to get big name cameos, but the amount of talent that appeared on the show is staggering. From old school Hollywood to Broadway, performers of every background joined in as recurring or one off characters. Their families included Blythe Danner & Sydney Pollack as Will's parents, Debbie Reynolds & Alan Arkin as Grace's parents, Suzanne Pleshette as Karen's mom, Beau Bridges as Jack's stepfather, John Slattery & Steven Weber took turns playing Will's brother Sam, Sara Rue & Geena Davis as Grace's sisters, and Bernadette Peters as Karen's sister. Rosie O'Donnell as the mother of Jack's son. Will's bosses at his law firm included Gregory Hines, Gene Wilder & Lily Tomlin. Grace's love life included Woody Harrelson, Ed Burns, Ken Marino, Tom Everett Scott, Andy Richter, Julian McMahon, Eric Stoltz, Joel McHale, Jeremy Piven and Harry Connick Jr as Leo. Will's love interests included Taye Diggs, Patrick Dempsey, Michael Douglas, Dylan McDermott, Chris Penn, Jim Rash and Bobby Cannavale as Vince. Karen's loves included John Cleese, Alec Baldwin, Jeff Goldblum, Andy Garcia and Nick Offerman. Jack's love interests included Dave Foley, Neil Patrick Harris, Luke Perry and Clark Gregg. Molly Shannon was crazy neighbor and antagonist Val. Karen's antagonists included Minnie Driver and Joan Collins. Will's antagonists included Adam Goldberg and Macauley Culkin. Jack's antagonists included Matt Damon, Britney Spears and Will Arnett. Other noticeable performers included Rip Torn, Parker Posey, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Rosanna Arquette, Tim Curry, Natasha Lyonne, Camryn Manheim, Glenn Close, Madonna, Mira Sorvino, Victor Garber, Richard Chamberlain, Ellen Degeneres, Tom Skerritt, Demi Moore, Kristin Davis, Edie Falco, Seth Green, Traci Lords, Sharon Stone, Piper Laurie, Sara Gilbert, Nicollette Sheridan, Sharon Osbourne, Jason Biggs, Lee Majors, Chita Rivera, Wanda Sykes, Brandon Routh and Jack Black. These are just the ones I can remember.

    Many people came on the show as themselves, often to poke fun at their own celebrity including Jennifer Lopez, Sandra Bernhard, Katie Couric, Kevin Bacon, Cher, Al Roker, Candice Bergen, Jame Earl Jones, Barry Manilow, Bebe Neuwirth, Elton John, Janet Jackson, Patti Lupone, Matt Lauer, George Takei, Rip Taylor, Hall & Oates and Josh Lucas.

    The show had few real problems. The first couple of seasons are a little rough as they make numerous pop culture reference from the 1990's that really date the show. And even though it has not been off the air that long, it already feels out of date by certain issues gay marriage) have made strides to where it isn't such a hot topic of controversy anymore. The worst two moments of the show revolved around when Will and Grace debated having a child together. It is possible for a comedy to handle dramatic stories, but both instances the characters shifted to drama for the sake of conflict and contradicts the traditional flow of the series.

    Some shows might have a clip show or an off episode, not this one. This show was always, and consistently, funny; especially from Megan Mullaly as Karen. Pair her with any of the characters for any situation and it was guaranteed to steal the show. It was so popular it eventually replaced 'Friends' as the lead for the once famous NBC Must See TV Thursday. 'Will & Grace' is one of the best sitcoms of the new millennium.