Will & Grace

Episode Special

Say Goodnight Gracie

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • A bittersweet finale

    Will & Grace has been a favorite show of mine since the beginning and it was with mixed-emotions that I watched the final episode. Without giving away the plot details the finale gave the show a rather sweet climax giving each of the main characters a chance to shine. I was particularly touched by the song Karen and Jack sang which I found strangely moving. There is obviously a great deal of love shared amongst the cast members which has been particulary evident this season (especially in the live episodes) and is once again pronounced in this closing epsiode, you just get a feeling they all really get along and have a blast while filming the episodes. Farewell to a great show :)
  • This is the final episode of Will & Grace and it wraps up the whole sitcom in a very emotional way. The main idea of this episode is that Will and Grace will be together in the end. Regardless of how much they change, they will be there for each other

    A lot of people did not like this episode, but I found it a great way to end this show. Obviously, Will and Grace could never have been together romantically but this episode shows exactly how deep their friendship is. For most of the episode they were not talking to each other until their kids bring them together. I found that showing friends fight and get back together is a realistic way of portraying real friends. Friends fight, but they alway forgive one another and that shows how attached Will and Grace are. What makes this show different is that the four main characters were friends through it all and this episode sends that message out loud and clear. They might change and fight, but they are always there for one another. Their boyfriends might come and go, but the four friends are fixtures in each others's lives.
  • Give them points for taking a risk...

    The series finale of Will & Grace was certainly not what I expected, but I have never been satisfied by a series finale (except maybe for Friends). I have to give the writers points for taking a risk by taking the characters into the future. I was relieved that they concluded with the four of them together where they belong.
    My favorite part of the episode was the duet of Unforgettable by Jack and Karen. It was clear at the end that it was not Jack looking at Karen, but Sean looking at Megan and that was a special, bittersweet moment.
  • Will and Grace make a big decision about their future. Jack and Karen are plotting to save the friendships.

    This episode was rather heart breaking but at the same time some what of a bored episode for a finale. As much as I enjoy this one it did not live up to my expectations of the entire show. I did come to tears in the end but I can't believe its over. It's almost unbelieveable that the entire show is over. The show inspired throughout most of my teen years. I think it's something none of us will forget. I hope that they keep showing reruns because I think future generation will benifit from Will&Grace for years to come.
  • Words cannot describe how disappointed I was with this finale. What were the writers thinking? I wanted to see the fun, friendship and heartfelt goofiness of these people who I have come to love. I barely recognized these characters.

    What was that? To summarize, it contained a bad dream sequence, time jumping ahead so much I just quit caring, a 22-year disconnect between the title characters, a senseless appearance by Kevin Bacon, a meaningless side story that ruined the characters of Jack and Karen (they went from being the fiery sparkplugs of the show to becoming monotoned companions, the death of beloved Beverly Leslie, an "I saw that coming a mile away" ending of marriage between Will & Grace's offspring; in short, it was just sad. Better storyline. Leo comes back and he and Grace marry. Meanwhile, Jack moves in with Will after Grace leaves (and Will breaks up with his partner). Karen is shown with her Stan, who is a hot "Blake Carrington-esque" mogul (and not at all the fat slob she has described all these years) hosting Grace's wedding in her manse. Will, Grace, Karen and Jack remember all of our favorite moments (in flashback) to "That's What Friends Are For". The show closes with Will saying "goodnite Gracie" as he sees her off for her honeymoon. They embrace, we shed a tear, the cast takes their bows, CURTAIN.