Will & Grace

Season 3 Episode 24

Sons & Lovers

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 17, 2001 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The cut off point in syndication is when Grace walks in, sees all the guys on Will's bed and says "Oh, my God. I've turned another one." The opening credits for "part 2" appear after Will says Hanna's daddy's are losers.

    • This episode makes reference to Jack being a doctor. Eventually he does become a nurse in Season 6.

    • This episode introduces the character of Jack's biological son Elliot, who becomes a regular during the next season.

    • Goof: In the first couple of scenes (the coffee house & back at the apartment), the right sleeve cuff of Grace's shirt changes from "messed up" (folded under) to straight and "fixed" quite often.

    • When Vicky (Nathan's ex) comes into his bedroom she leaves the door partway open. But when she goes to leave, she has to reopen the door.

  • Quotes

    • Will: (packing hair care products for his trip to Morocco) Okay.. Gel, mousse, thickener, volumizer, wet-look, dry-look, mega hold. Must be something in here I don't need. Ah! Shampoo. (Throws away shampoo)

    • Will: (About Jack meeting his father) So, how you doin', pal? You ready?
      Jack: Yeah, I think so. I did a papaya salt scrub, a cucumber mask, a hot oil scalp treatment, and two shots of wheat grass.
      Will: Wow, you're more than ready. You're a gay salad bar!
      (Jack laughs)
      Jack: Oh, everything's food with you, isn't it?

    • Will: So, Nathan, tell me, what kind of work do you do?
      Nathan: Oh, I don't work. I've got my spleen money.
      Will: Right, right. I don't know what that means.
      Nathan: Well, about a year ago, I took a spill on my motorbike; wheel came off, I went flying...lost a spleen. The bike company coughed up a butt-load of money, and I've been livin' off of that ever since. Pretty cool, huh?
      Will: Yeah, with the market being down the way it is, you may want to lacerate a kidney and reinvest.
      Nathan: Well, I've got my IRA. What do you do?
      Will: I'm a lawyer.
      Nathan: Oh, wow. I'm a man without a spleen. You're a man without a heart. Maybe we should take a trip to Oz.

    • Will: Can we have dinner at six?
      Nathan: How about dinner at eight?
      Will: I get too hungry for dinner at eight.
      Nathan & Will: (singing) That's why the lady is tramp!
      Grace: Oh, my God. You did sleep together.
      Nathan: Grace, if you're gonna think I'm gay every time I pass out with men, you're in for a lifetime of heartache.

    • Karen (To Grace who is on a trampoline): Are you jumping? Or am I undermedicated?

    • Grace: I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that it's a dopy gift 'cuz it doesn't have "Tiffany" or "Cartier" or "may cause drowsiness" on it. But I will tell you something--I like Nathan, and I don't care what you think. (pause) So what do you think?
      Karen: Oh honey, where do I begin? He's crude, he's crass, last night at the party he dropped an ice-cube down my blouse just so he could fish it back out again. (pause) Oh honey, I love him!

    • Elliot: Hi. Is Karen Walker here?
      Karen: Why? Did her step-son sit on you?
      Elliot: No.
      Karen: Did her driver accidentally run over you?
      Elliot: No.
      Karen: Are you an employee at one of her husband's textile factories in Jakarta?
      Elliot: No.
      Karen: I'm Karen Walker. How can I help you?
      Elliot: Um, well I went to your house 'cuz that's the last address I had. I'm looking for Jack McFarland.
      Jack: Why? Does he owe you money?
      Elliot: No.
      Jack: Did he steal some of your jokes for his cabaret act?
      Elliot: No.
      Jack: Are you missing a scooter that you probably weren't using anyway?
      Elliot: No.
      Jack: Hi, I'm Jack McFarland.

    • Jack: So, where are you from?
      Elliott: I'm from Queens.
      Jack: Yes, you are, but we'll talk about that when you're older.

    • Karen: Hey, I'm the one who cared enough about my dying grandfather to walk up a mountain everyday to tend to him. Yeah, even after they took me away to be Clara's companion, I never forgot about him. No, no. In fact, I got Clara out of that wheelchair, just so I could get back to my dear Grand-pa-pa.
      Jack: Karen, that's not you, that's Heidi.
      Karen: Oh... and what's my story?

    • (Conversation on Jack's dad)
      Jack: But I loved him.
      Will: But you didn't know him.
      Jack: But I loved him.
      Will: Maybe you just loved the idea of him.
      Jack: He was the source of all my talent!
      Will: But you don't have any talent.
      Jack: But I loved him.
      Will: And here we are again.

    • Nathan: What I really hate, is when someone licks their finger like this (Licks finger) and sticks it in my ear like this (Sticks his finger in Will's ear).
      Will (Jumping up) Oh!!! Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to dunk my head in alcohol.
      Karen: Wait for me!!!

    • (after finding out Jack's father is dead)
      Karen: (To Grace) Honey, it must be a relief to finally have someone else kill your party.

    • Karen: Strip off that bug-trap you call a jacket, put on an apron and shake hands with Mr. Clean!

    • Karen: Honey, what is going on? Finger-prints on the china, spots on the silver, the vodka is warm. What is this? Junior high? Jack is meeting his actual father tonight, get it together!
      Grace: Hey, back off or I will force you into a brightly coloured poly-blend!
      Karen: What's with the gratuitous violence, Hannibal Adler?

    • Jack: I'm going to answer the door. No, that will seem needy. But I am needy. But needy's not hot. But I am hot, so it doesn't matter. Papa, can you hear me?
      Will: Jack, take it easy. You're having a Yentil breakdown.

    • Will: Well, forgive me if I don't leap to take advice from someone whose family portrait includes two bloodhounds and a pickup truck.
      Grace: Is--is it just me, or are the--the--the squirrels in the park sneakier?
      Nathan: Well, I get it. Because I'm from the South, I must be stupid, and because you're gay, you must be clever. Just goes to show you how wrong those stereotypes can be.

    • Grace: I just figured since Jack was meeting his father for the first time tonight, that--that the whole evening could have a theme - togetherness, you know? Jack and his father, you and Nathan, Karen and her drink.
      Karen: (To her drink) Thanks for coming. I love you.

    • Grace: (Seeing Nathan, Jack, and Will passed out on the bed)
      Oh, my God. I've turned another one.

  • Notes

    • The episode won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Cinematography for a Multi-Camera Series.

    • This episode originally aired as a one hour episode, though syndication will usually air them in two half hour episodes. NBC counts this as one episode, as they will with any one hour or "super-sized" episodes.

  • Allusions

    • Will: Do you love him?
      Grace: Do I what?
      Will: Do do Fiddler with me!
      A quick reference to the song Do You Love Me? from the musical Fiddler on the Roof.

    • Nathan: I'm a man without a spleen, you're a man without a heart. Maybe we should take a trip to Oz.

      One of W&G's many references to The Wizard Of Oz.

    • Karen: Yeah, even after they took me away to be Clara's companion, I never forgot about him, no.

      A funny reference to the film Heidi.

    • Will: We're gonna be rockin' the casbah, even if the sharif don't like it.

      A funny reference to the band The Clash and their song "Rock The Casbah."

    • Jack: Morning, sickness. Ok, I don't know which one of you it was. But last night, someone's hand repeatedly brushed up against James and the giant peaches.

      This is a reference to the book, and subsequent film, James And The Giant Peach.

    • Jack: Papa, can you hear me? Papa, can you see me?
      A quick reference to the song from the film Yentl.

    • Karen: What's with the gratuitous violence, Hannibal Adler?
      A funny reference to the character of Hannibal Lecter from the film The Silence Of The Lambs.

    • Nathan: Twenty twenty twenty-four hours to go...
      A quick reference by Woody to one of his favorite bands The Ramones, and their song "I Wanna Be Sedated."

    • Will: God! I feel like Captain Von Trapp and you're Liesl making out with that Nazi in the gazebo.
      A more than obvious (and funny) reference to the story from the musical The Sound Of Music.

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