Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 18

Sweet & Sour Charity

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2000 on NBC

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  • Oh Grace, Your Jewish!!!

    THe whole episode had one huge gaping flaw, Grace isnt Catholic/ CHristian, shes Jewish. Had she went to temple I might have given this episode a higher score.

    Aside from the obvious and huge goof, the episode wasnt that bad. THe comedy was found more in Jacks/ Karens subplot istead of the main plot. THe main plot being that Grace prayed to the guy upstairs to win tickets and if she did win she would volunteer. I dont have a problem with that its just that she dragged Will into it who obviously had no part in the prayer. WHatever with that. I am all for charity but seriously I dont think Will not volunteering would have affected winning. SO anyway she decides to go to CHURCH and ask to volunteer. Wow did the writer forget shes Jewish? ANyway they get stuck training a few kids for a play.

    Over to the interesting part of the episode, Jack asked KAren to donate some of her clothes to charity. WHy her clothes? SHe could have signed a big ol' fat check and kept her clothes. BUt anyway her scenes are hilarious and made me crack up. SHe finds it difficult to give away her clothes and even compares them to giving away children. I was cracking up. In any event she has to leave her closet and leaves JAck to take some things, that just spells trouble in 20 different languages. LAter we find out he took Karens most precious pair of sling backs.

    BAck to W&G, GRace finds the play has been pushed back to a later time which will interfere with the concert. Talk about irony. ALthough I am left to wonder, are the writers saying the man upstairs is big tease and only wants people to volunteer or did they forget "tmu" was the main reason she got the tickets? Its a weird thing because why even allow them to win the tickets just to spite them, whatever, I dont care, boring anyway(thinking waaaay to into it). Grace wants to leave but Will protests, I am all on Graces side though. THey did pay their dues, but she eventually comes back and does the play. THeres a lesson learned, but seriously come on.

    Interesting plot: KAren and JAck go to the charity boxes to get her sling backs. A crazy women had already found them but Karen offers her money. I found it really touching that Karen gave "crazy" $500. It was very nice and it shows Karen has a shred of good in her. JAck does this hilarious bit with a xylophone.

    Over all a good epsiode, not the best. Has its moments but they mainly reside in Karens subplot.