Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 18

Sweet & Sour Charity

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 04, 2000 on NBC



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    • Rosario: Oh, Miss Karen, you love those shoes more than you love your own husband.
      Karen: Bite your tongue honey! Husbands come and go, but the Chanel slingback is forever.

    • Karen: Can you imagine my babies in a disease-ridden hell hole like this?
      Jack: Karen, this is a church.

    • (After Karen gives hundreds of dollars to Sally)
      Jack: (With a lot of toys in his arms) Karen. I saw what you did just there.
      Karen: You saw nothing.
      Jack: (Singing and playing on a toy xylophone) Karen has a heart, Karen has a heart.

    • Jack: Now, give me one good reason why a man can't go out in a nice pillbox hat? (Jack puts on the hat and stands in front of the mirror) Hello, reason. (Looking inside the hat) Oh, my God, look. There are actually pills in here.
      Karen: Come on, put that away and help me out.

    • (Karen grabs Rosario by the neck)
      Karen: What have you done with them?! What have you done with my shoes?!
      Rosario: Nobody likes to see you squirm more than I do, but I would eat the food you provide for me before I would touch those pumps!
      Karen: Who could have done such a horrible thing?
      Rosario: Who would be stupid enough to take those pumps?
      Karen: (Gasping) Oh!
      (They both think about it, they both do Jack's hand on face thing from Just Jack)

    • Jack: (Shocked by the size of Karen's closet) Oh, my god. If my closet were like this, I never would have come out of it.

    • Karen: Why anybody would choose to be homeless is beyond me.
      Jack: Karen, nobody chooses to be homeless. It's because they did something bad.

    • Karen: What do you want? What are you after? What are your terms?
      Sally: Ten.
      Karen: One.
      Sally: Seven.
      Karen: Three.
      Sally: Yellow.
      Karen: Wha-- Uh, blue.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Title: Sweet and Sour Charity.
      This is a play on words and allusion to the musical and film Sweet Charity, the Bob Fosse directed and choreographed show, probably most famous in its film version, starring Shirley MacLaine.

    • Will: Yeah. Run along. Go take your...big, yellow taxi.

      This is a reference to Joni Mitchell's hit song, "Big Yellow Taxi."

    • Jack: I was once lost, but now I am found.

      Quick reference to the song Amazing Grace.

    • Will: She's 6, Nurse Ratched.
      Quick and funny reference to the film One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

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