Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 23

The Finale

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 18, 2006 on NBC
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The Finale
The culmination of eight seasons ends tonight with a one-hour series finale - will Will and Grace raise a child together and find ultimate happiness? Will Jack find anyone that loves him as much as he loves himself? Will Karen find true happiness with the absence of Stan? All these questions and more will be answered as this groundbreaking series concludes eight amazing seasons.moreless

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  • What a disappointing finale....

    I totally agree with some of the reviewers here. The finale -for me- was so disappointing.

    The tone of the episode was "out of tune". .they tried to do it bitter-sweet, but for sure not funny.

    As for the story itself it cancelled the whole storyline and the characters' character.

    * Will and Grace were inseparable all these years and they just forgot each other because of their mates???? Wtf? In an episode they just forgot everything about their friendship. They didn't even give as a good and persuading reason why that happened.

    * a child has just appeared no questions asked.

    * not only Will and Grace didn't talk to each other, but they didn't even tell anything about their friendship to their children. Wtf again? The children had no idea of the existence of mum's/dad's bff for 20 years... GREAT!!

    * as for Jack, he sold himself as a gigolo to an elderly gay, although he was lucky that he disappeared.

    * Karen of course ended up with Jackie as a couple.. or not!

    What a miss....moreless
  • Brilliant sad and almost makes up for being unwatchable for the last four years

    The show bravely an beautifully finally addresses the main issue with the will and grace show and that being that their relationship is a toxic crutch that prevents either of them from moving on and finding happiness in lasting relationships.

    The bitter pill is that in order to move on their friendship must end in bitterness and recrimination and while they do finally get lives of there own and even grow as people(willl no longer so anal and grace a bit more anal)its still sad to see as much as it is heart-warming.

    They took a real risk with this ending and it paid off brilliantly even though they barely speak for 20 years in the flash forwards its nice to see them still having so much love for each other even if they can never be what they once were.

    Times change so do people

    will and grace is the story of two people who grew apart and became better for it.

    A remarkable complex and adult ending requiring multiple viewings


  • The essence of the series was put into this episode.

    There was little that anyone could do in order to make the series finale more spectacular than the show. The one thing that the writers were able to do was return to the main theme of the show: fate and friendship. The idea that Will and Grace were destined to be a part of each others lives is a common theme, and shows up numerous times in the finale. The idea that they always considered themselves to be family but never were was solved in the marriage between their children. Even Jack and Karen wound up together, and things worked out. I love happy endings and I love that this show tied up lose ends and was definitely a happily ever after.moreless
  • This ending RUINED the ENTIRE series for me.

    I have never seen such a bad ending to a show!

    I felt insulting having watched it. It actually made me angry.

    The last episode basically makes a mockery of and negates the entire series! It insults the very idea of the close bond of friendships.

    I enjoyed watching the series because of Will & Grace's decades long and very close friendship. They were there for each other throughout everything and to think they would just "forget" each other and never make any time to see each other in 18 years just because they each find a spouse is incredibly sad. It makes a mockery of and devalues their friendship. Honestly it's like it went back to every previous episode and said no, none of this depth and emotion actually meant anything. That true friendship doesn't matter if you find "the right mate". Knowing the ending where they just "fall out of touch" as if they were mere aquaintances, I have a hard time watching reruns. I'm certainly no longer planning to buy any of the seasons on DVD now, I'm so angry. Seriously, still angry after all these months since I watched the finale.

    I've had friends who I've known for over a decade and despite having separate lives, living in other states and some of them having kids -- we all still try to stay in touch at least in some way. So it was extremely painful and sad to see that these close friends just let each other completely go -- and not even through a fight -- just from being too apathetic to set up an occasional lunch date?moreless
  • bye bye will and grace

    OMIGOD!!!!!! love the 'unforgetable' song between jack and karen. This was just the best end to any series. The last bit where there taking shots on the bar and hey turn younger and they are laughing. The best bit of the finale was how it happend to will and grace's kids and how they got together the same way grace and will did oooooooooooo just love it. Also loved the way that they all aged and karen hadnt changed a bit you've got to love karen, goodbye will and gracemoreless
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Kevin Bacon


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • James Burrows directed every episode of the series, including the pilot and the series finale.

    • Karen made a joke about knowing Marlo Thomas, which is a running joke which began in the season 1 episode, "The Truth About Will And Dogs".

    • Allusions to previous episodes: The scene at the end with Will and Grace on the phone is intentionally reminiscent of the opening scene of the pilot, including a reference to ER and George Clooney.

      The final scene is held at what appears to be the same bar in "The Pilot (Love and Marriage)" where everyone thought Will & Grace had just been married and got them to kiss each other.

      Jack and Karen touch tummies just like they did when they first met in the season 1 episode "A New Lease On Life".

    • Eric McCormack (Will), Sean Hayes (Jack), and Megan Mullally (Karen) appeared in every episode of Will & Grace. Debra Messing (Grace) was absent from a few season six episodes when she was pregnant.

    • The final song played at the end is "You're My Best Friend" by Queen.

    • This episode was Entertainment Weekly's Pick of the Week.

    • Warren: I'm going over to Sandoval's.

      Steve Sandoval is a producer for the show.

    • Hospital page: Dr. Kohan... extension 456... Dr. Kohan extension 456.

      David Kohan is one of the show's creators.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • (In the final scene, in the same bar as in the first episode)
      Grace: On three.
      Jack: One. Two--
      Will: Wait.
      Jack: Uh, why'd you stop me? I was gonna say three, four, slam it whore.
      Grace: (to Will) C'mon, the glass is clean.
      Will: No, I was gonna propose a toast--to family. Family that loves you, and accepts you for exactly who you are.
      Jack: Boring.
      Karen: Too real.
      Will: Ya know what's funny? We haven't changed a bit.
      Grace: It's kinda nice, isn't it?

    • Grace: (to her pregnant belly) Would you like to hear a song?
      Will: Yeah, Grace--could you do me a favor? Could you not sing to the baby anymore?
      Grace: Why not? Music makes them smarter.
      Will: Okay, well if you're gonna sing, have a glass of wine 'cause he--he's gonna want to be drunk for this.

    • Karen: Jack?
      Jack: Yahh..?
      Karen: I think I feel a song coming on.
      Jack: Then a song, we shall have.
      (They walk to the piano)
      Jack: And might I say, your knockers are looking particularly full tonight.
      Karen: And might I say, you have the balls of a thirty-year-old.

    • Karen: Why don't you go pick out a book. Maybe I can teach ya a few words of English tonight, huh? Rosario: Suck it, b*tch.

    • Karen: Would you look at us? Will's mean, Grace is flat-chested... Jackie's pretending like he's following this... And I'm high from something I found under the sink in your bathroom. Ah... The gang is back.

    • Grace: Lila was so skinny her whole first year.
      Will: What'd you feed her?
      Grace: The boob.
      Will: Portion control. Good idea!

    • Beverley: You may or may not know this, but my business associate Benji and I have come to a parting of the ways.
      Jack: And I thought you two would last for ever. You were definitely the most stable-in the closet-short-tall-black-white-young-old-disgusting-hot-couple I know.

    • Karen: Why Beverley Leslie, what are you doing later tonight honey? I'm having a few friends over for a game of Monopoly, and I'm missing one of the pieces.

    • Karen (in a baby voice): Oh, are we hungry? Does somebody need something to eat?
      Rosario: I just broke my ankle, you douche bag. I'm not an infant.

    • Karen: Hey honey, what's up?
      Jack: Oh, nothing. I'm not desperately trying to get hobbit germs off my kissing hand, if that's what you're thinking.

    • Jack: Karen, you accidentally hit the stop button with your shoe.

    • Karen: Jack has told his hilarious story and you're out of vodka.
      Will: There's a bottle right there.
      Karen:(Drinks the bottle of vodka) Nope, empty.

    • Jack: He's clearly Will's child. Fat, bald, and clinging to Vince like it's the only man who'll ever love him.

    • Beverly: Karen Walker, in the flesh. Whose flesh is unclear.

    • Will: Wow. We just fell for the dumbest version of Parent Trap ever.

    • Jack: (to Karen) What's the story, drunken whorey?

    • Vince: He's looking more like you everyday.
      Will: Really? I don't know. Sometimes I see me, and sometimes I just see the sad girl who sold her eggs for rent money.

    • Will: The relationship you have with the chicken is truly remarkable. I can't wait for the day when someone inhales my leg and thigh like that.
      Grace: I don't know what to tell you, man. Jews and chicken... it's real and it's deep.

    • Will: You married Kevin Bacon?
      Jack: Stalked him all the way to the altar.

    • Jack: (humming the Wedding March) Step together step. Kick ball change. Pas de bourrée and I'm married.
      Will: Where did you get married, on the sun?
      Jack: That's funny, do you hear screaming? Oh, no, that's just the buttons on your shirt.

    • Grace: Have another drink.
      Will: Have another doughnut.
      Grace: Fag.
      Will: Hag.

    • Will: You're not going to wear that, are you?
      Grace: Why, what's the problem with it? All the kids are wearing it.
      Will: Yeah, and from what I can see, a bunch of them are in there with you.

    • Karen: Honey, ya know what I love about our plan to pay off a nurse to direct Will and Grace to the hospital room of a total stranger in a full body cast whose face is covered in bandages, each one of them thinking it's one of us in that bed with our bones broken?
      Jack: What?
      Karen: The simplicity.

    • Grace: Alright, let's play the game with Vampira and the Bride of Franken-Dyke.

    • Grace: You look good.
      Will: Thank you. You don't look anything like your mother.
      Grace: Oh thank you!

    • Karen: Do you find them exhausting?
      Jack: I always have.
      Grace: Do you find them exhausting?
      Will: Always have.

    • Jack: Well, not everything's the same. Karen here has lost her...
      Karen: (cuts Jack off) Virginity!

    • Grace: Screw you!
      Will: You wish.
      Grace: You couldn't
      Will: Yeah, not because I'm gay, just because you're hideous.

    • Will: (Grace stares at the apartment) You don't like the changes we made?
      Grace: No it's just... I don't live here anymore.

    • Jack: (to Beverly Leslie) I'm sure you have places to be....A magic ring to protect....

  • NOTES (4)

    • Regarding the finale, Mutchnick stated, "We wrote about what you want to have happen with people you love. All the things that matter in life, they end up having".

    • The Finale was filmed over a period of three days-- 4/10, 4/11 and 4/13 of 2006. This was due to the fact that they had to use over 10 sets and it would have taken much too long to do it all in one day.

    • This is the first episode written by show creators Max Mutchnick and David Kohan since the season 4 episode, "A Buncha White Chicks Sittin' Around Talkin'".

    • This was a one-hour series finale, and aired in a special 9 p.m. timeslot following a one-hour retrospective titled "Will & Grace: Say Goodnight Gracie."


    • Vince: Look at this...Terri Hatcher buys her own produce. That's normal.

      Even though Vince is reading a People magazine, the feature he's reading comes from The Star called Normal/Not Normal.

    • Jack: I'm sure you have places to go, a magic ring to protect.

      A jab at Beverly Leslie's size, referring to Frodo from Lord of the Rings always having to protect a magic ring.