Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 23

The Finale

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • It was a one of the best episode that I have seen from them. And it was my first time seeing the show..

    The finale was great. It showed how things will be in the future. The way Grace was eating chicken so much. I can't a felt sad and happy when Jack and Carnie singing a song. I have never seen the show before but this season I have seen the live episodes. But now after I have seen the ending of the show, it was a pretty good show. It was funny, halorius, and drain right great. I couldn't beleive that they were going after eight seasons on NBC. They are some of the shows that are keeping NBC online for now. I'm sad that Will & Grace are gone....
  • Will, Grace, Karen & Jack have one final hooray.

    This episode fell very flat with me. I wish I knew why they went the direction they did with it. I also don\'t know quite what emotional tone they were trying to set. Overall it was just tremendously uneven. Dream sequences, future flashes, out of character song performance, and a total lack of fun. I would have preferred the story to have picked up right with the fight, and forged ahead with the story. As far as glimpses of the future go, taking a page from Six Feet Under would have been welcome, with Jack and Karen\'s song playing as the future scenes are shown. There were some wonderful moments, but the consensus here was that the retrospective hour before the finale was much more satisfying. The crazy world of Will & Grace will be missed, thank God for syndication.
  • The finale. That about covers it.

    Best. Finale. Ever. In History. Put Friends to shame. Seinfeld certainly never stood a chance. I absolutely loved the way that all the loose ends were tied up so far into the future. I have to say though, when Karen and Jack sang, I cried. And didn't really stop until the credits ran across the bottom of my television screen. Not only was the episode well-written, but I think we all really appreciated the fact that it didn't turn out as expected. No one could've predicted those "flash-forwards," and while Will & Grace never got together, they will always be a part of each other's lives. And ours.
  • A perfect ending

    Lordy be, I'm going to miss this show. Will and Grace were destined to be together, and i'm glad they still are. The way that Jack and Karen sang "Unforgettable" by Nat King Cole, it was really touching. Another touching moment in my opinion is when the son and daughter met in college, had that feeling that they were going to get married, and Will and Grace would really stay together! Life works in mysterious ways. :Sigh: Thursday nights are not going to be the same anymore. I wept like a baby, well not wept like a baby, just tears. It was really sad. Long live Will and Grace!
  • Will, Grace, Karen & Jack...a show that will be in my heart always.

    Amazing ending. The dream sequence was funny. Will bald, and Grace fat. Karen didn't aged a bit. Jack married with Kevin Bacon, lol! It was good.

    I think Grace did the right choice. Being with the man she loves, the father of her baby, Leila. I mean it's all for the best. Will may have been angry, but it worked out in the end. Will & Grace are happily in love, raising terrific children with their love ones.

    Karen is now poor because of the divorce with Stan, and Beverly Leslie wants Jack as his new business associate. I mean it's understandable that Karen wanted for Jack to take care of her 'cause she took cared of him all those years, but like she said, Jack didn't loved him like Karen did for Stan. They ended up with eachother, and didn't found love like Will and Grace. In the 8 years, Karen was married and Jack slept around, and it was W&G who was living together. Now it's the other way around.

    The ending was sweet. Will & Grace talked over the phone like the first scene of the pilot, and going to that bar that they kissed: precious! The last scene with the four of them was sad, it was like, the show's really over...

    Great ending ! I'm sad it's over, but in a way, I'm glad that the show existed, and got 8 incredible and amazing years with Eric/Will, Debra/Grace, Sean/Jack & Megan/Karen. They'll be greatly missed...
  • Actually, quite unoriginal

    I was looking forward to the finale. It was a major let-down. Forward flashes reminded me of "Mad About You" finale. The dream sequence was OK, but it set up a nasty mood for the rest of the finale. Bitter-sweet? Mainly bitter. The writers should have added more twists. We expected that they will go through a falling out. The only original thing IMHO was the kids scene.

    After eight years of whitnessing their friendship I would really like to see some tearjerking moments. Nada.

    The whole episode felt forced and contrived. Sigh.

    P.S. What was going on with Rosie? What was up with Sean and Megan singing in their real voices?
  • It's over...and what a way to go!

    It wasn't how I imagined it would be. But it was still the perfect ending.

    Did I want Grace to end up with Leo? No. But apparently he still loves her and he makes her happy.

    Vince and Will? All systems go.

    It seemed ironic that Karen and Jack would end up with just each other, seeing as throughout the series Karen usually had a man and Jack had about 3.

    But it was beautifully done, and the two singing "Unforgettable" was superb.

    I have to say my favorite moment was when, with no warning Ben and Lila are in college... I thought (as I'm sure most fans did) that they were showing Will and Grace and I'm screaming in my head "Nooo that's not how they met!! Stop rewriting the series!" but then I realized and I gasped just like the studio audience did - It was so chilling and touching.

    Will and Grace's kids getting married is the PERFECT ending.

    I couldn't be happier with that.

    Emtional, a little funny, mostly bittersweet.

    Goodbye Will & Grace.

    You will be deeply missed.
  • This bittersweet series finale sees Will and Grace going their separate ways after Grace has her baby girl.

    This finale presents many different options for Will and Grace's lives, starting with Grace's nightmare about the future for them if these two stay together and raise Grace's baby.

    This is a very bittersweet series finale. There are not very many laughs going on in the finale. And I question the fact that Will and Grace would drift apart that much, but then I remember that life gets in the way of our plans.

    That ending when Jack and Karen were singing was absolutely incredible. I was so glad to hear Karen sing. Megan Mullaly has such a beautiful voice. And Sean Hayes really has a good voice when he's not completely hamming it up as Jack. And "Unforgettable" is such an appropriate song for this series. And, the final scene where they meet up at the bar is a great shout-out to the pilot episode.

    All and all, it was such a classy ending to a great show, although it wasn't hilariously funny.
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