Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 23

The Finale

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • Brilliant sad and almost makes up for being unwatchable for the last four years

    The show bravely an beautifully finally addresses the main issue with the will and grace show and that being that their relationship is a toxic crutch that prevents either of them from moving on and finding happiness in lasting relationships.

    The bitter pill is that in order to move on their friendship must end in bitterness and recrimination and while they do finally get lives of there own and even grow as people(willl no longer so anal and grace a bit more anal)its still sad to see as much as it is heart-warming.

    They took a real risk with this ending and it paid off brilliantly even though they barely speak for 20 years in the flash forwards its nice to see them still having so much love for each other even if they can never be what they once were.

    Times change so do people

    will and grace is the story of two people who grew apart and became better for it.

    A remarkable complex and adult ending requiring multiple viewings


  • bye bye will and grace

    OMIGOD!!!!!! love the 'unforgetable' song between jack and karen. This was just the best end to any series. The last bit where there taking shots on the bar and hey turn younger and they are laughing. The best bit of the finale was how it happend to will and grace's kids and how they got together the same way grace and will did oooooooooooo just love it. Also loved the way that they all aged and karen hadnt changed a bit you've got to love karen, goodbye will and grace
  • Meet Will and Grace: They're not a couple of best friends, they're FAMILY!!

    And thats really the silver linining to the Finale. Yes it was sad that they didn't talk for 20 years(almost the same amount of time they were best friends 1985-2006), but now fate has brought them back together and they became family. And i believe that if they didnt lose touch thier children would have never gotten together.

    Another thing that i loved about this eppisode was the connection to eppisodes of the past. Of course everyone knows about the connection to the polit but there were other connections. First was the dream fight with Will that Grace had. The F@g-hag banter resembled the eppy that involved Will and Grace's professor when he stayed friends for too long. Another connection comes in during seasons three's eppy Coffee and Commitment. Where during the wedding Will states that he "wants that not this" reffering to a husband and a child, not just grace.

    Overall it was a great show and a great eppy.
  • This was a great close for one of the greatest series i have ever seen.

    I read peoples other reviews saying that this wasn't a good ending. Also i read that after 18 years of friendship they just cant forget about each other...Umm hello didn't u watch the last 2 episodes. Grace was pregnant Will said he would be there for her just like he was the bays father. Then Leo comes along and grace chooses the love of her life over her best friend.....Of course there gonna get angry and basically leave each other. Friendships do end. why would u think it was ridiculous. The show is about showing a realistic view of and gay man and a hags life with a touch of humor. that pretty normal to me! and they don't just forget about each other, they think about each other everyday. it shows this when its Wills birthday and Leo ask grace aren't u gonna call him and she knew exactly who he was talking about..now to me that says she cant stop thinking about him. There was no forgetting. But they got back together as nearly every friendship does when its meant to be. Yes it was different to there little tisks that they over react to. but ask yourself, have you gone on for 18 years without having one major fight with your best friend? I think people have to re watch the episodes and the Finale and really look thoroughly in the show and really make sense of whats happening. i've watched the finale 5 times and i still don't fully understand it, but i get it enough xD
    I absolutely LOVED the FINALE and i LOVE WAG!!
    Keep re watching them, you can never stop laughing xD
    Peace Out
  • Nossa... esse foi um final muito inesperado porém muito bom!!

    Na Minha opnião este foi um dos melhores episódios, aliás, o melhor, tudo acaba inesperadamente bem, o final que eu mais gostei foi o do Jack com a Karen, aquele sim foi ótimo, porém o do Will e da Grace foram totalmente inesperados..., eu gostaria que os dois ficassem juntos, ou pelo menos no mesmo prédio... , mas..., pena que não sou eu quem escrevo a série, se não seria totalmente diferente desse final..., mesmo assim vou dar essa nota porque eu acho mais do que justo dar a melhor nota para a melhor série que já existiu em toda a façe da Terra..., pena que só durou 8 Temporadas por que por mim poderi durar 200 que eu assistiria todas!!!

    Will & Grace ----A Mlehor Série de Todos os Tempos----

    Acho que depois dessa a NBC vai perder todinha a audiência!!! (LOL)...

    SP, 05/06/07, Cauê :)
  • So it had to end and this is a pretty good way to go.

    When I first saw this episode I was disappointed. I don't really know why. I think I was hoping it would be just as jaunty as the others, but it had some really serious moments.


    Now when I watch it, I realise that it's a pretty good ending. It still has the requisite hilarious moments, but it's grounded in something bigger. I do find it hard to believe that despite what happened Will and Grace haven't spoken for two years, or that they would lose touch again.

    The opening with Grace's dream about what would happen if she gave up Leo, Will gave up Vince and they brought up their wayward son together is wonderful. And the running joke that everyone gets older, except for Karen who looks the same throughout, is typical Will & Grace. Shelley Morrison deserves more recognition for her contribution to this series. And for having to wear that awful red jacket for so long. At least she gets the chance for some costume changes here!

    It winds eveything up well, with Will and Grace finally able to lead lives that don't depend on each other. And they have both found happiness, which, given their track records over the seasons they really deserve.

    I guess it's a little too neatly wrapped up with Lila and Ben getting together, but it's kind of a natural ending.

    Will and Grace will be sorely missed. Not every single episode was a classic, but the writers did a fantastic job, and they were never anything but funny - and they make for great rewatching. I'll miss it, not only because it was a great series with a fabulous cast, but also because it was so brave in a lot of its subject matter and brought the acceptability of gay lifestyles to a mainstream audience. I'm in the UK, so we've got away with more than what I've seen from US TV over the years - though you're getting better - but somehow, not only did W&G manage to get away some very funny gay jokes, without making everything sterotypical, but it also got away with some of the closest near to the mark sex jokes I can remember, not to mention Karen's little 'rack' dances! And there aren't many shows that can attract such an array of guest stars, most willing to take the proverbial out of themselves.

    So goodbye, and thanks.
  • A great ending to an even greater show

    I cried - yes, I cry at every series finale that I watch - Friends, Charmed, Buffy and Will and Grace. This episode was amazing. It didn't lose it's funny touch, and I'm glad the gang turned out alright - that they hadn't lost touch, and they'd stayed the same they'd been all the show.
  • this was the worst ending

    this show is really funny but i think karen and jack really make this show i would not watch if there were not in it . they are just a crack up . i think this was a stupid ending they where so close through the whole series and they wernt even on talking terms for all those years but it was good that the ended up talking . karen is so funny everything she says and does . i think they should have stayed friends all those years instead of losing contact .but it is so sad to see another good show end
  • Best series finale i have seen!

    Over the past couple of years, i have watched many series finales, with all of my favourite shows coming to an end: Sex and the City, Angel, Friends, Frasier, Buffy. I have to say, the Will and Grace finale was by far the best.

    The characters all came to a close, i loved the way each character got their happily ever after, after all the years of heartbreak.

    Will stayed with Vince and they adopted a child, Grace stayed with Leo and had their baby, Jack lived with Beverley Leslie and inherited all of his money when he died, and Karen became broke but was supported by Jack, now that they are living together.

    As Jack and Karen have been my ultimate favourite characters out of any TV show, i loved the way they ended their relationship. I loved that they lived together and i cried when they sang Unforgettable at the end. I would rate this 10 out of 10!!!!
  • The best series finale of all time.

    This series finale, jumped all over the place, and I was able to keep up, because it was so well written. It ended the perfect way, with "You're My Best Friend" playing in the background, and the four of them, in current time, drinking shots in a bar, and all happy together, because they're best friends. Jack and Karen, singing "Unforgettable" (originally sung by Nat King Cole) was absolutely amazing. Will and Grace going to be in-laws and best friends. Jack will be taking care of Karen, as she took care of him for eight years. Grace is a mom w/ Leo, and Will is a dad w/ Vince. Jack and Karen creatively realizing that some people may think of them as "co-characters on the Will and Grace Show". I also like how they brought Kevin Bacon back, creative. By far, the best series finale ever. I can't wait for the DVD to come out.
  • The sweetest episode i have ever watched of any series.

    This is the sweetest episode i have ever watched of any series. it actually made me cry, it was so sweet. the end of eight years comes to a close with a single episode consisting of over 20 years. this episode explores the past the future and the present. you get to see the true heart of will and grace. i thought this was a fantastic episode and one of the very best series finales i have ever watched. (And believe me i've watched alot.) I think that this a perfect ending to a perfect series that i am pleased to have watched.
  • A really different end

    It came to an really amazing end which set the whole show to the top of all comedy shows ever. Faith is the power which guided will and grace thourgh the whole relationship and they finally come together again - by faith. This and the turnaround in the relationship of jack and karen (now he is the one, who get/got the money) shows the a really big moral meaning of the show. By the way, the last scene in the bar, where all 4 came toghter is really nice made. To be honest I was a little bit suprised by the rough end without showing the set and the acters again, but thats comedy life.

    All in all a really great show.
  • A great end to the series and very sad!

    This is more of just a musings on some points made about the finale that I decided to express my views on. A proper review will follow soon.
    My opinion on the finale was that is was a great end to the series, but I think the thing that made it a little wierd was that it wasnt what I was expecting. The whole flashing forward in time thing really threw me a little. I guess I would have preferred if it had been left to us the viewers to decide what happened to them in the future.
    As for Will and Grace not talking for all that time, the way I took it was that by Grace taking Leo back and deciding to raise the baby with him, it was a complete and utter betrayal in Will's eyes. Will had seen how Leo had hurt Grace in the past and I think on some level he still harboured some hate towards him. I do believe that he wanted Grace to be happy, but after taking care of her all those years and being there for her and being willing to give up the love of his life for her, she throws it all back in his face by leaving him to deal and her go off with Leo.
    On the other hand though, I do think that Grace did the right thing. I mean when she did it she wasnt exactly deciding to leave Will forever and go off with Leo. She was just deciding to live her life with Leo in the foreground and I'm sure she still wanted Will in her life. I think it was the argument which occurred over this that caused them to part ways.
    I do think it was important for Will and Grace to have a big bust up like that in order to show that their friendship was forever enduring. That may sound a little contradictory, but the fact that they had such a big argument so as to cause them not to speak for 20 years, and then to STILL come back to each other in the end, just shows that their friendship could endure anything and that they were meant for each other.
    I also think it was important that they went off and had their own lives. They were both a big part of each other's lives for so long and as much as that meant to them, they were both always searching for the one, and after so many attempts (no matter what you're view on the subject) Grace felt that she had found the one in Leo. I mean, what was she expected to do? Find the one and then just say 'hey found him, ah well!'. She found him and naturally she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him, and so she should. She didnt want to exclude Will from her life by making this decision, but evidently both Will and Grace came to that conclusion together during the course of the argument.
    As for Karen and Jack, I think it was right for them to end up together. It was clear that Karen deep down needed someone there for her and after Stan, it was pretty unlikely that she would find someone else. Jack on the other hand has always needed someone to take care of him, and after searching for the man to do that, he finally realised that he had that person all along in Karen. There was something really sad though, about seeing Jack grown old and not be his usual naive self. I mean sure, he had finally grown up and could now take care of Karen like she had done for him, but it just seemed a little strange, almost like having to get used to a whole new character somehow.
    Ultimately, I think the finale was very well done, in the time-frame that they had and with all the material that they managed to include. I think that the main point of the finale was that Will and Grace had been through so much together and been searching for love and that finally they realised that they could have both the love of a man and a family, but that also, they would always have the love for each other and that when all said and done, a friendship like their's never really ends.
  • Great series finale...

    This episode is really cool, because it actually shows us the different problems even in the end between Will and Grace, where Will gets mad at Grace because of getting back with Leo, and both of them have children on their own, Ben and Lila, and toward the end the same storyline happened with them than with Will and Grace and that's really cool, except for the fact that they get married, and well the thing is that this episode was really cool...A great ending to a great series, I am going to miss this series.
  • Best Sitcom Finale in History!

    *SPOILER ALERT* This show was the funniest sitcom I ever saw thus far, I liked Seinfeld, I loved Friends... but Will & Grace is my all time favorite sitcom. I was certainly worried about how they were going to end it. I didn't want to be cheated like with Seinfeld, and I didn't want there to be open doors, like with Friends. The creators of W&G did exactly what everyone had hoped, they showed the journey of these characters from Season 8, to season 28... and we just skipped everything in between. We get to see the offspring of Will and Grace meet in college the same as their parents, the difference is they are straight, and they are attracted to each other. Thus the two get married, and Grace is paying for it! haha! Jack & Karen become the old married couple, but without the bitterness that comes from the typical old married straight couple. The series ends exactly as it begins in the same bar, and shows that no matter how much these characters may change on the outside, they'll always be the same people on the inside. Absolutely Wonderful!
  • Click below link, or read on to find out (detailed summary) *Warning Spoliers Follow*

    The season finale, after 8 years, it's finally here. Ok, here's an overview of the episode... Grace is having a nightmare about she and Will growing old and caring for Grace's child. She has a huge A** and he's balding, Jack married Kevin Bacon, and Karen's maid Rosario (now a man) is her lover. Luckily she wakes up. Then Leo returns and she and he hook back up. *Two Years Later* Grace and Leo are raising there daughter Lila and Will and Vince are raising there son Ben. They aren't talking due to Grace leaving. Karen and Jack hook them back up in a hospital and the friendship starts back up agian. In the background, Karen is broke, so Jack goes out with the Beverley until he dies falling off the patio, Jack inherits all the money. Next we see two people, one a red head, the other brown. They've just met in college and instantly fall in love... at first we think it's a flashback to when Will and Grace first met, but instead turns out to be Ben and Lila. This leads to Will and Grace, who are helping there kids move in, meet once more. Jack and Karen are living together, and Ben and Lelah are to be married. We end with the whole gang sitting at a bar drinking shots. A spectalcular ending to a wonderful show, filled with twists and turns.
  • Will & Grace has finally come to an end with tears and laughter. Grace ends up going to Leo causing Will&Grace to stop talking for two years. Then eventually they do start talking but realize things are not the same. In the end their children get married

    I really enjoyed this episode. Although it wasn't really the best ever I still thought it was cute. I despised the way they stoped talking when Grace decided to be with Leo. However I enjoyed the way Jack and Karen plotted a way to get them to talk again by using a poor man wrapped up in the hospital. I didn't really enjoy the storyline of Karen going broke. However I did enjoy the story line of Grace's daughter and Will's son meeting the same way they did and found it sweet how in the end it was them two who got married in the end which showed that Will and Grace would always be together through their son and daughter.
  • After the disappointing finales of Seinfeld and Friends, I was worried about how Will & Grace would end - but the show ended it's eight year run with laughter, tears, and good times.

    Although the flash forwards might have nullified the opportunity for a reunion show in the future, they were well done.

    The first hour was a retrospective of the show featuring highlights and bloopers, it was a great tribute to the show and made me realize how much I'm going to miss it.

    The second hour started with a hilarious dream sequence and then brought us back into the present with Leo's return. The episode then flashes forward two years, Grace has reunited with Leo and is raising their daughter together, while Will and Vince have a son of their own. Will and Grace have not spoken for two years and Jack and Karen come up with a scheme to get them together.

    Living separate lives, Will and Grace muse over how they had thought their friendship would last through anything that somehow they would always find each other because they were destined to be in each other's lives. Eight years later, their children are grown and meet each other on their first day of college, bringing their parents together once again.

    Meanwhile Karen and Jack experience a role reversal of sorts, and in one of the most poignant moments of the episode, Karen tells Jack that their relationship for the last twenty years has lasted longer than any of her marriages and has been more satisfying. They then sing a pretty great version of "Unforgettable" together - definitely one of my favorite moments.

    Overall, the finale did not disappoint. I'll really miss these characters and the show...but I'll be watching them in reruns!
  • A very memorable way to end one of the best sitcoms!

    What a wonderful series finale! Will & Grace went out in style. There’s never been a show like this, and I doubt there ever will be again. I’m happy the writers didn’t conform to the usual ‘everyone moving on’ finale. Now, I know people think it’s very creative that they went into the future; and it is. But in a way (to me, anyway) that’s what could have happened. We really don’t know what happened when Will walked in on Grace kissing Leo, and what we saw through the hour wasn’t necessarily how things turned out. I guess I just don’t want Will and Grace to have been apart for 20 years. Still, the future retrospective was an excellent way to leave the series. Here’s to 8 fabulous seasons of one of the funniest, creative, daring, successful shows ever! Congratulations to the cast, crew, and NBC for such an amazing experience!
  • I think this is the way series should end!

    I was very happy the way this episode was written and acted out. Most series end and you have no idea what happens to the characters in the future. This one did not do that - it told a story of what happens to the gang in the future, we don't have to think day after day what is happening with them, like we do with Cheers, The Cosby Show, Friends etc. I read some of the bad reviews and I can't believe what people are saying. I can see why they were upset about not answering certain questions, but at least this way, it was put to bed!

    Thank you to the producers, actors, directors etc for 8 great years!
  • A fitting end to a show that broke so many barriers.

    I couldn't help but feel a little misty while watching the finale. I was disappointed to see Will and Grace apart for so long after their strong friendship. However, after giving it some thought I realized, that's real life. Friendships start and end and sometimes start again. I thought it was a fitting end for all the characters though. While the script was not full of belly laughs, it did manage to wrap up all of the characters' stories rather sweetly. Jack and Karen's final moment at the piano was a great send off for the two characters who will remain unforgettable. Will and Grace needed to seperate to find their happiness and fulfill their destinies, but in the end everything came out as it should and Will and Grace found one another once again. The final scenes were a nice bookend to the pilot episode. Will and Grace, while it did get silly at times, will definitely be missed from the prime time schedule in the fall.
  • Couldn't have ended better.

    Everything tied up, in a perfect little bow describes the more happy than sad ending of Will & Grace.

    It begins with a nightmare of Grace's of how all them could end up- it was wuite the parody.

    Will and Grace have a falling out resulting in them losing touch with each other. Grace ends up back with Leo (that was sweet) and they have a daughter Lila. Will ends up with Vince and they have a son Ben.

    Jack and Karen (whose roles are now reversed in terms of finances)orchestrate a meeting for them 2 years after the fallout- they are civil with each other but the chapter of their life with each other is over. For now.

    Cut to when both Lila and Ben are in college- and it replays how Will and Grace met. Through they're children they are reunited and connected again for the time to come.

    The writers pulled out all the stops, for the finale. It had everything, including the prettiest bow (wrap up of every character)possibly ever on television.
  • A little like the finale of "Mad About You"

    I have to admit I haven't been loyal to the show for about the past 2-3 years but knew I could NOT miss the ending and I was not disappointed. Yes they bounced back and forth through time and back which reminded me very much of the last episode of Mad About You. But if I was able to follow along with a 7 month old puppy pulling at my leg trying to get me to play, I don't see how anyone else couldn't keep up. Yes the 20 some odd years Grace and Will are apart might seem a little odd, but it's happened to them before, not for that long but they have fought before, they have moved out, so bringing all of that into the last episode seemed nothing more but necessary. Oh and I LOOOOOVED the little girl who played Grace's daughter! What a cutie patootey and what chemistry the two had!! Bravo to the writers, producers, and actors of Will and Grace for giving an ending that I can walk away happy from!
  • superb

    words can not express all the emotions i felt when i saw Will & Grace finale it was by far one of my favorites episodes of them Erick, Sean, Debra, Megan all acted terfficic in this their last episode of playing Jack, Will, Grace & Karen i will surely miss them. One of my favorites highlights of the show was when Jack & Karen sing Nat King Cole & Natalie Cole's hit "Unforgettable" and also the ending it self was terrific i will surely miss seeing "Will & Grace" every thurdsay night as Julie Andrews said in Sound Of Music So Long, Farewell love the episode well acted & well written
  • A wonderful ending to a wonderful show.

    It was a beautiful ending. My favorite part in the whole episode was Karen and Jack singing their song together. \\\"Unforgettable\\\" truly suited them. I felt a little bad for Will and Grace, though. After being together for so long and then being parted for so long, it must have been hard. Anyway, the conclusion came together nicely and I adored the future perspectives. I won\\\'t spoil anymore!

    What a great finale! Laughs. Tears. Emotional, but not overly sentimental. The final scene with the four friends standing and having a drink while Queen\'s \"You\'re My Best Friend\" plays in the background was simply excellent. Congratulations to the cast and writers for a superb finale. I am really going to miss this show. The finale did the series proud!
  • I will sorely miss this show!

    Yes, will and grace has had more than a few ups and downs in the past couple of years, but no matter what happend i have always laughed. The show had a rough middle patch, but this last season has gotten some good laughs out of it. The live episodes were great. Regardless of some of the poorly written episodes and way to many guest stars, the show did shine. The cast was always fantastic. The show would not have been the same without them. They all had real chemistry and a great sense of humor. This episode returns to some of the earlier episodes quality. I thought it was original and a classy way to end the show. I will sorely miss this show and am sad that every sitcom worth watching has now left TV! wheres the laughter?
  • It was a one of the best episode that I have seen from them. And it was my first time seeing the show..

    The finale was great. It showed how things will be in the future. The way Grace was eating chicken so much. I can't a felt sad and happy when Jack and Carnie singing a song. I have never seen the show before but this season I have seen the live episodes. But now after I have seen the ending of the show, it was a pretty good show. It was funny, halorius, and drain right great. I couldn't beleive that they were going after eight seasons on NBC. They are some of the shows that are keeping NBC online for now. I'm sad that Will & Grace are gone....
  • The finale. That about covers it.

    Best. Finale. Ever. In History. Put Friends to shame. Seinfeld certainly never stood a chance. I absolutely loved the way that all the loose ends were tied up so far into the future. I have to say though, when Karen and Jack sang, I cried. And didn't really stop until the credits ran across the bottom of my television screen. Not only was the episode well-written, but I think we all really appreciated the fact that it didn't turn out as expected. No one could've predicted those "flash-forwards," and while Will & Grace never got together, they will always be a part of each other's lives. And ours.
  • Will, Grace, Karen & Jack...a show that will be in my heart always.

    Amazing ending. The dream sequence was funny. Will bald, and Grace fat. Karen didn't aged a bit. Jack married with Kevin Bacon, lol! It was good.

    I think Grace did the right choice. Being with the man she loves, the father of her baby, Leila. I mean it's all for the best. Will may have been angry, but it worked out in the end. Will & Grace are happily in love, raising terrific children with their love ones.

    Karen is now poor because of the divorce with Stan, and Beverly Leslie wants Jack as his new business associate. I mean it's understandable that Karen wanted for Jack to take care of her 'cause she took cared of him all those years, but like she said, Jack didn't loved him like Karen did for Stan. They ended up with eachother, and didn't found love like Will and Grace. In the 8 years, Karen was married and Jack slept around, and it was W&G who was living together. Now it's the other way around.

    The ending was sweet. Will & Grace talked over the phone like the first scene of the pilot, and going to that bar that they kissed: precious! The last scene with the four of them was sad, it was like, the show's really over...

    Great ending ! I'm sad it's over, but in a way, I'm glad that the show existed, and got 8 incredible and amazing years with Eric/Will, Debra/Grace, Sean/Jack & Megan/Karen. They'll be greatly missed...
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