Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 23

The Finale

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • 22 years apart? I won't stand for it.

    I will admit, this was much better than the disappointingly predictable "Friends" finale. But, how could they be apart for that long? I can't believe that Will and Grace would just let their friendship lapse like that and not see each other for sooooo long. Like Will said, in that French film they saw in college the man and woman kept missing each other and then they met on a plane because that was how it was destined to be, but why would destiny want Will and Grace to be apart for that long?
    The Jack and Karen storyline was really great. They ended up in a role reversal where Jack was rich and he supported Karen, which was sweet and it showed that he really does love her, he wasn't just there for the money as it sometimes seemed. It was also so great when they sang together- when they touched stomachs after the song I burst into tears :'(
    Another great moment was when Will and Grace were on the phone at the end and the way it parallelled with the pilot: they were both alone, watching TV, George Clooney was mentioned. If only there had been a "Say 'Goodnight, Gracie,'" then it would have been perfect.
    One thing that I choose to take out of the finale is that it may not be true. After it said "two years later" and they weren't speaking I kept thinking "maybe this is just Will's nightmare- they can't be apart like that, it makes no sense." But of course, it wasn't. However, in the very last scene when they toast, it goes back to them at the ages they were at the beginning of the episode, so I choose to believe that it wasn't real (of course, it's a TV show, but I mean it wasn't how Will and Grace ended up) and that the producers/writers were saying "this is how we see them ending up, what do you think?" It's a strange analysis, I'm aware, but it makes me feel better. In my mind, they'll always be together- they'll end up how Karen and Jack did, together and happy. Or at least if Will and Grace are with Vince and Leo, respectively, then maybe they can just live across the hall again and still be best friends. If Will and Grace can't stay together...
    Also, could there be a more perfect song? Oh, Queen...