Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 23

The Finale

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • A dissapoiting end to a funny series

    Wow...now I know what happened to the parts of the Mad About You Finale the writers didn't use.

    I have been a bit behind in watching Will and Grace; at this point, I have only seen half of this last season so far. But, I was aware of what has been going on, and so I wasn't to shocked by the events at the end.

    What I was disappointed in was the blant use of a last guest star for the show. No, I am not referring to the appearance of Harry Conick Jr; no, I am talking about Kevin Bacon making an appearance as Jack's bride (?)...groom(?)...whatever. The guy has had one appearance on the show; isn't that enough. (And to further add to the suffering, it seemed like EVERY commerical break had Kevin shooting mock baskets in Hanes commericals. Oh, how far you have fallen, Kevin...)

    As for the future sequences- well, it was nice seeing how Will and Grace moved on; but I was a bit surprised when Grace's daughter and Will's son were the same age. I was under the impression that Grace was pregnant and was to give birth soon, and that Will's son was born from an surrogate mother, which would mean that either the mystery woman was already pregnant with the child, or that Grace held on to the baby for QUIET a while longer after the two parted ways. (Or a worse case, as they used in Mad About You- Grace had a miscarriage and that she got re-pregnant during their years apart).

    What I was glad to see was how, at the end, it was Grace and Will, talking on the phone together, while watching TV, just like how the series started (minus the whole- Gang drinking in the bar part).

    And don't get me started on the Jack/ Karen part- yes, I can see them moving in together and living their lives in sex free bliss...but what was the need to have Karen singing at the end!!! Although the belly bump was a nice finish.

    Overall, I was a bit disappointed in the ending; but then again, I still think on the better ending of a show was Star Trek:TNG, when the crew are still all together, playing cards, and ready for the next challenge around the bend. No big send offs, no good byes, no changes in the cast futures. (Also, I liked the ending of St. Elsewhere, but for different reasons).