Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 23

The Finale

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • Will and Grace missed the mark with this one.

    Disappointing only to how amazing it really could have ended. It's not the fact that its ending that caused me such grief. I was happy to see the cast of Will and Grace take their final bow, in fact I was happy for them, looking forward to being apart of their exit. Though this season has been lacking in the original Will and Grace humor and storyline the series seem to redeem itself with the episode prior "Whatever Happen to Baby Gin." So I will admit I was expecting a lot out of the finale. Am I wrong for expecting much out of Will and Grace? I don\'t think so. Will and Grace was a brilliant comedic series and thus it demanded a extraordinary ending, yet instead of switching the switch to the off position leaving people longing for the light the finale of Will and Grace fizzled as on a dimmer which leaves the room with this annoying glow. For most sitcoms this glow would have been acceptable but for Will and Grace it resulted into a less than spectacular curtain call. The problem with the finale as I see it is that Will and Grace tried to take itself, and these characters too seriously. This problem with the episode is exemplified in the rendition of "Unforgettable" that Karen and Jack sang at the end of the show. I kept waiting for the zany duo to change the lyrics or the tune or bust into a Cher cover to make it into a joke, but the joke never came. They just sung the song. And they did it with non-ironic sincerity. There was a serious lack of comedy in this finale. So unbelievable to the point where it was even unbelievable. During the flashbacks they showed that unlike other comedies, Will and Grace were actually able get into serious fights without losing the love and humor between them that has always been able to bring them through whatever. I don't understand why the writers expected the audience to believe that 2 years went by before Will and Grace made up after Grace decided that she wanted the father of her baby to be involved with its life. Oh how cruel! It just seemed highly out of character. Though I love, love, love the character of Beverly Leslie; all of Stan's money was barrowed? Huh? Benji and Beverly are not together anymore? What? The audience of Will and Grace deserved something more than what was given. Unfortunately it wasn't given to us by this finale on one Thursday in May of 2006.