Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 23

The Finale

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 18, 2006 on NBC

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  • What a disappointing finale....

    I totally agree with some of the reviewers here. The finale -for me- was so disappointing.

    The tone of the episode was "out of tune". .they tried to do it bitter-sweet, but for sure not funny.

    As for the story itself it cancelled the whole storyline and the characters' character.

    * Will and Grace were inseparable all these years and they just forgot each other because of their mates???? Wtf? In an episode they just forgot everything about their friendship. They didn't even give as a good and persuading reason why that happened.

    * a child has just appeared no questions asked.

    * not only Will and Grace didn't talk to each other, but they didn't even tell anything about their friendship to their children. Wtf again? The children had no idea of the existence of mum's/dad's bff for 20 years... GREAT!!

    * as for Jack, he sold himself as a gigolo to an elderly gay, although he was lucky that he disappeared.

    * Karen of course ended up with Jackie as a couple.. or not!

    What a miss....
  • Brilliant sad and almost makes up for being unwatchable for the last four years

    The show bravely an beautifully finally addresses the main issue with the will and grace show and that being that their relationship is a toxic crutch that prevents either of them from moving on and finding happiness in lasting relationships.

    The bitter pill is that in order to move on their friendship must end in bitterness and recrimination and while they do finally get lives of there own and even grow as people(willl no longer so anal and grace a bit more anal)its still sad to see as much as it is heart-warming.

    They took a real risk with this ending and it paid off brilliantly even though they barely speak for 20 years in the flash forwards its nice to see them still having so much love for each other even if they can never be what they once were.

    Times change so do people

    will and grace is the story of two people who grew apart and became better for it.

    A remarkable complex and adult ending requiring multiple viewings


  • The essence of the series was put into this episode.

    There was little that anyone could do in order to make the series finale more spectacular than the show. The one thing that the writers were able to do was return to the main theme of the show: fate and friendship. The idea that Will and Grace were destined to be a part of each others lives is a common theme, and shows up numerous times in the finale. The idea that they always considered themselves to be family but never were was solved in the marriage between their children. Even Jack and Karen wound up together, and things worked out. I love happy endings and I love that this show tied up lose ends and was definitely a happily ever after.
  • This ending RUINED the ENTIRE series for me.

    I have never seen such a bad ending to a show!
    I felt insulting having watched it. It actually made me angry.

    The last episode basically makes a mockery of and negates the entire series! It insults the very idea of the close bond of friendships.

    I enjoyed watching the series because of Will & Grace's decades long and very close friendship. They were there for each other throughout everything and to think they would just "forget" each other and never make any time to see each other in 18 years just because they each find a spouse is incredibly sad. It makes a mockery of and devalues their friendship. Honestly it's like it went back to every previous episode and said no, none of this depth and emotion actually meant anything. That true friendship doesn't matter if you find "the right mate". Knowing the ending where they just "fall out of touch" as if they were mere aquaintances, I have a hard time watching reruns. I'm certainly no longer planning to buy any of the seasons on DVD now, I'm so angry. Seriously, still angry after all these months since I watched the finale.

    I've had friends who I've known for over a decade and despite having separate lives, living in other states and some of them having kids -- we all still try to stay in touch at least in some way. So it was extremely painful and sad to see that these close friends just let each other completely go -- and not even through a fight -- just from being too apathetic to set up an occasional lunch date?
  • bye bye will and grace

    OMIGOD!!!!!! love the 'unforgetable' song between jack and karen. This was just the best end to any series. The last bit where there taking shots on the bar and hey turn younger and they are laughing. The best bit of the finale was how it happend to will and grace's kids and how they got together the same way grace and will did oooooooooooo just love it. Also loved the way that they all aged and karen hadnt changed a bit you've got to love karen, goodbye will and grace
  • Good but not great

    The show ended on a sweet note. It picked up where last week's episode left off. The episode moved two years in to the future after that showing Will and Grace not speaking and realizing their friendship came to an end. It ended with Grace's daughter and Will's son meeting and getting married. A sweet ending to a good show.
  • 22 years apart? I won't stand for it.

    I will admit, this was much better than the disappointingly predictable "Friends" finale. But, how could they be apart for that long? I can't believe that Will and Grace would just let their friendship lapse like that and not see each other for sooooo long. Like Will said, in that French film they saw in college the man and woman kept missing each other and then they met on a plane because that was how it was destined to be, but why would destiny want Will and Grace to be apart for that long?
    The Jack and Karen storyline was really great. They ended up in a role reversal where Jack was rich and he supported Karen, which was sweet and it showed that he really does love her, he wasn't just there for the money as it sometimes seemed. It was also so great when they sang together- when they touched stomachs after the song I burst into tears :'(
    Another great moment was when Will and Grace were on the phone at the end and the way it parallelled with the pilot: they were both alone, watching TV, George Clooney was mentioned. If only there had been a "Say 'Goodnight, Gracie,'" then it would have been perfect.
    One thing that I choose to take out of the finale is that it may not be true. After it said "two years later" and they weren't speaking I kept thinking "maybe this is just Will's nightmare- they can't be apart like that, it makes no sense." But of course, it wasn't. However, in the very last scene when they toast, it goes back to them at the ages they were at the beginning of the episode, so I choose to believe that it wasn't real (of course, it's a TV show, but I mean it wasn't how Will and Grace ended up) and that the producers/writers were saying "this is how we see them ending up, what do you think?" It's a strange analysis, I'm aware, but it makes me feel better. In my mind, they'll always be together- they'll end up how Karen and Jack did, together and happy. Or at least if Will and Grace are with Vince and Leo, respectively, then maybe they can just live across the hall again and still be best friends. If Will and Grace can't stay together...
    Also, could there be a more perfect song? Oh, Queen...
  • A dissapoiting end to a funny series

    Wow...now I know what happened to the parts of the Mad About You Finale the writers didn't use.

    I have been a bit behind in watching Will and Grace; at this point, I have only seen half of this last season so far. But, I was aware of what has been going on, and so I wasn't to shocked by the events at the end.

    What I was disappointed in was the blant use of a last guest star for the show. No, I am not referring to the appearance of Harry Conick Jr; no, I am talking about Kevin Bacon making an appearance as Jack's bride (?)...groom(?)...whatever. The guy has had one appearance on the show; isn't that enough. (And to further add to the suffering, it seemed like EVERY commerical break had Kevin shooting mock baskets in Hanes commericals. Oh, how far you have fallen, Kevin...)

    As for the future sequences- well, it was nice seeing how Will and Grace moved on; but I was a bit surprised when Grace's daughter and Will's son were the same age. I was under the impression that Grace was pregnant and was to give birth soon, and that Will's son was born from an surrogate mother, which would mean that either the mystery woman was already pregnant with the child, or that Grace held on to the baby for QUIET a while longer after the two parted ways. (Or a worse case, as they used in Mad About You- Grace had a miscarriage and that she got re-pregnant during their years apart).

    What I was glad to see was how, at the end, it was Grace and Will, talking on the phone together, while watching TV, just like how the series started (minus the whole- Gang drinking in the bar part).

    And don't get me started on the Jack/ Karen part- yes, I can see them moving in together and living their lives in sex free bliss...but what was the need to have Karen singing at the end!!! Although the belly bump was a nice finish.

    Overall, I was a bit disappointed in the ending; but then again, I still think on the better ending of a show was Star Trek:TNG, when the crew are still all together, playing cards, and ready for the next challenge around the bend. No big send offs, no good byes, no changes in the cast futures. (Also, I liked the ending of St. Elsewhere, but for different reasons).
  • Nice, touching, but slightly disappointing.

    To begin with, this was a VERY sad episode, especially the ending. But, that doesn\\\'t make it a good episode. Though some parts were funny, I have seen episodes that were MUCh funiier and that didn\\\'t rely on the toilet humour Will&Grace seem to have desperately integrated into the show.
    The teaser, that stupid dream, was a complete waste of time and was only used for cheap laughs. They could have established the fact that Grace didn\\\'t want to end up a sad, sorrowful woman with Will w/o having a dream sequence where Grace has a giant ass. Was that really integral to the plot?
    I think the whole time-jumping thing was equally annoying. Though it was nice to see how they turned out in the end, it would have been better as a linear episode.
    The ending was also a little disappointing. I\'m glad that their kids ended up together, but the last seen in the bar was a little preachy, and it ended with them all being young again. Not that I didn\\\'t like it, but it totally broke the fourth wall and made the ending seem intanglible. It just seemed like it was all nostalgic fun with no substance.

  • Meet Will and Grace: They're not a couple of best friends, they're FAMILY!!

    And thats really the silver linining to the Finale. Yes it was sad that they didn't talk for 20 years(almost the same amount of time they were best friends 1985-2006), but now fate has brought them back together and they became family. And i believe that if they didnt lose touch thier children would have never gotten together.

    Another thing that i loved about this eppisode was the connection to eppisodes of the past. Of course everyone knows about the connection to the polit but there were other connections. First was the dream fight with Will that Grace had. The F@g-hag banter resembled the eppy that involved Will and Grace's professor when he stayed friends for too long. Another connection comes in during seasons three's eppy Coffee and Commitment. Where during the wedding Will states that he "wants that not this" reffering to a husband and a child, not just grace.

    Overall it was a great show and a great eppy.
  • Will and Grace missed the mark with this one.

    Disappointing only to how amazing it really could have ended. It's not the fact that its ending that caused me such grief. I was happy to see the cast of Will and Grace take their final bow, in fact I was happy for them, looking forward to being apart of their exit. Though this season has been lacking in the original Will and Grace humor and storyline the series seem to redeem itself with the episode prior "Whatever Happen to Baby Gin." So I will admit I was expecting a lot out of the finale. Am I wrong for expecting much out of Will and Grace? I don\'t think so. Will and Grace was a brilliant comedic series and thus it demanded a extraordinary ending, yet instead of switching the switch to the off position leaving people longing for the light the finale of Will and Grace fizzled as on a dimmer which leaves the room with this annoying glow. For most sitcoms this glow would have been acceptable but for Will and Grace it resulted into a less than spectacular curtain call. The problem with the finale as I see it is that Will and Grace tried to take itself, and these characters too seriously. This problem with the episode is exemplified in the rendition of "Unforgettable" that Karen and Jack sang at the end of the show. I kept waiting for the zany duo to change the lyrics or the tune or bust into a Cher cover to make it into a joke, but the joke never came. They just sung the song. And they did it with non-ironic sincerity. There was a serious lack of comedy in this finale. So unbelievable to the point where it was even unbelievable. During the flashbacks they showed that unlike other comedies, Will and Grace were actually able get into serious fights without losing the love and humor between them that has always been able to bring them through whatever. I don't understand why the writers expected the audience to believe that 2 years went by before Will and Grace made up after Grace decided that she wanted the father of her baby to be involved with its life. Oh how cruel! It just seemed highly out of character. Though I love, love, love the character of Beverly Leslie; all of Stan's money was barrowed? Huh? Benji and Beverly are not together anymore? What? The audience of Will and Grace deserved something more than what was given. Unfortunately it wasn't given to us by this finale on one Thursday in May of 2006.
  • A landmark show that came in with a bang goes out with a whimper.

    I chose to watch the "CSI:" season finale versus W&G because I've not been a regular W&G viewer for a while. I don't recall when I thought the show had lost its appeal, but I've only caught it in reruns for the past 2 years or so.

    Here's another show that had to double its length to indulge itself, and it wasn't pretty. Sometimes less is more. The hopping back and forth with what-ifs or whatever it is the producers did was irritating and did little for the characters. So we see into the future with W&G old and ugly, parenting some snotty teenager. Whoopee. Then it's a couple of years into the future, and Will has his own (adopted or whatever) son, and Grace has her daughter. Worse yet, years later, they meet up again @ their kids' college dorms, then their kids are getting married! Oh, puh-leeze.

    Jack and Karen were caricatures of their former selves, and Rosario was more annoying than usual. Leo hardly mattered in this episode, nor did Vince.

    W&G used to be at its best when it used subtle humor, but a lot of it tonight was just OTT and vulgar. I don't know, I found it disappointing to end such a good show with such a poor episode. The actors' make-up was excellent, however. As for the rest? Waste of time.
  • Leo confesses his love for Grace, and they move to Rome. When both Will and Grace have children, they become friends again, but they're not close. Their kids end up at the same college, beginning a relationship that brings Will and Grace together again.

    This episode was funny, and I really liked how they tricked us with the two college students turning out to be Ben and Lyla instead of Will and Grace. However, I felt that it had big problems as well. For one thing, I definitely think that it tried to hard to tie everything up in a nice little bow. There was way too much recounting of old memories and attempting to bring everything full circle. It also didn't seem like true to the characters that we have spent so many years watching and understanding. This was a good show with a mediocre finale.
  • To me this was a dissapointing end to a great show.

    I find the ending to this show very bizarre. It just didn\'t feel like Will and Grace. Although some parts were touching, like when Jack and Karen sang or when Will and Grace were talking to their husbands about the other, overall it just didn\'t seem to flow. Since the show traveled over time it felt jumpy and incomplete. When I saw that it had been two years since Will and Grace had seen each other I was surprised, but then when it was 20 years until they saw each other again after that? It just wasn\'t believable to me. However, this finale still had it\'s strong points, and it is not one that turned me off from the show. Will and Grace is still a wonderful show.
  • I'm gonna say exactly what I think and that is that it royally sucked!!!!!

    To me and to a bunch of others this seemed like a absolutly horrid ending to the best show in the universe! I hated it not only because it was the last time I was gonna see a new episode but because it blew. Don't get me wrong I still cried, who didn't. But really it could have went alot better. To tell you the truth I really wnted to see the to of them living happy togather but I mean I never saw the whole thing coming. It hit me in my chest. Hard. I only have bad thngs to say about this episode. I still stick with the show, I always will. All I'm sayin is that alot of people were counting down to the closing of the show and almost everyone was either disapointed or angry. The entire show was a collasal let down and theres nothing to do about it.
  • Come on, already. Seriously messed up.

    Eight years, waiting for... *this?*

    I know we all didn't want it to end. I guess it had to. As the man used to sing, "Nothing lasts forever."

    However, I don't think I'm out of place having hoped for something better than the end result.

    Some of the plot points were good-- it was nice to see the storyline for Jack wrap up by continuing his current success-- but the business about the future for the respective children of the title characters was beyond absurd. It calls to mind the infamously bad plot resolutions of 'Dallas' and 'Newhart.'

    Overall, the decisions put me in mind of some weird parallel universe where the audience gets what the show creators *think* we wanted... but it all just leaves a bad aftertaste for me.

    Think I'll rinse and spit.
  • Weren't they suppose to be friends?

    I can't understand why the writers and producers decided to give this horrible series finale to this show.
    Will and Grace were friends, it seems pretty stupid that they didn't talk throught two years and then they waited sixteen to talk again? come on... This shows something that we didn't see throught the eight years... a weak friendship that it was broken suddenly, very stupid I would say.
    Then we find that stupid story about Jack being Beverly's couple... is any way more stupid of giving to Jack some money? It wouldn't be better killing Stan for real this time?.
    The plot was a complete disaster, they tried to give an emotive finale doing this, I think that they did a horrible mess.
    The only things that I can rescue from this is that it was still funny and Karen and Jack's perfomance of "Unforgetable".
    My real score for this episode is a 0.1 but I cannot put that score, the system doesn't allow me

  • Finale in any show never go great, but Will and Grace did better than most.

    This episode did one thing very right, it gave us chane to say goodbye properly, have all the charecter have thie shining moments. It managed to cover a lot of ground and managed to answer a lot of questions fans would wonder about.

    Best of all it managed to be unpredictable, and do many things you werent expecting. Amoungst all of this it managed to have good comedy throughout.

    In this episode more than all before it, Will and Graces relationship was well told, and moving, Messing, for someone who often can be seen to not be able to contain herself, pulled of some very good acting!

    Finales never go down well, but this show did it better than most and certainly pulled out all the stops.
  • This was a great close for one of the greatest series i have ever seen.

    I read peoples other reviews saying that this wasn't a good ending. Also i read that after 18 years of friendship they just cant forget about each other...Umm hello didn't u watch the last 2 episodes. Grace was pregnant Will said he would be there for her just like he was the bays father. Then Leo comes along and grace chooses the love of her life over her best friend.....Of course there gonna get angry and basically leave each other. Friendships do end. why would u think it was ridiculous. The show is about showing a realistic view of and gay man and a hags life with a touch of humor. that pretty normal to me! and they don't just forget about each other, they think about each other everyday. it shows this when its Wills birthday and Leo ask grace aren't u gonna call him and she knew exactly who he was talking about..now to me that says she cant stop thinking about him. There was no forgetting. But they got back together as nearly every friendship does when its meant to be. Yes it was different to there little tisks that they over react to. but ask yourself, have you gone on for 18 years without having one major fight with your best friend? I think people have to re watch the episodes and the Finale and really look thoroughly in the show and really make sense of whats happening. i've watched the finale 5 times and i still don't fully understand it, but i get it enough xD
    I absolutely LOVED the FINALE and i LOVE WAG!!
    Keep re watching them, you can never stop laughing xD
    Peace Out
  • Best episode of W&G and one of the best finale's ever.

    The main thing I like about this episode was that it was realistic. W&G couldn't have lived together forever and would have drifted apart. It was also really funny! lol. Grace's dream was histerical and Beverley Leslie is always first-class... especially his introductions (The best one being the gay penguin!). This episode didn't try to be poltical or ground-breaking because it doesn't need to be any more. W&G did help change American television and it shows in the later episodes where there's not one gay kiss per season, or gay relationships don't last, etc. etc. etc. So, what i'm trying to say is that this episode felt very natural and real, which the writers and producers should be proud of. Grace wasn't her extreme selfish disgrace she sometimes became and Will wasn't the depressed unlucky-in-love labelled gay guy that was sometimes illustrated. All in all, tremendous episode. The best.
  • Nossa... esse foi um final muito inesperado porém muito bom!!

    Na Minha opnião este foi um dos melhores episódios, aliás, o melhor, tudo acaba inesperadamente bem, o final que eu mais gostei foi o do Jack com a Karen, aquele sim foi ótimo, porém o do Will e da Grace foram totalmente inesperados..., eu gostaria que os dois ficassem juntos, ou pelo menos no mesmo prédio... , mas..., pena que não sou eu quem escrevo a série, se não seria totalmente diferente desse final..., mesmo assim vou dar essa nota porque eu acho mais do que justo dar a melhor nota para a melhor série que já existiu em toda a façe da Terra..., pena que só durou 8 Temporadas por que por mim poderi durar 200 que eu assistiria todas!!!

    Will & Grace ----A Mlehor Série de Todos os Tempos----

    Acho que depois dessa a NBC vai perder todinha a audiência!!! (LOL)...

    SP, 05/06/07, Cauê :)
  • So it had to end and this is a pretty good way to go.

    When I first saw this episode I was disappointed. I don't really know why. I think I was hoping it would be just as jaunty as the others, but it had some really serious moments.


    Now when I watch it, I realise that it's a pretty good ending. It still has the requisite hilarious moments, but it's grounded in something bigger. I do find it hard to believe that despite what happened Will and Grace haven't spoken for two years, or that they would lose touch again.

    The opening with Grace's dream about what would happen if she gave up Leo, Will gave up Vince and they brought up their wayward son together is wonderful. And the running joke that everyone gets older, except for Karen who looks the same throughout, is typical Will & Grace. Shelley Morrison deserves more recognition for her contribution to this series. And for having to wear that awful red jacket for so long. At least she gets the chance for some costume changes here!

    It winds eveything up well, with Will and Grace finally able to lead lives that don't depend on each other. And they have both found happiness, which, given their track records over the seasons they really deserve.

    I guess it's a little too neatly wrapped up with Lila and Ben getting together, but it's kind of a natural ending.

    Will and Grace will be sorely missed. Not every single episode was a classic, but the writers did a fantastic job, and they were never anything but funny - and they make for great rewatching. I'll miss it, not only because it was a great series with a fabulous cast, but also because it was so brave in a lot of its subject matter and brought the acceptability of gay lifestyles to a mainstream audience. I'm in the UK, so we've got away with more than what I've seen from US TV over the years - though you're getting better - but somehow, not only did W&G manage to get away some very funny gay jokes, without making everything sterotypical, but it also got away with some of the closest near to the mark sex jokes I can remember, not to mention Karen's little 'rack' dances! And there aren't many shows that can attract such an array of guest stars, most willing to take the proverbial out of themselves.

    So goodbye, and thanks.
  • A great ending to an even greater show

    I cried - yes, I cry at every series finale that I watch - Friends, Charmed, Buffy and Will and Grace. This episode was amazing. It didn't lose it's funny touch, and I'm glad the gang turned out alright - that they hadn't lost touch, and they'd stayed the same they'd been all the show.
  • this was the worst ending

    this show is really funny but i think karen and jack really make this show i would not watch if there were not in it . they are just a crack up . i think this was a stupid ending they where so close through the whole series and they wernt even on talking terms for all those years but it was good that the ended up talking . karen is so funny everything she says and does . i think they should have stayed friends all those years instead of losing contact .but it is so sad to see another good show end
  • Best series finale i have seen!

    Over the past couple of years, i have watched many series finales, with all of my favourite shows coming to an end: Sex and the City, Angel, Friends, Frasier, Buffy. I have to say, the Will and Grace finale was by far the best.

    The characters all came to a close, i loved the way each character got their happily ever after, after all the years of heartbreak.

    Will stayed with Vince and they adopted a child, Grace stayed with Leo and had their baby, Jack lived with Beverley Leslie and inherited all of his money when he died, and Karen became broke but was supported by Jack, now that they are living together.

    As Jack and Karen have been my ultimate favourite characters out of any TV show, i loved the way they ended their relationship. I loved that they lived together and i cried when they sang Unforgettable at the end. I would rate this 10 out of 10!!!!
  • The best series finale of all time.

    This series finale, jumped all over the place, and I was able to keep up, because it was so well written. It ended the perfect way, with "You're My Best Friend" playing in the background, and the four of them, in current time, drinking shots in a bar, and all happy together, because they're best friends. Jack and Karen, singing "Unforgettable" (originally sung by Nat King Cole) was absolutely amazing. Will and Grace going to be in-laws and best friends. Jack will be taking care of Karen, as she took care of him for eight years. Grace is a mom w/ Leo, and Will is a dad w/ Vince. Jack and Karen creatively realizing that some people may think of them as "co-characters on the Will and Grace Show". I also like how they brought Kevin Bacon back, creative. By far, the best series finale ever. I can't wait for the DVD to come out.
  • Will and Grace the show about jokes that include sex which so cool

    will and grace finale

    where the show end with will had a child with his boyfriends the detective and grace had a child too with Leo the doctor of the border

    while Karen and Jack live together happily ever after

    my opinion... great show

    but it was push to be over.. well sad ending but truth reality ending... where a girl and a gay man can't live forever together..they have to move on..

    well the finale episode show us that, although we're with somebody else..we can still be friends but not like it used to be

    applause to all character, crew and writer, producer..
    they make tv worth to watch

    well done Will and Grace
  • The final episode was quite cleverly done.

    The final episode was quite cleverly done. It was pretty surprising that they had will and grace fight for so long though. I think that because all of it was crammed into one episode, that it was slightly unbelievable, but still the plotline was well thought out. I think that this storyline was slightly too similar to the previously done Will-Grace-Leo-Baby thing, but the differences made it so much better.
    Overall, this was a great way to end Will and Grace, apart from certain things, and though it played no part in the storyline, the Jack and Karen duet will be the highlight of the episode.
  • Too hard to digest everything.

    it was sad, i didn't really like how it was done. i loved when jack and karen sang but everything else was all over the place which made it hard to keep up and keep track of. they tried to cram too much into one episode. it would have been better if it was done over two two hour lengths so they could add more detail.
  • The sweetest episode i have ever watched of any series.

    This is the sweetest episode i have ever watched of any series. it actually made me cry, it was so sweet. the end of eight years comes to a close with a single episode consisting of over 20 years. this episode explores the past the future and the present. you get to see the true heart of will and grace. i thought this was a fantastic episode and one of the very best series finales i have ever watched. (And believe me i've watched alot.) I think that this a perfect ending to a perfect series that i am pleased to have watched.