Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 17

The Hospital Show

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Mar 28, 2000 on NBC
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Episode Summary

The Hospital Show
While on a blind date, Will finds out that Karen's husband Stan has had a heart attack and rushes to the hospital to be with the gang. Will, Jack, Grace, and Rosario all speculate on who Karen will turn to for her inevitable emotional breakdown. After all, who will pay the bills if Stan dies?moreless

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  • Great episode, love Karen plans and acts

    Loves this episode, but also displeased with it, Karen's friends bet on her, i know she cold to them and a bit of B, okay a lot, but it was wrong for them to place bets on her to who she'll break down too in such a serious bad situation. I love how Karen gets her revenge and teaches them all a lesson. It was sad to she Karen say "Karen walker doesn't do emotion's" and she started to almost break down, that's the sad part. I like how she did let her facade fall and open up to grace. Grace did the right thing i guess, Jack lightened it up a bit b taking the money and running while they all were in the elevatormoreless
  • Stan is in hospital but all the gang can think about is betting who Karen will turn to for comfort...

    This is a hysterical episode - very, very funny. Karen is great - whether she's taking Stan's pills for herself or misinterpreting the doctor's words or scheming against the rest of the gang. Grace is very funny - she hates needles but Karen pressures her to give blood - and the nurse doing it is a total klutz!!! Rosario is given the job to clean the hospital. Jack has to make do with less money - so Karen pressures him to cut up his credit cards. And Will is forced to continue going out with someone he doesn't like...very, very funny. In the end Karen does cry - and she is caught out by Grace - but the funny scenes continue with Karen asking about Grace's clothes and hair...A classic episode of this show!!!moreless
  • A fantastic episode

    One of the best of the whole series. I couldnt stop laughing.

    Stan got sent to the hospital and everyone goes there to support Karen but it eventually turns into a gambling game.

    ROsario thinks Grace is a murderer because she asked Stan to move a piece of furniture. Grace has a thing with needles and ROsario taunts her with her sewing needle. It was just hilarious. Will had a date with an annoying little man who for some reason followed him tot he hospital. I have no idea why he was there but whatever.

    KAren breaks down and asks for pills but she takes them instead. I was cracking up. EVentually Rosario decides to make their wait more interesting by placing a bet on who Karen will crack down for. THe plot was genious and makes it even more funny because they are in a hospital. Its so wrong but so right. Karen gets wind of the bet and has some fun.

    Grace is the first one in and KAren tells Grace Stan needs blood. It was great and her reaction was priceless. " A loooooong needle"lol. KAren wants Rosario to clean the hospital. KAren tells Jack he may not live which makes JAck cut up the credit cards. THat part was just great. He was hesitating to cut each one but he broke down with each one he cut. Karen makes WIll go out with that annoying man, just to play around with Will.

    Theres this hilarious scene with Grace in the foreground of the scene trying to get attention from will. I was cracking up and didnt stop for a long time. IT was the best thing out of this episode. SO eventually Karen fills them in on how she knows what they did and how wrong it was. JAck steals the money. Grace catches KAren crying. It was a very nice scene, played well by Debra and Megan.

    One of the best episodes the writers pushed out. I couldnt stop laughing. THis is an episode you can watch any amount of times and still laugh your butt off.moreless
Dan Bucatinsky

Dan Bucatinsky


Guest Star

Jennifer Elise Cox

Jennifer Elise Cox

Nurse Trainee Pittman

Guest Star

Lindsey Fields

Lindsey Fields

Nurse #1

Guest Star

Shelley Morrison

Shelley Morrison

Rosario Salazar

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The scene where trainee Nurse Pitman (Elise Cox) is explaining how she had to keep taking her driver's license test took several takes to get through because Debra Messing kept laughing at Elise's character's lisp.

    • Goof: During the scene with the trainee nurse, as she explains that she has been practicing mostly on oranges, she picks up a latex glove and starts to put it on her left hand. Her right hand is bare. Yet in the very next shot, she already has a glove on her right hand, whilst still putting on the left glove.

    • Jack asks to borrow $100 from Will...Will says sure and hands Jack money... It's actually two $1 bills.

    • Grace says she and Karen have been working together for 18 months. But as of when this show airs, and according to info from previous episodes, they have been working for at least two years.

  • QUOTES (14)

    • Jack: So where are you taking lover boy? Mickey D's? Chuck E. Cheese? KFC's?
      Will: Hopefully nowhere. Grace is going to call me with a fake emergency after he gets here.
      Jack: It's so nice you have Grace to do these things for you. One day, I hope to have a hag of my very own!

    • Will: How do I look?
      Jack: I'm turned off and repulsed.
      Will: Bonus!

    • Karen: Oh, Grace. As long as we're being all warm and fuzzy here. You know how I always get on your case about the way you dress and the way you do your hair?
      Grace: Uh-huh.
      Karen: Well, really... When are you gonna do something about it?

    • Will: Let's not forget, she came to me when she was having trouble with her marriage. She came to me when she needed to do her will. She even came to me about a drinking problem.
      Rosario: You're kidding?
      Will: Well...she was out of gin.

    • Karen: (About Stan) There never was any surgery. The doctor says he only has a little angina.
      Jack: Wow! What a time to find out your husband's a hermaphrodite.

    • (Jack sprints past the waiting area)
      Will: (As if speaking over a P.A. system) Gay ferrets to the waiting area. Gay ferrets to the waiting area.

    • Grace: (Freaked out that the nurse doing her blood withdrawal is young) Whoa. Whoa. Her? Isn't--isn't there someone else who's a little more... experienced? Someone who didn't drive in on a big wheel?
      Nurse Pittman: (With a hysterical lisp) Oh, I don't drive. I keep taking the test over and over again, but I'm all... "This is hard."

    • Grace: I've got a very rare blood type.
      Karen: I'm sure it'll be fine.
      Grace: What type do they need?
      Karen: What type do you have?
      Grace: What type do they need?
      Karen: What type do you have?
      Grace: Um, AB-negative.
      Karen: That's the type they need.

    • Will: Need a tissue, buddy?
      Jack: I'm OK.
      Will: Maybe I should get Karen one. When you were talking to her, you really opened her up emot--oh, no, actually that was you blubbering like a little girl. I'm sorry.

    • Dr. Osher: Mrs. Walker, the test results came back, and it seems your husband didn't have a heart attack at all--
      Karen: Oh, thank God.
      Dr. Osher: But rather, acute angina.
      Karen: Heh. You've got a lot of nerve, coming on to me while my husband is dying. Wow.
      Dr. Osher: Uh... No, no, Mrs. Walker. Angina is-- You know, he's gonna be fine.

    • Nurse Pittman: Don't worry, ma'am. I've done this bunches of times. Mostly on oranges, but...

    • Dr. Osher: I have some news about your husband.
      Karen: Give it to me straight, Doc. Am I looking at a future filled with loneliness and memories of better days? Or is Stan gonna die?

    • Karen: Grace... We've been working together for, what, 11 years?
      Grace: 18 months.
      Karen: It seems longer.

    • Dr. Osher: So you must feel pretty good. Your husband's gonna be fine. You two really dodged a bullet today.
      Karen: Oh, believe me, honey, he's so happy to be alive, I'm gonna be dodgin' it all night.

  • NOTES (2)

    • It was also at this time that the Salt Lake City affiliate (KSL) wrote the network saying they would not air Will & Grace period due to its sexual content. They changed their minds when NBC threatened a lawsuit against them.

    • The Atlanta area NBC affiliate (WXIA) will pre-empt this episode, broadcasting the live "25th Community Service Awards" instead. They were fined $53,000 for inturrupting NBC programming with "non-emergency programming."


    • Karen: Give me my husband's pills!!

      Karen screaming for Stan's pills is a takeoff scene from the movie "Terms of Endearment" where Shirley McClaine's character yells at the nurses until they finally give her daughter her pain shot.

    • Karen: What are you talking about, Dr. Huxtable?
      A cheap but funny reference to Bill Cosby's character on The Cosby Show.

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