Will & Grace

Season 5 Episode 3

The Kid Stays Out Of The Picture (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2002 on NBC

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  • Summary? All I gotta say is WOW!

    I rated this 8.5 because thats what it deserves as a show itself. But on the quality of the show, if compared with the rest, it deserves a 10. Its the best episode i've seen so far. The conversations were so original and realistic at the end but ofcourse not in the beginning.

    Will is preparing to be a father, getting cradles and stuff. In short he was preparing for father-hood. And the jokes were slot in to make his character funny. Typical? Yeh!

    Grace on the other hand kissed Leo (...sometime before this episode...apparently) and she's contemplating if she really wants to get inseminated the next day, since she has someone new in a life.

    Will figures out (through Jack) that he's pressurizing Grace and Grace was acting funny. she finally decides to tell Will about Leo but doesnt because Will jumps into conclusion. And typical of Grace she didnt tell Will the truth.

    They bought each other gifts they didnt like and they both returned it, pissed each other off...just typical Will and Grace stuff.

    But BAM outta no where both of them start fighting. And not the normal kindda fighting we see on the show, but a very realistic one. I saw the episode and i was so thrilled because there has never been a show that have characters fight like that...over their ordinary lives and show so much emotion.

    It was such a moving episode. And to make the fight have some kindda credibility, they didnt try to make any funny jokes or anything. They even had Jack and Karen go out. It was great.

    This is the first time, i actually see the writer put something original and simple into the plot and Debra and Will acted it so well. You could actually see the viens on Eric's neck as he was talking.

    Will was gave Grace an ultimatum that she has to get inseminated the next day or never. But Grace wanted a month to see how things go with Leo. Even without watching past season 7, we all know it would lead no where. Will puts this in speach, with sarcasm ofcourse, but made it realistic. And Grace also made a note of how Will likes to see her miserable because that gives assurance that he has a companion in his lonely life. (because he feels he cant find someone blah blah)

    In the end, Will kicks her out. (But for how long do you even expect that to last)

    And what was with the white shirt Grace was wearing? I was like girl button up you look like a 12 year old boy.