Will & Grace

Season 5 Episode 3

The Kid Stays Out Of The Picture (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2002 on NBC

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  • Grace hides Leo until Will stumbles into him. This leads to one of the best scenes from this show.

    I have seen this episode so many times, I have no idea why I took so long to write a review. ANyway on with the review.

    SO it opens with Will and Jack sanding his baby crib. It is this disgusting green color and it looks really, really small. WHatever. He is totally excited about the idea of having a child. Jack and Will eventually break out into song, which had me laughing for some time.
    We then go over to Grace and Leo having a casual coffee date. SHe asks him for free doctor advice and it leads to an ackward kiss. It was hysterical but it eventually goes into an actual kiss. This makes the decision even more difficult for Grace.

    SO anyway the main problem is in effect and it bubbles in Grace. She is conflicted and Will is going baby crazy. I would think twice right now before having a kid with him,lol. He is way too baby crazy for my taste. It usually is a cute thing for future parents to talk about their impending kids but Will just comes off as needy and codependent. Anyway Grace doesnt want to hurt his feelings but she is basically killing him by hiding Leo.

    Moving on, Grace talks to Karen about her problems and Karen actually says something of importance. also in the same scene one of funniest things occurs. Karen wants Grace to demonstrate how good Leo is at kissing. Grace is at first reluctant but she finally caves. The kiss was totally wild and I was cracking up during the whole thing. SHe also agrees to tell Will but Karen suggests a present to soften the blow.

    Grace buys Will a cooling system and if I was Will I would have chucked it right there. WHo buys that? Will got Grace a foot massager, totally practical. She lies to Will about her reason for wanting to wait. ANd this is what got me. I really wanted to hurt Grace for not telling him. She is totally betraying her best friend. Grace made some wrong decisions. I totally think she should have went for Leo but she should have told Will instead of waiting until he found out which was disasterous. Thereby lying, the plotline thickens,lol.

    At the Sharper Iamge, Will znd Jack are playing some game, I think its Playstation, why? I wonder. Will wants to return the cooling system to get some nose trimmers, that everyone knows he wants. WHen he was at the register and describing what he wanted, it was hilarious. But this scene only serves as a way for Will to find out about Leo and Grace. Will is obviously peeved and he heads home.

    Final scene, also one of the best out this entire show. The drama is there but the writers have this annoying thing of adding humor where it doesnt belong. Karen shows Jack how Leo kisses and WIll and Grace kick them out so they can argue in peace. THe fight is in full throttle and they are tossing around some mean things. It was a great scene, extremely well written and some of the best acting from Debra and Eric. THe drama was really intense. I feel the writers should bring some more drama into the show. They know how to write its just they need to stop with the cute jokes in between a serious fight. I get they wanted to tone it down a bit but seriously this is a fight. A very serious fight where jokes should have been left at the door. Eeverybody is screaming and I felt both of them were being a bit irrational. Will: for saying how pointless it is for trying to build a relationship with a guy she just met. Uh duh thats what people do, they build relationships. Also if he wasnt hounding her so much she probably wouldnt have lied to him. and Grace: SHe is a lying maniac and basically caused this fight in a big way , in my opinion. Had she told Will earlier the fight probably would have been smaller. In any event Will kicks Grace out and Grace is totally shocked. I am also shocked by what she is wearing and what just happened.

    Great writing and a great cliff hanger. Well not really actually. But anyway the acting was superb. A classic for this show.
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