Will & Grace

Season 5 Episode 3

The Kid Stays Out Of The Picture (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 10, 2002 on NBC

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  • Grace askes will if they can wait a month to be inseminated and he agrees because he doesnt want to pressure her. He learns that she asked because she is seeing Leo and they get into a huge fight, ending with Will telling Grace to move out for good.

    This is perhaps my favorite episode. Both Will and Grace seek advice from Jack and Karen on what to do about the insemination they are about to retry. Grace wants to wait a month because she has broken the pact with Will and is dating Leo. Will agrees to wait because he does not want to pressure her, yet he does not know about Leo.

    As each try to return the girfts they bought for each other, Will learns the truth about Leo and Grace. He confronts her about it and they begin to fight as we have never seen these two freinds fight before. Will tells Grace that she is a flake and points bad qualities and reasons that all of her relationships end. She in return, tells Will that he is a control freak and that he "is happiest when she is misrible, because then he doesnt have to look at how misrible he is." The argument ends with Will telling Grace to move out of the apartment.

    I liked this episode so much because it showed how well comedy and drama could be mixed together. The halarious comments that we have become accustomed to hearing on Will and Grave were brilliantly weaved into the drama of the most intense fight i have ever seen on the show. Simple comments such as "it was carrot cake thats never a big deal" brings a sense of ease to the dialoge that can become very intense. I loved this part of the show and the way that the characters were prtrayed in it. it was great acting and i cant help but watch this episode over and over again.