Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 20

The Mourning Son

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 27, 2006 on NBC
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The Mourning Son
Will grapples with the untimely death of his father after their last encounter; Grace begins to doubt her potential to be a good mother.

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  • The title tells all...

    Wow! I mean this episode was sad. Altought there was some laugh, the majority of it was heartbreaking. I haven't fell like this since the episode "Bed, Bath, and Beyond". I loved it. It was nice to see some of the characters (Ellen, Rob, Larry, Joe, Tina...) again that we didn't see for some time now. I especially loved the scene of Will's mom, Marilyn, and Will talking about George. It was sad. Marilyn was right though, Will is secretive. I mean when a gay man lives his childhood not telling the world that he's gay, I guess sometimes nothing changes even if you come out.

    Anyway, seeing Vince again, I think Will definitely needed that. They are great together, and I hope that Will finally let Vince meets his mom, so that they can bond.

    The funny parts for me was with Karen. When she asked Marilyn for a drinking buddy, and then asking Tina to sleep with Stan, hehe. Karen was kind to Will, as she hugged him in the beginning. Very beautiful episode!moreless
  • A nice beginning of the end


    It seems that in many long running series a lot of recurring characters are brought back in the final episode to tie up loose ends. Here they did it with two episodes to go, but it was a nice way to see all these characters again before the series ends. Rob and Ellen, Joe and Larry, Tina the mistress, Will's mom and brother all came back for the funeral.

    It was nice to see Will's mom hug Tina and see that she's been forgiven for the affairs. And it was funny that the two couples are the same as always.

    One of the nicest moments in the show was when Karen gave Will a hug (and said that she'll forget her usual mantra of "drugs not hugs") showing that the two really are friends despite all their differences over the years.

    It was also nice to see Will finally realize that he tends to keep people at arms length and then reach out to Vince whom he has really missed.

    His Mother's explanation for his father's feelings toward Will was a very nice moment between them in the laundry room. Will has pushed them away and kept them out of his life, and its no wonder that his father felt the way he did. I do feel terrible for Will, that so many other people have good stories about their last conversations with his father and he does not. Just goes to show you that you can't walk away angry from anyone you love.

    It was also great that there could be some comedy during an episode at a funeral where Grace scared Sam's daughter by telling her Grandpa was a ghost. Grace begins to think that she won't be a good mother and this sets us up for the next few episodes. Will she be able to do it alone?

    Overall this was a good episode, and a nice way to close out the situation with Will's father, to bring Will and Vince back together, and to make us think that Grace may not be ready for what the future holds for her.

  • I feel for them

    Will, my poor Will. I don't want to know how it feels to lose a parent, but I think I can grasp it thanks to Eric McCormack's performance.

    Blythe Danner was poignant as she just did an essay about the death of her real-life husband, Bruce Paltrow. One can't help but connect the two.

    I actually cried for them.

    On a brighter note, YEAH!!! I'm so happy Will and Vince are back together! When Taye Diggs looked like he was "The One" for Will, I was very bothered. We all know Vince was and will always be "The One" for Will.moreless
  • The Beginning of the End

    While we know all about Will's fight with his father - what's more interesting is the face that Grace doesn't seem to have told the "friends' around them that she is pregnant - Ellen in particular - she avoids her, and the walks by her without even saying a word!

    Will's mother, Blythe Danner, is superb as always, the scene in the laundry room is classic, and I adore a woman who can admit to her son all the things his father could not. a hint of vulnerability on her characters part - just a hint mind you!

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    • Jordy: The last time I saw Grandpa, we were in the backyard playing baseball. Well, actually, we played A League of Their Own. He was Tom Hanks. I was everybody else.

    • (Karen finishes writing up something on a note pad whilst sitting next to Tina)
      Karen: All right. This should be everything you need to know to have an affair with Stan. Directions to the manse, the security code, and of course, a diagram of his body. The part with the arrow next to it is where you'll want to focus.
      Tina: Oh, thank you. I never would have guessed to look there.

    • Marilyn: Thank you for being George's... companion during-- during those years in the middle when he... put on a little weight
      Tina: Oh, no problem. Truth is, I kind of like 'em a little fat
      (Marilyn walks away, as Karen scrambles on the sofa, jumps over the back of it and runs up to Tina)
      Karen: Excuse me, miss, how fat are you willing to go?

    • Ellen: This is so great. All of us together, sharing stories.
      Rob: I love you, honey.
      Ellen: Rob, why do you always have to ruin the moment?

    • Karen: (To Will) You know, honey, normally my motto is 'Drugs, Not Hugs'. But today I feel different. Come on. (She hugs Will)

    • Grace: I feel so badly for his little gay nephew, Jordie. He was so upset.
      Karen: Jordie. Which one was he?
      Grace: The nine year old, with the little black funeral shawl. He sang "Sunrise Sunset."
      Karen: Then you're gonna love it the next time Stan dies and I sing "Happy Days are Here Again"! Ugh. I suppose I could tolerate it if he just wasn't coming at me for sex every minute! Ugh. Grace, would you be willing to--
      Grace: No.

    • Karen: You know, Marilyn, my husband may not be dead but my love for him is. So if you ever need a drinking buddy, I'll drink with you. Or if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I'll drink with you. I guess what I'm trying to say is...I love to drink!

    • Grace: You and I fight all the time. There's almost a statistical impossibility that you and I are not gonna be in the fight when we die.
      Will: Don't say statistics to me. I took your statistics final for you!
      Grace: Yeah....and I still got a C.

    • Tina: Huhuhuhu...
      Karen: There, there. Let it out.
      Tina: Oh no, I wasn't crying. I was laughing. My hair was tickling my face.
      Karen: That's your laugh? Sounds like a squirrel orgy.

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