Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 3

The Old Man And The Sea

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 13, 2005 on NBC

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  • Cool!

    Jack tells Will and Grace that the new gym open up with a new pool, and Jack asks Will to go to see the men, he declines telling them that he once have an horrible experience with his mother and drowning, so Jack begins to teach him how to swim, later Will tells something that leaves Jack down, and later he tries to apologize. Meanwhile, Karen and Malcolm set up Grace with a blind date with a man that looks awful, but Grace begins to discover that he is just like her, but later lets him down when she dsicovers he does not likes her singing. Really cool!
  • Jack teaching Will to swim and Grace going out on a date with a blind man...amazing!

    This episode was so good. I love season 8 already. I mean, how funny was it when Karen said to Grace "I was going to save this for your ulergy but i'll say it now. You're a snob"...i couldn't stop myself from laughing so hard.

    Also when Karen and Malcom walked into Grace's date's apartment fighting...so funny. I went all red in the face.

    This episode really showed some true acting in here and i love it to peices...also when in the pool Will said to Jack "...i think i swallowed a band-aid" and then Jack looks at his arm and says "hey..where's my band-aid?" i was just rolling on the floor in laughter....not kidding!

    This episode ended in the most funniest way ever...Grace's date dumping her because of her singing...it was good the hear some singing from Debra Messing as we hadn't heard it since season 5

    Love Will and Grace...oopps i mean "wag"