Will & Grace

Season 1 Episode 1

The Pilot (Love & Marriage)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 21, 1998 on NBC

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  • With friends like these, more people would drop out of society.

    A self involved designer sucks the life out of everyone she comes into contact with to satisfy her own neurosis.

    Her gay best friend who seems to care more about how his hair looks than anything resembling human emotion except his own sociopathy.

    His best friend, another gay man, borderline retarded who's biggest concern in life is behind his zipper.

    The eccentric quirky friend who comically degrades the lot without ever losing her cat that ate the canary grin.

    Put them all together in 24 minutes of crotch jokes, sexual induendo, gay stereotypes and what do you get....a hit tv show!

    I was going to give it a score of 1, but the Karen character made me kick in a couple extra points....the Suzanne Sugarbaker cheap knockoff (latino maid and all) does have some amuzing lines that aren't even about sex....imagine that!
    Whereas it's good to see the gay community getting a voice in mainstream media, the jokes bypass the funnybone and go right for the genitals. All the innuendo and moronic junior high sex jokes seem to just be reinforcing the theory that being gay is all about sex.
  • the first episode where we are taken into the fabulous and entertaining lives of Will & Grace

    This episode is brilliant! i have watched it over 30 times and it shows the program in a different light. You see Karen with a lower voice, Will with longer hair than Grace and Jack is even more gay (if thats possible) If you have not watched this epiosde then you have not watched Will & Grace, i would rate this episode 10/10 because this is the episode that got me into the show!
  • Meet Will, a smart,funny lawyer and Grace a neurotic but loveable interior designer. She's having problems with her boyfriend, Danny who Will hates, but when he proposes things only get worse, will she go through with it and will she get Will's blessing?

    Good story, a nice mix of drama and character involvement carried off with great comedic finesse, a healthy smattering of what would soon become the show's trademark super bitchy one-liners, characters well introduced as serious and together Will is counter balanced by scatter-brained Grace. Early indication of future drama as Will mentions troubles with his brother and Danny makes a reappearance in this season’s finale. Though neither have any significant plot in this episode both Karen and Jack steal the show and make an undeniable impact in this early stage. With Karen displaying classic traits of the staple rich-bitch, drinking, pill popping and general diva behaviour which in her eyes are not only the norm but can also be excused with the writing of a cheque! And last but certainly not least Jack, the quintessential queen, with his larger than life persona and dreams of fame, he believes that he is the centre of the universe.
    Overall the show starts as it means to go on, with strong plots mixed with consistent comedy, truly a cut above the rest!
  • When Grace receives a marriage proposal from her boyfriend, Will tries to be supportive of her decision but finally tells her that she's making a mistake, even though he's putting their friendship at risk. The situation is complicated by interference from

    This was a GREAT way to start this show. It introduces the characters so well that you almost feel that you've known them for a long time. It really makes you like the characters and want to keep up with them. It definately got me hooked when I watched it. Unlike most shows, this one didn't start off confusing. You know that it's Grace and Will talking because, duh, the show is called "Will & Grace". I love the way this show started and it really layed out the rest of the show. It was a great introduction into the lives of Will & Grace.
  • One of the best and funniest pilots I have ever seen for a show. Great beginning for an awesome show.

    Grace has to decide whether to break up with her boyfriend Danny or go to the next step and say yes to his proposal. Her best friend Will doesn't really like Danny but doesn't want to say anything to her because he's afraid he might loose her. His rather feminine friend Jack and Grace's slightly snobish and crazy assistant Karen have also their opinions on this subject.

    There is a lot I like about this episode: The story is rather good and written very carefully. The characters are already there on the screen and this is only the first episode. Not to mention that they are just hilarious. The whole idea behind this show is just unique.
    There were some very good jokes in this episode which made me laugh out loud, for example: " Blind and deaf people know you're gay Dead people know you're gay or "Because you love it. And I love you. And you love gel." and finally "Did you know I was gay when you met me? My dog knew."

    All in all: great beginning and worth to be watched.
  • The pilot episode (Love and Marriage) is the episode that started it all for Will &Grace's eight wonderful seasons. In this episode it introduces all the characters: Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen.

    This episode is a great one! It is all the things that you would want in a pilot! Karen is hilarious. Jack is hilarious. The chemistry between Will and Grace is just so perfect, you couldn't ask for more The episode does kind of start out stiff, but at the end you really get to the point where you will "I want more." It's amazing really how the writers did what they did. To create a show about two gay men and two straight women is pretty much brilliant. This episode is honestly one of my favorite episodes! It really is a great pilot!
  • Perfect Pilot sets up for Super Special Sitcom!!

    The opening scene is enough to put this series in the history books. The way that the scene is executed by Will and Grace is perfect! I thouroughly enjoyed the way that it was not mentioned that Will was gay until after Grace's line: Tempting but I think I'll watch E.R. here! From then it was made obvious with the George Clooney comment and the fact that they are perfect for each other but not a couple and not forgetting:

    Will: Did you get that black flowy thing?
    Grace: No, you were right, it was too Stevie Nicks the heavy years!

    This is showing that the two have a clear understanding and raport!
    My enjoyment of this series is only extended by the introductions of Jack and Karen (even though their characters are not fully developed)

    After watching this episode, I knew it would be hard for them to keep up such swift and quick witted comedy, but low and behold they succeeded in creating a series that will go down as one of the greatest in history!

  • great First episode, worth watching.

    Love this episode, I like Karen's Premier in this episode and showed to be a little comic relific. Jack was the closets to the character of Jack of future seasons. Karen's voice showed to be, well it did fit her Character in this episode because she showed to be a little serious but some of it was made off as a joke.
    while the Karen in future episode, was cocky funny and made her aparences everywhere Grace. she was serious in this episode, a little selfish but confused at first. will, his look was confusing, and i didn't know it was will until Jack said his name. Will showed his Character to be what he always was, a nice caring person who gives grace the right advice. Overall Great starting Pilot
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