Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 21

There But For The Grace Of Grace

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM May 09, 2000 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Jack does his tap routine, he is obviously wearing tennis shoes which would be incapable of making the harsh taps sounds on the wooden floor.

    • This is the only episode where we get to see Gregory Hines, a professional tap dancer, profess his craft. It's also one of the final performance before his death in 2003.

    • The wine cooler Will drinks goes down half a glass between takes.

  • Quotes

    • Jack: A note! I love notes.
      Will: (in voiceover as Jack reads) Jack McFarland, do not, I repeat, do not under any circumstances enter this apartment. I'm having my floors redone and I forbid you to walk on them. Do you understand?
      Karen: What's it say?
      Jack: (crumpling the note) It's not for us!

    • Professor: So you haven't written anything and you haven't read anything. I can see I've made a marvelous impact.

    • Grace: This is so unfair. Why do we always have to have breakfast at your house? I have a house.
      Will: Yes, but you have no food there, nothing to eat with or on there, and it smells like bologna and wet cat there.
      Grace: Since I'm already here.
      Will: Mmmm. Cereal?
      Grace: Generic bran flakes? How geriatric.

      Sharon: Why do we always have to have dinner at your house? You know I have a house right next door.
      Professor Dudley: You have any food over there? Do you have anything to eat with or on that isn't covered in cat hair?
      Sharon: You're starting with me? Very nice. How about a little kindness, you miserably old fairy.
      Professor Dudley: Will, Grace, this is Sharon Timmer. She's my best friend in the whole world.

    • Professor Dudley: Sharon, you have all the charm of a flesh-eating virus.

    • Karen: Listen, we're in a crisis. If I can't cook my husband rack of lamb for his birthday, he's gonna be craving rack of me.
      Ben: All right. All right. Well, I'll help you, but you have to say those magic words.
      Karen: Billable hours.
      Ben: Let's get it on.

    • Ben: Let's talk wine. Karen, you have any preference?
      Karen: Honey, I'd suck the alcohol out of a deodorant stick, so you're asking the wrong gal, ok?
      Ben: Karen, are you saying you don't care about the wine?
      Karen: No, honey. I was just flirting with you.

    • Karen: (To Jack) Honey, there are a few too many things that are flaming in this kitchen.

    • Jack: Hmm. Doesn't look like much of a salad to me. Where's the arugula? Hmm? Where's the radicchio? Where's the Rwanda?
      Ben: Jack, one of those isn't a salad ingredient so much as a war-torn country in Africa.
      Jack: Duh. I sponsor a kid in arugula.

    • Karen: One woman's sexual harassment is another woman's night off.

    • Karen: Aah! We're being robbed!
      Ben: Mrs. Walker, we've been through this before. Now, I am not a prowler. I am not a bartender. I am not the black guy from Designing Women. I am your lawyer. And maybe if you'd stop bobbing for olives for half a minute, you might remember that.
      Karen: You're kind of hot.

    • Professor Joseph Dudley: If you've come for inspiration, you're too late. If you've come for the funeral, you're too early.

    • Sharon: Interesting organ, the liver. It produces bile. Joe, I would imagine you'd have one the size of Utah.
      Dudley: Speaking of things the size of Utah--have a seat, Sharon.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Episode Title: There But For The Grace Of Grace

      This is a reference to the idiom "there but for the grace Of God go I," which people say when something bad happens to someone else but could have happened to them.

    • Joseph: I'm afraid that's all sound and fury signifying nothing.

      This is a famous line from Shakespeare's play Macbeth.

    • Ben: I am not the black guy from Designing Women.
      This is a quick reference to the character played by Meshach Taylor on
      Designing Women.

    • Jack: Ok, it's getting just a little too Tuesdays With Morrie in here.
      A funny reference to the book and film Tuesdays With Morrie about a man who spends his Tuesdays with his former professor who is fatally ill.

    • Karen: Sorry fruit, you're out of the loop.
      Quick reference (and cheap shot) at the breakfast cereal Fruit Loops.

    • Will: You know, I think Chrissy might actually be on to something here.
      Will refers to the three characters of the sitcom Three's Company. Will is comparing himself to Jack Tripper, Grace to Janet, and Jack to Chrissy.

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