Will & Grace

Season 2 Episode 6

To Serve & Disinfect

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 23, 1999 on NBC

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  • "I was a kitchen person myself..." Here's a change: *Jack* has to make *Will* look civilized. And we get another glimpse into the alternate universe that is Karen's life.

    Will, now persona non grata at his regular job, must accept an offer to work with Jack on a waiter crew. Only this isn't your normal day handing out snacks and drinks, it's a special occasion for the American Bar Association.

    And there could be 'ballet' involved.

    Meanwhile, Karen's past dalliance into shall we say unusual films is unearthed.

    Will has to defend Jack against the rudeness of a guest, and learns to respect the men of the ballet line as well.

    Karen struggles to pick up her dignity. Or to have some in the first place.

    A funny episode that shows different sides of the characters.

  • amazing

    karen in a fetish film, jack and will cater watering, and grace's weird boyfriend, all made for an insanely funny show. i think tho, that karen's porn flick stole the show, with her audio in the film. i love these characters, and i hope they stick around longer than just this 2005-2006 season on NBC.

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  • Grace finds out that Karen made a porn video while Will helps Jack out...

    This episode is great. Grace finds out what Karen did when she was younger - and Karen is shocked and walks out. There are many great scenes with Grace making fun of Karen for once! Karen choking on her face powder, the look on Grace's face when she sees the video, Karen slapping the porn director and Grace showing the video to Will - all very funny scenes. Fantastic!!!

    The other story isn't bad either with Will - losing his job - and deciding to help Jack with waitering. But then he backs out when Will sees his fellow workers! Poor Jack struggles with snides comments from the customers - until Will stands up to help. Jack has a great scene where he tells Will that he put laxatives in the soup!

    One of the best episodes!
  • What's goin' on honey. . .what's happening?

    This has got to be one of my favorite episodes. Cater watering for Jack is good. However, the "Next To Godliness" fetish film that Karen once starred in stole the whole episode. Karen was just out of college when she starred in this video in which her famous catchphrase proved to Grace that it was her, "What's goin on honey whats' happening?