Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 10

Von Trapped

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 2006 on NBC

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  • Climb Every Mountain

    One of the best episode of the final season of "Will and Grance," talke place at a movie theatre where they're showing "The Sound of Music Sing-Along." Karen threw a wiskey bottle from a balcomy and the trouble begins. Grace shows up dressed as Julie Andrews, and the kids see her as their nanny. Some of the best moments in the episode came from the stuff in "The Sound of Music." Grace tries to sing, that scres away the kids and got her into trouble. That episode is very funny. I only wish that this episode of "Will Grace:Von Trapped" were nominated Best Writing in a Comedy. I wish was an Emmy voter, so I can vote for that episode.
  • Um, best episode ever?

    This is why i love this series! Nobody can base an entire episode around something like The Sound Of Music and make it this good, it was just fantastic, plus, it had character development, what else could you ask for? Not much. Everything was good, from the storyline to the joke. Nothing beats the Sound Of Music refrences, especially when they are in nearly every joke. A big round of applause is needed for the writers of this episode. This is the best episode of this final season, if not the best episode in the series' entire run. Goodjob guys.
  • The gang goes to a movie showing of The sound Of Music where the audience gets to dress up as the characters in the movie. The fun begins when Grace starts to "become" Maria Von Trapp, Jack & Karen get into their usual shenanigans, and Will meets a guy...

    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. I laughed all through out it. It reminded me of the early days of the show and why I continue to watch even though I hven't been crazy about the show of late.

    It's ironic to me that this last season the show seems to have gone back to it's beginning. But this was a hilarious episode nonetheless.
  • Parody of the Sound of Music.

    I loved this episode, I was literally on the floor in tears! Anyone who has seen the Sound of Music can appreciate the clever wit inscribed in this episode.

    My only question: Where did the children's parents go?! HAHA.

    BTW...Grace's voice truly isn't that bad. It's just a little high, lol.
  • One of the best parodies i have seen for the sound of music in a long time.

    One of the best parodies i have seen for the sound of music in a long time. it held the qualities of the film with out taking it to much over the top. i would have been really disappointed if they had gone over the top because it would have ruined the series.
    excellent performances from all the cast members. its about time too that will is meeting a new man. he seemed to be gettin real lonely.
    grace has awful singing but its apure classic to see every time especially in this when she tries to explain what the sound of music is to the children by \"lets start at the very beginning\".
    jack and karen as useral had outstanding laughs and excellent performances. i loved the bit where she threw her whisky (hip) flask over the balcony and the ushers spend the rest of the time looking for her.

    those who have not seen the sound of music would have not really understood this episode but its a definate must see.
  • A great episode to remind everyone why Will & Grace is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time!

    This episode was so very funny. It harkens back to the beginning of the series when all of the episodes made me laugh this hard. I DVR, so I was able to go back a few times and catch some of the great banter more than once. Karen, amazing as always. When she came out in nun garb I thought I was going to faint. I am a big fan of The Sound of Music so I caught all of the jokes and puns, and there were several. This episode is one of the best.
  • Poor Will !!!

    The episode was somewhat funny, I mean, I've never watched The Sound of Music, so some of the jokes I didn't get, well some more or less. What I liked about this episode is Will met that guy. Most of the time, it's Grace who finds a guy, and is interesting in. It was fun to see Will, and too bad he didn't get his number. Damn it! Maybe we'll see him on a next one. It was funny that they were trapped just because Karen threw something. She's hilarious, especially the part she was talking to the speaker lady, haha! Pretty good episode, can't wait for another.
  • it was a great episode, but you needed to know some stuff about "the sound of music" to understand parts of it.

    it was a very funny episode i think, and the flask part was hilarious. they all get trapped in the closet and hide when someone comes in and act as if the guy can't see them. i don't see how the ratings aren't higher yet because this season is much better than last year.
  • Will meets a guy at a movie theater. Karen is almost arrested for throwing a flask.

    What is the point of just having Will meet a guy without anything really being finalized by the end of the episode (exchanging numbers, confirmed date, etc...) The Ralph character was dumb and I refuse to believe that people just randomly leave their kids with people in the lobby. That said, there were some funny parts.