Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 22

Whatever Happened to Baby Gin?

Aired Monday 9:30 PM May 11, 2006 on NBC
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Whatever Happened to Baby Gin?
Vince's plans to move into a brownstone with Will do not include Grace; Jack's new show debuts. Grace prepares to tell Leo that she is pregnant with his baby.

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  • One of the worst episodes ever!

    This show "jumped the shark" when Grace got knocked up by Leo (in the airplane bathroom, please!) & it's just gotten more & more annoying, which is sad since this is the last season. She is the most selfish character ever & there's no way she'd make a good mother, Children's Services would be called immediately if that broad had a baby. She's pulled this back & forth b.s. with Will too many times & Will was an idiot to break up with Vince, esp. for that fruitcake, Grace. Grace is a disgrace, total pun intended. She's a dufus of a character & this pregnancy theme is done to death. I'm sure they'll reunite her & Leo so as to give all the fans a nice happy ending but let's face it, someone like her could never land a guy like Leo in real life. I'm not looking forward to the finale'.

    The highlight of this episode was Bernadette Peters' appearance. She looks fantastic & was the perfect sister for Karen. Josh Lucas' appearance was okay, but Bernadette stole the show!moreless
  • Great show though they have done this again!

    Well after the next to last show, the show though

    They have done this over and over again, I still

    Enjoyed. Love the comedy that used to be there now is

    Coming back to as of lately. Josh Lucas is a hottie

    And I love Bernadette Peters since I was a little kid!

    Just enjoy the show while you can people before it goes away!
  • They did this one alerady, but it was still great.

    First off, Josh Lucas: Yum! But didn't Jack speak derisively about him a few episodes back? About the Mattherw McConaughey mug, and that if he wanted to see Matthew McConaughey with his shirt on he'd look at Josh Lucas? It was funny though how Lucas said he gets mistaken for McConaughey.

    Will and Grace and Vince. It's like in the first season when Danny (the ex-fiancee) says that you can't have a realtionship with Grace without having on with Will. And it's true. And vince sees that. And Will chooses Grace over vince and Grce chooses Leo over Will.

    They already did that plotline when Will and Grace wanted to have a baby but they all know that and Will points it out. Grace chooses Leo over Will again. someimes I feel that the writers try to make Grace seem selfish and Will seem selfless but Will is acting selfishly as well. He wants to raise the baby and have a baby and have Grace all to himself. He's not the only victim in this.

    finally, the Karen plot, it was funny to see her with her sister (and Bernadette Peters is always great) but why so close to the end? Shouldn't there have been more tlak of Karen and Stan?

    Overall a great installment. Only one episode left. sdness :(moreless
  • This Supersize episode was a mix off drama and comedy, with guest stars, Bernadette Peters as Karen's Sister, Gin, and Josh Lucas.

    This episode was a great pinultimate episode and left you on the edge of your seat in the final scene. It also had loads of laugh's, for example, Gin's enterences.

    The show opens in Will and Grace's apartment and Karen saying she's going to have dinner with her sister, Gin. There are alot of alcoahol jokes in the scene.

    Then, Grace tells will she wants to name her baby, if it's a boy, George, after Will's dead father, they agree since Will, will be standing in as the dad of the baby, since Leo is engaged.

    At the bar, Karen is talking to the bartender, Smitty, and Gin walks in and says,

    "What are you all looking at, it's not my fault i'm deformed!",

    this is because she has one leg shorter than the other. Jack walks in and sees Josh Lucas at the bar and runs over to talk to him, where he inviteds him to the premiere of Jack's new show the badge.

    The next scene is in a house Vince found for him and Will.

    Then in Karen's house there havingt a premiere party for Jack's show, the badge. Will tells Grace about the house, and Will says he wants her to move in with him and Vince when they move in. Gin enters and says Karen cut the bottom of her leg off when they played Twister in the ricity old saw mill by the falls. Then there is another scene with Josh Lucas and Jack. Will then tells Vince he wants Grace to stay on the top floor but Vince dosen't want that.

    When Jack's show started he finds out he has been dubbed, and wonders why. After that there is a break up scene, between Vince and Will, at the new house.

    Back at the party, Josh Lucas tries to make Jack feel better about his voice being dubbed on his show. Then Rosie tells Karen shes letting Gin walk all over her and she shouldn't let her, so Karen hits her in the stomache (Hilarious By The Way).

    Then Karen tells Gin how she broke her foot, it was because she was jealous, only to find out Gin tryed to do the same thing to Karen.

    In the finale scene there is a huge arguement between Will and Grace, because Grace finds out Leo called off his wedding and Grace wants to fly to Rome to raise the baby with him, the real father. Will is upset because he put Grace first by breaking up with Vince. Will then askes were he is if Grace is in Rome with Leo raising the baby, Grace's responce is she doesn't know. Then there is a cliffhanger linking to the finale on May 18th.moreless
  • Though Will and Grace have been stumbling through out their last season. This episode was back to the basics and had me laughing out loud once again.

    Guest starring roles put Will and Grace back on to the map he so easily reined over through most of their 8 year run. The addition of Karen's sister, played by the most amazing Bernadette Peters, who we have yet to hear of in the show's history was typically brilliant and a trademark of Will and Grace. Unlike a lot of other sitcoms that play heavily towards logical character movements, the love we have for the unexpected from Will and Grace, especially Karen made it easy to believe that she could have a sister who we have never met...and neither have Will, Grace or Jack.

    Jack was back to his flamboyant humor so fabulously full of himself that everyone who is around him can do nothing but enjoy themselves and laugh.

    Bernadette Peters guest role of Karen's sister, Gin was hilarious. We find out Gin, Karen's sister who has had it in for her sister since a ill-fated game of Twister which cause the demise of her Broadway career has been living under Karen's financial care. Peters plays this role well with a right amount of distain to still make her character likeable and comedic.

    Josh Lucas playing himself, was the eye of Jack's affection this episode. Openly telling Jack the secret of all Hollywood leading men to console him, Josh is as charming in this episode as he was in his blockbuster success Sweet Home Alabama.

    The closing scene of this episode, the cliché-ic touching/moral revealing scene required of all sitcoms, was played with a heavy emotion however blended the styles of the two characters Will and Grace that we have come to love so dearly. This episode ended with two friends who loved each other however forced to face the incoming fork in the roads of their life.

    Back on it's track, this episode of Will and Grace was the beginning of a bitter-sweet end of an exceptionally brilliant comedic series.moreless
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Debra Messing

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Eric McCormack

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Megan Mullally

Karen Walker

Sean Hayes

Sean Hayes

Jack McFarland

Shelley Morrison

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Rosario Salazar (Season 3 - 7 Recurring)

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    • Grace: Wait, does that say "The Vadge"?
      Karen: Yeah, that's the last time I place an order with Kinkos over the phone. You know maybe I should have said "B as in Boy" instead of "B as in Bagina".
      Grace: Yeah, it's unfortunate that the show's tag-line is "Go deep inside a hidden world that few dare to enter".

    • Jack:(To Karen and Gin) Wow! The resemblance in uncanny. Meaning, both of you have huge cans.

    • Jack: (sighing) Moe is me.

    • Vince: Will, I'm an old fashioned homosexual. To me family is two guys, some mid-century furniture, and a baby that doesn't look like either one of us.

    • Gin: It was a crisp fall day, the country was still in shock over the assassination of the president.
      Will: Okay, I'm 90% sure she's talking about Kennedy of Garfield.
      Gin: Father had just brought home a new game called croquet.
      Vince: Could be Garfield.
      Will: Could be Lincoln.

    • Karen: What do you think I'm talking about when I say "Boy, do I love Gin"? or "I can't get though the day without Gin"? "That Gin gave me such a headache last night"? Geez, next thing you know you'll tell me I never mentioned my brother-in-law Johnny Walker!

    • Jack: Wow, this baby name book is really great! Oh, here's a pretty one: Clitorisa.
      Will: That's Clarissa.
      Jack: Oh, that's just gross.

    • Jack: But..you're so manly.
      Josh: I know. But all the top leading men are dubbed.
      Jack: Really? What about the bottom?

    • Jack: Oh my God! That's not my voice! I've been dubbed! (In squeaky voice) Why would anybody dub my voice?!?

    • Virginia: I'm sorry, say that again? I didn't hear you because one of my legs is shorter than the other.
      Karen: You're such a pessimist Gin, why not say one of my legs is freakishly long?

    • Karen: Gin, Please!
      Gin: Don't beg me.
      Karen: No, I was ordering. Gin, please!

    • Grace: I know what I want to name the baby; George.
      Will: After my dad?
      Grace: No, after the curious monkey, and by that I mean our President.

    • Jack: (...entering the room) Oh my God you guys. You're never going to believe who's here... ME! I heard rumours that I wasn't going to show but I'm really here.

    • Josh: I know you. You're Jack McFarland. You played Chuck Raftery on The Badge.
      Jack: Well I am and I do. But how would you know that it hasn't aired yet.
      Josh: Yeah I was up for that part. I'd do anything to get out of big buget features into basic cable. I heard you blew everybody away though.
      Jack: Oh, that's the story they're telling?

    • Vince: What if we have to move to Seattle because of my eczema?

    • Vince: I got it from the evidence locker, but don't touch the inside. I still gotta dust it for prints and scrape it for a blood match
      Grace: Uh--thanks, Vince. It's the first gift I've ever received that was part of a crime scene.
      Karen: (quietly) Second.

    • Jack: Oh, my Sweet Home Alabama it's Josh Lucas.

  • NOTES (3)


    • Jack referring to Josh Lucas as "J-Lu" is a reference to singer Jennifer Lopez's nickname, "J-Lo".

    • Jack: Oh, my Sweet Home Alabama it's Josh Lucas.

      This is a reference to the 2002 film, Sweet Home Alabama, in which the guest star of this episode, Josh Lucas, appeared.

    • Episode title: Whatever Happened to Baby Gin?

      This is an allusion to the 1962 classic film Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? starring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.