Will & Grace

Season 8 Episode 22

Whatever Happened to Baby Gin?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 11, 2006 on NBC

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  • This Supersize episode was a mix off drama and comedy, with guest stars, Bernadette Peters as Karen's Sister, Gin, and Josh Lucas.

    This episode was a great pinultimate episode and left you on the edge of your seat in the final scene. It also had loads of laugh's, for example, Gin's enterences.

    The show opens in Will and Grace's apartment and Karen saying she's going to have dinner with her sister, Gin. There are alot of alcoahol jokes in the scene.

    Then, Grace tells will she wants to name her baby, if it's a boy, George, after Will's dead father, they agree since Will, will be standing in as the dad of the baby, since Leo is engaged.

    At the bar, Karen is talking to the bartender, Smitty, and Gin walks in and says,
    "What are you all looking at, it's not my fault i'm deformed!",
    this is because she has one leg shorter than the other. Jack walks in and sees Josh Lucas at the bar and runs over to talk to him, where he inviteds him to the premiere of Jack's new show the badge.

    The next scene is in a house Vince found for him and Will.

    Then in Karen's house there havingt a premiere party for Jack's show, the badge. Will tells Grace about the house, and Will says he wants her to move in with him and Vince when they move in. Gin enters and says Karen cut the bottom of her leg off when they played Twister in the ricity old saw mill by the falls. Then there is another scene with Josh Lucas and Jack. Will then tells Vince he wants Grace to stay on the top floor but Vince dosen't want that.

    When Jack's show started he finds out he has been dubbed, and wonders why. After that there is a break up scene, between Vince and Will, at the new house.

    Back at the party, Josh Lucas tries to make Jack feel better about his voice being dubbed on his show. Then Rosie tells Karen shes letting Gin walk all over her and she shouldn't let her, so Karen hits her in the stomache (Hilarious By The Way).

    Then Karen tells Gin how she broke her foot, it was because she was jealous, only to find out Gin tryed to do the same thing to Karen.

    In the finale scene there is a huge arguement between Will and Grace, because Grace finds out Leo called off his wedding and Grace wants to fly to Rome to raise the baby with him, the real father. Will is upset because he put Grace first by breaking up with Vince. Will then askes were he is if Grace is in Rome with Leo raising the baby, Grace's responce is she doesn't know. Then there is a cliffhanger linking to the finale on May 18th.
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