Will Work for Food

Food Network (ended 2009)


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  • Season 1
    • Truffle Forager and Food Make-up Artist
      Adam travels to Portland, OR to learn how to find truffles and also about the different species, the truffle mating and reproduction, and how to serve them. Adam then goes to Hollywood to learn from a make-up artist how food is used to create gory scenes in movies.
    • Chocolate Dress Maker and Dog Food Chef
      Adam goes to learn how to create clothes made out of chocolate for a New York City fashion show from designer Gregory Gale and chocolatier Richard Capizzi from Thomas Keller's Bouchon Bakery. He then travels to The Honest Kitchen in San Diego, CA to learn the process of creating healthy dog food from ingredients approved for human consumption.moreless
    • Ice Cream Franchise and Fish Filleter
      Adam learns all the ins and outs of the ice cream trade when he goes to the Baskin-Robbins' accelerated ice cream school. Adam then travels to San Pedro, CA to work at Star Fisheries and learn how to fillet fish from a champion filleter.
    • Pheasant Farmer and Food Stylist
      Adam travels to Wisconsin and goes to work at MacFarlane Pheasants to learn how to gather the eggs for incubation, clean the brooder barns, and wrangle the birds for feeding time and care. Adam then travels to Monrovia, CA to learn the tricks of the trade to food photography.
    • Wine Cave Digger and Oyster Harvester
      Adam goes to work with a construction company that specializes in creating wine caves in California. He then goes to Houma, LA to learn how to harvest, sort, band, and shuck oysters.
    • Cranberry Harvester and Ice Sculptor
      Adam learns how to harvest and process cranberries on a cranberry farm in Rochester, MA. Adam then travels to New York City to work with ice sculpting artist Shintaro Okamoto and his son, Takeo, to create a work of art out of a three hundred pound block of ice.
    • Pizza Tosser and Cider Maker
      Adam learns how to mix, roll, and toss pizzas under the tutalage of pizza-making and pizza-tossing world champion Tony Gemignani. Adam then goes to Dexter Cider Mill in Michigan to learn how to make apple cider by grinding apples, laying cheesecloth, smoothing mash, and pressing bushels of apples.
    • Benihana Chef and Albalone Farmer
      Adam takes teppanyaki lessons from Benihana executive chef, Chris Kuwayama, in order to cook and serve the restaurant's signature food for guests. Adam also learns how to raise, collect and sort abalone from abalone farmer, Brad Buckley.
    • BBQ Pitmaster and Competitive Eater
      Adam goes to Texas to work as a BBQ pitmaster at Louie Mueller's Barbeque where his shift starts at midnight and he learns how to fire up the pit, prep hundreds of pounds of meat, and begin slow cooking so it is ready in time when they open at 10:00 a.m. Adam then goes to New York City to try his hand at competitive eating and learns from professionals Crazy Legs Conti, Pat Bertoletti, and Tim 'Eater X' Janus.moreless
    • 1830's Chef and Wine Angel
      Adam travels to a living history museum in Massachusetts, and while there has to cook an 1830s based meal. Then he heads to Las Vegas and gets a job in the Aureole Restaurant as a "wine angel".
    • Giant Clam Farmer and Flair Bartender
      Before taking on a busy night of bartending Adam tackles a giant clam festival.
    • Caviar Producer and Goat Farmer
      Adam goes to Lousianna where he learns how to net, cut, and extract the roe (caviar) from the bowfin fish. Then Adam goes to Thurman, NY to Nettle Meadow Farm where he learns to milk and make cheese from goat's milk.
    • Lobsterman and Beekeeper
      Adam works for Maine lobstermen and then goes to Southern California to try to get honey from bee hives.