William and Mary

ITV (ended 2004)


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  • hey! watch this!

    I love this series as much as Doc Martin. Martin Clunes is so different as William and the show offers so many down to earth scenarios . Just plain fun from start to finish!

  • William and Mary

    This, by far, is one of the most heart-warming, well written, excellent acting, that will touch your very soul with laughter, tears and quite simply entertain you. It is worth every minute of your time.
  • William is an undertaker, Mary a mid-wife. They start dating through a dating agency. William has 2 teenage boys, Mary 2 teenage girls. It's stories about their relationship, their experiences at work and trying to join 2 families together. All the time

    I love this show. I caught the first episode on cable TV, and was hooked. I now tivo all of them and I'm trying to find out more about the actors and the show. I love the difference of the storylines between Mary's relationships at work, delivering babies and William's stories at work, as an undertaker. They handle them both without being morbid or too 'mushy' either.
    It is interesting how often they can merge both of their careers into the same storyline, although not always.
    Mary and William are 2 'ordinary' looking people who often are in the middle of something when one calls, or have plumbing problems, just like the rest of us.
    The actors that play the 2 main characters are wonderful. They are totally believable and I feel in love with them both by the second episode I had seen. The supporting actors are great, too. Her mother, all of the children, and her ex-boyfriend are all terrific.
    I look forward to new epsiodes!! (I hope)
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