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    Over the last year I have grew to love this sport it is now one of my favourites. Wimbledon isn't my favourite Grand Slam but I see it as the biggest one. My personal favourite is Roland Garros. This is a great filler sport to watch when the football season is over. I feel like I'm reviewing all the Tennis tournements here so I will carry on, I'm enjoying watching Andy Murray rise up the rankings its so good to have a great British Tennis player again, funny enough he won agaiin last night. so yeah tennis is great, Wimbledon is good 9 out of 10.
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    Wimbledon is the most famous tennis tournament.. and the most beautiful as well. When you talk about tennis I am sure it's pretty common that people immediately think at Wimbledon and at the all the great champions that have been playing in these amazing places. The rain.. Annoying at times.. but it makes the matches unpredictable every year. Roger Federer is great, him and Rafa Nadal in the latest years have shown a great example of beautiful tennis.. The two greatest tennis player at the moment in the greatest set they can ask for, playing for championship.. What else do you want..?