Wimzie's House

Season 2 Episode 61

Fear Of Flying

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1995 on YTV
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Graziella is about to be tested in a new model plane that is replacing her old familiar one. Though she's practiced with the complicated controls very well, she becomes too scared to take the test and ends up languishing at home for a week. Meanwhile, Horace refuses to play a harmless spinning game because it looks scary. Seeing her mom's sadness, Wimzie asks Horace to play the game to inspire her mom to test fly her new plane, surprising Horace that grown-ups get scared of things, too. Horace starts to play the game, but chickens out. Then at story time, Rousso asks Graziella to tell one of her flying stories. While it's a funny story, it also reveals her past bravery. Her exploit inspires Horace to overcome his fear and play the spinning game. Horace's bravery inspires Graziella to overcome her own fears and she leaves to test fly her plane. As she passes over the house, she tips her wings in tribute to Horace.moreless
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