Wimzie's House - Season 2

YTV (ended 2000)


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  • Fear Of Flying
    Episode 61
    Graziella is about to be tested in a new model plane that is replacing her old familiar one. Though she's practiced with the complicated controls very well, she becomes too scared to take the test and ends up languishing at home for a week. Meanwhile, Horace refuses to play a harmless spinning game because it looks scary. Seeing her mom's sadness, Wimzie asks Horace to play the game to inspire her mom to test fly her new plane, surprising Horace that grown-ups get scared of things, too. Horace starts to play the game, but chickens out. Then at story time, Rousso asks Graziella to tell one of her flying stories. While it's a funny story, it also reveals her past bravery. Her exploit inspires Horace to overcome his fear and play the spinning game. Horace's bravery inspires Graziella to overcome her own fears and she leaves to test fly her plane. As she passes over the house, she tips her wings in tribute to Horace.moreless
  • Wimzie's Food Bank
    Episode 60
    Missing her mom, Wimzie wishes she didn't have a job. Likewise her father. Graziella is then laid off. Then, Rousso has a couple of easy days at work, leading Wimzie to think that there'll be no need for firemen and Rousso will soon be out of a job. Wimzie starts thinking that her wishing is making these bad things happen. Since she feels the situation is all her fault, she takes it upon herself to turn things around and call the neighbors to tell them her family soon won't have enough food. After the living room is filled with neighborly casseroles, Wimzie learns that she's not responsible for things that happen to adults, although her parents love her for trying to help them.moreless
  • My Doll Is for Sale
    Episode 59
    Everyone's collecting things for a charity drive and Yaya takes out a book on antiques. She explains that an antique is something old that is sometimes worth money. Among the things collected for the drive is a doll that belonged to Wimzie. Loulou likes it so Wimzie gives it to her. While Loulou plays with the doll, Wimzie wishes she had enough money to buy a "Zynzong space station" advertised on TV. Later, Wimzie and Yaya discover that the doll Wimzie has given to Loulou is actually worth a lot of money, according to the book on antiques. Wimzie tries to convince Loulou to give the doll back, but Loulou says no. Wimzie finally tells Loulou she's willing to share the profits from the sale of the doll, and Loulou agrees (she wants to buy a bicycle.) The two girls get ready to sell the doll, but realize that they rather like the it after all, and that the doll is worth more to them than money, a Zynzong space station, or even a bicycle.moreless
  • Wimzie's House: The Telephone Call
  • Picking a President
    Episode 57
  • What the Dickens has happened? Wimzie, Loulou, Jonas, and Horace have made Christmas presents for each other and Bo, but they have all mysteriously disappeared. Worse, everyone's parents will be late because a snowstorm has hampered the incoming flights.
  • Yaya has a scavenger hunt with her magic starfruit that grants a wish to whoever finds it. The kids have a hard time finding it, so to pass the time, Yaya tells them a story. Horace sits on the couch, not knowing he's sitting on top of the starfruit. Yaya tells the story of a kingdom that came down with a plague of blue polka dots. Wimzie thinks it's weird, and Horace wishes she had the polka dots so she'd know what it feels like. Wimzie then has a face full of blue polka dots, and the others have nothing to do with her anymore. Horace still plays with Wimzie, who gets her revenge by wishing the others have pink feathers. With that, the kids get into a fight over who's the weirdest. Yaya explains to the kids that's not what's on the outside that counts, but what's on the inside. Bo then wishes that Yaya has whiskers. Horace feels left out, so Yaya hides it one more time.moreless
  • 7/25/97
    Wimzie has a habit of interrupting people. She interruptes Gratziella on the phone and interruptes here friends. Jonas asks Wimzie if she owns the little marble but she dosen't listen. Wimzie learns that it is rude and not nice to interrupt people.
  • Wimzie see it All
    Episode 53
    Gratziella gives Wimzie a telescope, but reminds her not to use it to spy on people. But when Horace smells something burning, Wimzie decides to make an exception to the rule. She looks into the telescope and discovers a fire!
  • Horace Goes Whammer
    Episode 52
    Horace loves the "Bumper and Whammer Show". In fact, he loves it so much, he becomes Whammer. He starts giving the other kids noogies, and belly bumps. The kids become irritated with him, and begin to ignore him. Horace goes to far, and makes Wimzie break her statue for Yaya. Yaya explains to Horace that he needs to be himself if he wants to have friends. In the end, Horace returns to himself, and fixes the statue for Yaya.moreless
  • 10
    Rouso's sister Alice is coming for a visit. He and Gratziella are excited to see her, but dread bringing out their wedding present she gave them, which is an ugly statue that makes Bo cry. When Rouso and Gratziella are out, Horace accidentally breaks it from keeping Bo from breaking it. The kids try to glue it back together, but don't remember what it looked like since they hardly had anything to do with it. Time runs out and Rouso and Gratziella return, releaved that the statue is broken, but now instead of scaring Bo, it scares Yaya.moreless
  • Jonas brings in a surprise for after lunch. All Wimzie knows from Lou Lou is that it sounds like "Fuh". Wimzie tricks Jonas into telling her, then Horace tricks Wimzie into telling him, and then Lou Lou trick Horace into telling her. In the end, Jonas's surprised is spoiled when he discovers it's missing when he hid it in the garden. Yaya had it all along because it was melting in the sun The surprise was fudge.moreless
  • 9/11/97
    Jonas loves to play with his game. He loves it so much that he does not want to play with the kids. He just wants to play with his game. But Jonas loses his game and it ends up in the pile of papers which goes into the recycling truck. Jonas learns that he should also spend some time with his friends not just with his game.moreless
  • The Big Dinosaur
    Episode 48
    Horace loves to eat. In fact he overeats. Yaya explains that that you should only eat when your really hungry. The kids tease Horace saying that he'll grow as big as a dinosaur. It shows when he sits down an breaks a chair. Rouso says one way to loos way is to exercise. Horace then starts exercising non-stop until he's small. Rouso says that if he doesn't stop soon, he'll be exhausted.moreless
  • After watching Gratziella practice a foreign language for her new airline route, the kids assume she's posessed by an alien. She explains that she was learning about a new country and it's culture and language. The kids decide they'd like to learn to...except Wimzie. She claims that when Gratziella speaks in the new language, she's another person. The other kids have a ball, watching Rouso dress like a Scotsman playing the bagpipes, Gratziella dressed like a flaminco dancer, eating different foods, and watching different dances. Wimzie remembers a few of these events from her favorite TV show, and decides to join in the fun.moreless
  • Who Needs Yaya?
    Episode 46
    Ya Ya is invited to go some place but when she gets back and discovers that all the kids learned how to do stuff while she was away she thinks that no one needs here. So the kids try and find ways to make Ya Ya stay and it works and Ya Ya feels more than welcome at Wimzie's house!moreless
  • The Blackout
    Episode 45
    A careless Wimzie learns the hard way how utterly helpless she and her friends are without electricity. SONGS: Uh-Oh!, Not Too Much TV.
  • The daycare is going to be on TV Friday. Wimzie goes through her routine at bedtime "I'm not tired yet, I'm not tired yet." So Gratziella does an experiment and lets Wimzie stay up late each night, to prove the next morning that she'll be tired. Wimzie is tired, but doesn't want to admit it. This makes Wimzie to tired to watch herself on TV, so just in case, Gratziella tapes the show.moreless
  • The kids have Family Career Day. Jonas and Lou Lou go to their father's restaurant, Horace goes to his father's science lab, and Wimzie of course goes with Rouso to the firestation. The next day, Lou Lou and Jonas present a giant sandwich, and Horace presents a handmade radio that broadcasts French weather reports. Wimzie feels her career day wasn't as exciting, so she claims she saved a hundred people from a fire at the popcorn factory. The others throw Wimzie a hero's party, but Rouso tells Wimzie to tell the truth. When she did, it turns out thar Lou Lou and Jonas didn't really make the sandwich, and Horace didn't really make the radio.moreless
  • Go for the Gold
    Episode 42
    While digging up new specimens for his dirt collection, Jonas finds old parlor game containing "gold" coins. Fascinated by the golden coins, the children each try to accumulate as many as possible, often at each others' expense. Whereas the children had been in the habit of helping each other out with no thought of compensation, golden coins are exacted for every deed. Horace keeps forgetting to preparing an anniversary gift for his parents and, at the last minute, Horace is very sad to realize he still has nothing to give his parents. Seeing him so glum, Jonas, Wimzie, and Lou Lou get together to make a present for Horace to give to his parents...no charge!moreless
  • Daddy's Girl
    Episode 41
    Rousso and Bo are playing hockey. Wimzie becomes jealous of Bo because Rousso and Bo get to go to a hockey rink to play. Wimzie does not get to go because it's only for fathers and sons. So Wimzie pretends to be a boy so she can play. Wimzie discovers that you should be yourself.moreless
  • 0.0
    Wimzie has a new tape set that teaches her about different types of birds. Wimzie won't stop talking about birds. When she over hears the other kids talk about howthey wish she would stop talking, she gives them the silent treatment, and the only way for them to get her to talk again is to beg. The others aren't about to beg anytime soon.moreless
  • Ants in My Pants
    Episode 39
    Wimzie has an ant house to protect the ants from getting rained on. But then the ants end up in their pants and T shirts. So Ya Ya starts a plan to make the ants get out. They make food for the ants!
  • 8/7/06
    Wimzie is told not to wear Gratziella's rainbow wig. She puts it on for a second. Then Wimzie can't get it off her head. So Wimzie and her friends try to help but the wig won't budge. Wimzie learns that you should always come to a grownup if you have problems.moreless
  • Shaggy's Visit
    Episode 37
    Wimzie decides to hide Shaggy, a lost dog the kids finds, despite her dad's decision to bring him to the pound. But she soon realizes that the dog may be even more important to someone else.
  • Wimzie is excited, when Gratziella returns home from work, she's going to take the kids out for ice cream. A huge fog that hits the town delays Gratziella. Yaya experiments with the kids. Experiment 1: Ice Cream comes from dirt. Ice cream comes from milk, that comes from a cow, that eats grass, that grows in the dirt. (this shows Horace that dirt is special) Experiment 2: Spider webs. Yaya makes a fake spider web to show that destroying it, destroys a part of nature. Experiment 3: Radar. Yaya has the kids walk around in the fog. They can't see and bump into things, but when they "beep", they found their way by follow the sounds. Gratziella returns, and take the kids out for ice cream.moreless
  • 9/3/98
    Lou Lou wants to grow up really fast. Ya Ya explains that there are different ways to grow up. Ya Ya says that one way to grow up is to eat lots of fruit. Lou Lou tries it but ends up eating too much fruit!! Ya Ya explains that you should not force yourself to grow up.moreless
  • Show Off!
    Episode 34
    When the kids are playing games or making stuff Lou Lou keeps showing the kids that she can do the activities better. The kids stop playing with Lou Lou and try to ignore her. Ya Ya explains that it's not fair to others when you're a show off.
  • Sorry, No Returns
    Episode 33
    Wimzie's doll that she gets from someone is an antique type of doll
  • 8/7/06
    Wimzie's friends get fed up with her pulling so many pranks on them. So Wimzie's friends come up with a plan. After Wimzie cleans the garage, her friends mess it up and do the same thing when Wimzie finishes cleaning her room. Wimzie learns that you should not keep pulling pranks on people.moreless
  • What's the Truth?
    Episode 31
    Wimzie and Yaya have spent a great deal of time and effort making a cake for Parents Day. When Yaya isn't looking, a series of circumstances unfold that damage the cake. At Yaya's insistence, Wimzie and Jonas each describe the unfortunate event. Then Lou Lou and Horace give their versioms. It's up to Yaya to sort out the truth.moreless
  • Am I Dreaming?!
    Episode 30
    Wimzie has a nightmare that Jonas hated her. Wimzie thought the dream was so real, she gives Jonas the silent treatment the next day. Jonas feels so bad that he gives Wimzie the silent treatment too. Wimzie and Jonas are now officially ex-bestfriends. It isn't until Jonas frees her being stuck on a ladder that Wimzie realizes that Jonas is still her bestfriend and that dreams aren't real.moreless
  • Phone Fun
    Episode 29
    Yaya reminds everyone that only grown-ups can answer the phone at Wimzie's House. Wimzie momentarily forgets the rule and answers a mysterious caller. The caller claims Wimzie has won a Tony Maroni Macaroni Maker – the perfect gift for Rousso and Gratziella's anniversary, so Wimzie seems. But a tangled web of lies are attached to the macaroni maker, starting with the $50 charge for shipping.

    Songs: Permission First, There Are Ways To Say I Love You.moreless

  • 0.0
    Wimzie's parents want to brighten up her dull weekend. They promise to take Wimzie and Bo to Monster World amusement park first thing Saturday morning. But just as they are ready to go, first Rousso and then Gratziella are called to emergencies. Wimzie is upset that her parents couldn't keep their promise.moreless
  • 0.0
    Jonas is depressed, the kids prefer Horaces toy spaceship that lights up, over his homemade pirate ship. Yaya explains that homemade toys are just as special as store bought, even better, because homemade toys have more imagination. So Jonas makes a homemade spaceship, and gets into a fight with Horace over who has the better spaceship. Horace starts playing a little rough, and breaks his spaceship. So Jonas and him team up to fix it, and add more creative features.moreless
  • 0.0
    Wimzie becomes displeased with all the chores she has to do, so she moves out! Not really out though, she sets up a tent in the back yard, and moves all of her furniture in it. Yaya and Gratziella show Wimzie how chores are important, by skipping chores themselves. This means Wimzie no longer has clean clothes, the kids have no snacks. Wimzie realize that chores are more than work, they're helpful to others. Wimzie moves back in, and starts doing chores again.moreless
  • Lou Lou loves Yaya, in fact, she thinks of her as a second mother. But the next day, Jonas discourages Lou Lou from loving Yaya so much in fear that she'll hurt her real mom's feelings. It turns out that she wasn't really hurt, she was allergic to the cat they took in. Meanwhile, Horace fights his cat allergies too.moreless
  • 1/1/07
    During the day, the kids are so noisy that Bo can't get to sleep! In the night time, the whole family at Wimzie's house can't get to sleep because they keep hearing a crazy dog barking! So they try and find ways to make the dog stop barking. Will Wimzie and her family be able to make the crazy dog stop barking?moreless
  • Wimzie and the gang watch Yaya work a test in her magazine. The kids want to be tested too, so Yaya tests them from her magazine. When Wimzie gets the lowest score, she claims she's a big loser. After watching Rouso keep on having to do a recount of his penny count, Wimzie askes Yaya for a recount. It turns out Yaya made a mistake, and Wimzie really has the highest score. Wimzie then becomes a sore winner, and the kids won't play with her anymore. Yaya tests them again, and Jonas ends up tiing with Wimzie. Wimzie then realizes it's just a silly little test, and scores don't tell whether you're the best, or not.moreless
  • Nicknames
    Episode 22
    Wimzie doesn't like Rouso nicknaming her "Wizzie", but doesn't want to tell her dad for fear that he'll get angry. With the help of LouLou and Yaya, Wimzie gathers the courage to tell him what's on her mind. Eventually, Wimzie feels differently about the nickname when she learns that "Wizzie" is her dad's name of endearment for her.moreless
  • Growing Pains
    Episode 21
  • Cinder-Lou Lou
    Episode 20
    After Yaya read the kids the story of Cinderella, the kids start to get the idea to make Lou Lou their Cinderella. They make Lou Lou do all kinds of little jobs, while they take it easy and play games. Everytime she finishes the job, the kids claim they're too tired to play, and give her another job. At the end of the day, Yaya give the kids cookies that look like them, but didn't have enough batter to make Lou Lou cookies. Feeling bad, the kids give their cookies to her, and tell Yaya how bad they treated Lou Lou that day. They apologize, and she is no longer, Cinder-Lou Lou.moreless
  • 0.0
    The kids find a cacoon on the bush in the back yard. They describe this amazing little object Ickie, Yuckie, and looks like Wimzie's hair. Wimzie's feelings are hurt, and wears a football helmet, in fear that they'll make fun of her hair again. Everyone tries to urge Wimzie to take off her helmet, but she won't, even though her neck is starting to hurt. Rouso, Gratziella, and Yaya try to show Wimzie not to let what others say about her appearance by claiming others made fun of their bodyparts, and start hiding them. Wimzie thinks this rule doesn't apply to her. In the end, the cacoon hatchs, and a butterfly comes out. Wimzie then decides to come out of her "cacoon".moreless
  • The Dropsies
    Episode 18
    Wimzie is being so careless; the kids won't let her touch any of their things for fear she might destroy them. Wimzie thinks a ghost is making her drop things. But with Yaya's help, she soon learns that she can be responsible and cure her case of "the dropsies".
  • 0.0
    It's Yaya's birthday, and the kids throw her a surprise party. But this involves throwing Lou Lou's blankie up a tree for her to distract Yaya. The blankie fall out of the tree, so Horace takes it with him to the dentist. In the end, Lou Lou is reunited with her blankie, and Yaya is presented with a surprise party.moreless
  • The Accident
    Episode 16
    When Loulou arrives with her leg in a cast, all the kids are impressed-except Jonas. Yaya learns that he feels responsible for his sister's broken leg because she tripped on his roller skates.
  • We Can Do It!
    Episode 15
    Everybody is exited for recycling day and so everyone wants to be president only one can be tough. No one can agree to any of this and so they don't know who should be president. But then they see that Wimzie would be a great president because she is funny and smart and so everyone votes for her.moreless
  • Let's Pick a Present
    Rossou convinces the kids that they should start a club.
  • Mind Your Manners
    Episode 13
    When the guest at a lunch party call Wimzie "oink-oink", she's afraid more people will make more fun of her manners and refuses to go to Gratziella's company breakfast, until Yaya reviews the abc's of breakfast etiquette.
  • Wimzie and the gang enter a jingle contest for Banana Bits Cereal, to win a rock-and-rolling wagon, and a year supply of Banana Bits. Wimzie wins the contest, but is devestated to find out she hates the cereal. Wimzie has second thoughts about performing her jingle on TV, because her jingle states how much she loves the cereal. But Wimzie still wants a rock-and-rolling wagon, and gets an idea. Once on TV, Wimzie introduces the gang, who perform the jingle for her. In the end, Horace, Jonas and Lou Lou win a wagon, and so does Wimzie.moreless
  • When Jonas challenges Wimzie to a game of hide-and-seek, she's determined not to be found! She and Lou Lou won't budge-even when Rouso and Gratziella try to round them up for the movies and begin worrying that they might be missing or hurt!
  • Wimzie the Magician
    Episode 10
    Rousso teaches Wimzie how to do a magic rope trick. When Wimzie performs, she delights everyone except Lou Lou, who is afraid of magic.
  • Substitute Daddy
    Episode 9
    Horace is sad because his dad is gone on a long business trip. This means no building things together, no backyard basketball, and no backyard barbequeing. Wimzie feels sorry for Horace, and decides to give him a "substitute daddy". Rouso volunteers, and does the things with Horace that his real dad does with him. However, Rouso starts to spend so much time with Horace, Wimzie feels neglected. Horace decides to give Rouso back, but Wimzie decides that they can share Rouso.moreless
  • You Have to Learn the Trade
    Wimzie wants Jonas's new vest, but he'll only trade it for her favorite toy.
  • 0.0
    Wimzie learns about trading. She then wants to trade something for Jonas's new cowboy vest. So, she trades her mom's new airplane model. Wimzie later learns from Yaya that the airplane model was special to Gratziella because it was presented to her at her airline. Wimzie tries to trade back Jonas's cowboy vest, but he isn't about to depart with the plane. Wimzie makes a depressing decision, and trade her most favorite ant doll. Later that night, Gratziella talks to Wimzie about how much she cared about her to trade her favorite toy to get the plane back. Gratziella tells Wimzie she can have the toy back, and Jonas can have the plane back.moreless
  • The Storm!
    Episode 7
    One night, a thunderstorm passes through. Wimzie wakes up scared, and is embarrassed, thinking her friends will think she's a baby. The next day, Wimzie claims that she wasn't afraid one bit. Lou Lou was scared, and spends the rest of the day with Yaya.
  • The kids are arguing over who's better-boys or girls. Yaya helps them realize that it's better to celebrate everyone's specific talents and ablilities.
  • Be Yourself
    Episode 5
    Wimzie is acting like Jonas and Jonas is acting like Wimzie! But Jonas and Wimzie both discover that you should not act like someone else. You should act like yourself!
  • 0.0
    Wimzie inedvertanly begins a habit of saying the word "stupid" in every unpleasing situation. After Wimzie fails to stop when Yaya asked, Yaya starts a "charity". Everytime Wimzie says "stupid", Yaya makes Wimzie pay one penny. Eventually, Wimzie runs out of money, and can't buy a red box at Mrs. Ferris's yard sale.moreless
  • The Contest
    Episode 3
    When Wimzie is appointed judge of the dress-up contest, each kid tries to win her vote by giving her a favorite toy. Ultimately, Wimzie finds a way to make everyone a winner.
  • The kids paint pictures for Gratziella's airline. The kids all paint flowers and suns, but Horace paints what he felt like. He painting looks like a blue blot. The kids tease Horace, and say his painting is weird. Horace is hurt, and hides the paints and brushes. Gratziella talks to Horace about other people who were different: Stravinsky, the Wright Brothers, and Van Gohg. Horace admits to hiding the paints. Gratziella holds an experiment, she has each kids paint their own version of a storm. In the ends, each one has a different storm: Wimzie paints a rainstorm, Jonas paints a tornado, Horace paints a hurricane (making sure the seagulls aren't hurt), and Lou Lou makes a 3-D tree being stuck by lightning. The kids realize that differences make the world a better place, and they apologize to Horace for teasing him.moreless
  • The Sore Winner
    Episode 1
    Horace helps win a football game. Afterwards, the gang call him "Horace the Hero". This makes Horace feel so good, that he becomes a sore winner, and won't stop bragging about himself. He then only plays games that he only wins. The kids then stop playing with Horace, and he feels left out. Yaya explains that he shouldn't be a sore winner.moreless