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    I remember when I used to watch this in the late 1990s and enjoyed trying to answer the questions. There was one question on an episode that aired in, I think, 1998 that dealt with former presidents. The question was: How many presidents were there before Bill Clinton? I don't remember who got the question or if it was answered correctly, but the answer was 41. Well, one might think so, considering that Bill Clinton was the 42nd president. However, Grover Cleveland is officially counted twice as both the nations 22nd and 24th presidents because he was the only president to serve two non-consecutive terms, so the correct answer to that question was 40, not 41. After all, the question was how many PRESIDENTS were there, meaning how many people served as president, and Grover Cleveland, while counted twice, was still only one man. Maybe I'm being nitpicky, but if I'd been there and had answered 40 and been told that I was wrong, I would have contested it.

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