Wind at My Back

Season 1 Episode 4

A Family of Independent Means

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Dec 15, 1996 on CBC

Episode Recap

May is aghast when she sees Grace talking to Judd, who frequently rides the bus from New Bedford to North Bridge. To avoid further encounters between Grace and Judd, May decides to teach Grace how to drive. Grace crashes the car, sending May to the hospital with a concussion. Grace is afraid of driving again.

Meanwhile, the school board is threatening to cut funding for the athletic programs. In an attempt to show the importance of these programs, Max organizes an event where teams from nearby towns compete. He, along with Hub and Fat, convince newspaper owner Alden Cramp to print advertisements and contribute reward money for the winning team. Hub helps to recruit boys for the team.

In North Bridge, Honey's financial situation worsens when she is let go from her job after another job candidate offers to work for $3 per week rather than $5 per week. With the monthly rent increasing in her building, Honey considers leaving for Toronto to find a job.

When Hub and Fat hear their mother's voice on the telephone, they know something is wrong. Hub tries to drive the car away, and Grace stops him and agrees to drive the boys to North Bridge to see their mother. En route, they bump into Judd Wainwright, who offers to drive the rest of the way. When Grace learns of Honey's situation, she gives Honey the $25 that May had given her for car repairs.

On the way back, Grace and the boys become lost and run out of gas. They are late for the athletic event, arriving just in time to see the New Bedford team lose the human pyramid event. Hub is disappointed that they lost the prize money. Fat, who did not think he would win anything, beats the pig in a pie-eating contest and wins a silver dollar, which he gives to Grace for the car repairs.