Wind at My Back

Season 5 Episode 1

Coming of Age

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Nov 05, 2000 on CBC

Episode Recap

Grace is writing a letter to her mother about a difficult decision she has to make.

The scene flashes back to one week before. At the radio station, Grace tells Toppy she has not heard from Jim since their kiss on Valentine's Day. On the street, Jim tells Grace that he had changed his mind and he was not yet ready to move on and still grieving his wife.

Fat has just bought new shoes when he sees some teenage boys playing craps in an alleyway. He plays and ends up losing his new shoes.

A shiny new car arrives in town, driven by a wealthy American man named Van Mainwairing. He compliments Grace, who is drawn by his charm. She accepts his dinner invitation, which turns out to be romantic with hired music and flowers delivered by train from Toronto. This leads to another dinner the next night, and the night after that.

Van learns that Fat, Grace's nephew, has lost his shoes. He plays craps against the teenage gang and wins the shoes back, but he doesn't tell Fat, and Fat thinks Hub did it.

When Grace tells May about Van, May is very distrustful. She has a lunch with Van, and finds out he is from San Francisco.

Van proposes to Grace, and May refuses to give Grace her blessing.

The scene from the beginning of the episode replays, and we find out Grace has accepted Van's proposal, and in the letter, she tells May that she wants to marry Van whether May approves or not.