Wind at My Back

Season 5 Episode 11

Crack In The Mirror

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 18, 2001 on CBC

Episode Recap

The actor who plays the "Masked Rider" is arriving, and Jim is practising the "Masked Rider" gun twirl, in anticipation for the actor arriving in town.

Grace and Van have arrived back in town. They have brought with them the painting of the Princess, and the family is told the "prank" that Grace and Van played on the Easterbrooks. Van goes out of town to look at investment opportunities while Grace visits with the family.

Jim is interviewing the "Masked Rider" that morning, but Callie and Jim find the actor intoxicated. This forces Jim to fake the interview, asking the questions and then faking the voice of the actor and doing his best "Masked Rider" impression.

Rebecca asks Honey if she can do her mother's hair, but she asks that Honey go to her house, since her mother can't leave the house. Rebecca asks Honey not to tell anyone about her mother's condition.

Grace receives a strange letter that was written in response to one of May's wedding invitations. It states that there had been a mistake, but their son Vanaver Mainwairing died 5 years ago. Confused, Grace decides to drive to ask Paloma.

The Masked Rider is supposed to demonstrate his gun twirl in front of children in front of the Theatre, but once again, Jim and Max find the actor drunk. Jim is forced to dress up as the Masked Rider and meet the children himself.

Grace arrives at the Estate, but catches Paloma without her Spanish accent. Paloma realizes "the jig is up" and tells Grace everything, that Van is a con man but he has reformed and he really loves Grace. Grace is too shocked and stumbles out of the Estate.

Max is meeting the children in front of the Theatre, dressed up, when the actor stumbles out of the hotel in his night clothes. The actor claims to the be real Masked Rider, and challenges Jim to do his gun twirl. Jim is successful.

Van returns, and Grace greets him in an embrace but she is unable to talk to him due to a family dinner.