Wind at My Back

Season 5 Episode 7

For God and Country

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 21, 2001 on CBC

Episode Recap

Callie is reading the book "How to Win Friends & Influence Friends", and she is trying some of the tips given by the book.

Honey is doing Althea's hair and Althea mentions that Laura said Hub has been very busy lately.

Toppy sees Jim carrying a box and asks him what it is. Jim has bought a new hat, a beret, to change his image and to become more bold.

Honey asks Hub where he has been lately, but Hub would not say.

Archie asks Max if he would consider running to be mayor. At first, he has no opponent, but when Alden hears of what policies Max is considering, Alden decides to run against Max. When Alden and Max are arguing, Callie tries to use the lines from her book to diffuse the situation.

The two candidates speak to the town, and May attends. She supports Max.

Callie sees Hub sitting on the stairs alone, and tries the suggestion from her book to listen to people's problems. Hub reveals to Callie his secret that he wants to become a Catholic priest, and he has been spending time at the Church with Father Fitzroy. Hub asks Callie not to reveal this secret to anyone.

Callie realizes this information can be used to help Alden's run for mayor. She knows that May is Presbyterian and would be horrified. Callie tells May, secretly hoping that in anger, May wouldwithdraw her support for Max in the election.

May calls Honey, Max and Hub over, and asks Hub if what Callie said was true. Hub admits it is true. Honey and Max are surprised, while May is angry. When Honey defends Hub's decision, May lashes out at Honey and Max as well. May disowns Hub.

It is the morning of the election, and Max and Honey vote. May arrives, and announces that she is still voting for Max. However, it is clear there is now a rift between May and the Suttons.

That night, a celebration is heard outside the apartment window. Max realizes that he has won the election, and is now New Bedford's mayor.