Wind at My Back

Season 5 Episode 13

Pay Back

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Apr 01, 2001 on CBC

Episode Recap

The Mine is in trouble because a competing mine in a nearby time is buying new equipment. May is worried. At the same time, an unknown company named Gigate is buying up stocks of Silver Dome Mine.

Meanwhile, Grace continues to pretend to have forgiven Van, and she concocts a plan to get back at Van while restoring the money to the Easterbrooks. She tells Van about the problems with the mine, and Van wants to help financially but Grace says May won't agree to it. Grace seeks Jim's help to pretend to be a middleman to carry out the financial transaction. When Grace reveals to Van what she had done, Van reveals that he has already paid the Easterbrooks back and he is disappointed that he has made Grace vengeful. Van enlists with a man in town recruiting fighters for the Spanish Civil War.

Laura finds out that Hub has been considering becoming a priest, while Max and Honey talk to Hub about the consequences of this decision.

Mrs. Whitney tells Max that she is retiring soon and wishes Max to be the replacement. Meanwhile, Honey expresses her wish to take some courses at the university instead of just by correspondence.

In the last scene, Grace opens a letter delivered to their home, and finds out that Van's real name is James Marshall III and that he knew all along that Grace was conning him and he let her do it.