Wind at My Back

Season 5 Episode 10


Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 11, 2001 on CBC

Episode Recap

Hub returns from the Alawanta Lumber Mill where he had been working. He brings home a fellow mill worker, Travis Hampton, who had helped the workers gain better working conditions.

Hub sees Laura, who is angry that Hub didn't write while he was away.

New Bedford is hosting the Bell Award this year, and Toppy is in charge of the entertainment but is having trouble finding any. Maisey volunteers to audition, but these auditions keep on being interrupted.

Traditionally, the mayor's wife writes the speech for the Bell Award recipient. Honey is excited to write a good speech until she finds out the recipient will be May Bailey.

At the mine, Travis finds out that Hub is a stockholder of Silver Dome and begins to challenge him. Laura is angry at Hub, and accepts Travis' advances towards her.

Travis makes a speech to the miners, saying they deserve better working conditions. At the shareholders' meeting, May agrees to some of the workers' demands, despite opposition from other board members like Laura's father. However, Travis rejects these concessions.

Laura's date with Travis does not go well. Thinking Travis is pushing himself onto Laura, Hub punches Travis in the face.

Scab workers are arriving on the train, and Travis convinces the miners to fight them at the station. Hub goes to May's house, and suggests May give shares to the miners, so they too have a stake in the company. May agrees it is a good idea, and she goes to the train station to tell the miners this. She also reveals that Travis moves around from business to business but never sticks around to find out the consequences of his actions. May asks the miners who want shares in the company to follow her, and they all do, leaving Travis alone at the train station.

At the rehearsal for the Award ceremony, Maisey sings and impresses everyone there. Honey overhears May thanking Hub for his solution which saved the mine. Honey goes up to the stage to introduce the award winner, and starts by reading a generic speech that is used year after year, but then scrunches up the piece of paper to say her true feelings. Honey states that May is stubborn, but she also saved her life and has devoted her life for the good of New Bedford. Honey hugs May.