Wind at My Back

Season 5 Episode 5

The Spanish Prisoner

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Jan 07, 2001 on CBC

Episode Recap

Grace and Van drives up to Van's estate at Lakeview. As they enter, Grace is greeted by Paloma, a Spanish cook who had been with Van's family since he was a child. She also meets Nigel, a man from England, and Enzo, an opera singer.

When Nigel sees Grace, he shows her a painting that reveals she looks almost exactly like the Princess Ebeli of Spain!

Grace finds out that Paloma's brother is still in Spain, but in prison, and she does not have the money to bail him out.

Soon after their arrival, two policeman arrives claiming they are there to arrest Van. Grace is shocked, but everyone soon realizes it is a prank played by a "Harry Turnbull".

Van and his friends decide to play a prank on Harry in return. One of Harry's business partners are Willie and Jane Easterbrook from the US. Their idea is to use Grace's resemblance to the Princess to trick the Easterbrooks into buying fake "royal"jewellery. When they realize it is fake, Harry will need to reimburse the Easterbrooks, because they have an agreement. Then, Van and his friends would reveal to Harry it was all a big joke and return the money.

At first, Grace is reluctant to participate, but is convinced when she learns this money can help Paloma's brother get out of jail, plus it would eventually be repaid to Harry.

The Easterbrooks arrive, and are tricked into buying the fake jewellery. Grace plays the Spanish Princess part perfectly.

After the Easterbrooks leave, and while Grace is occupied upstairs, Van meets his friends in the kitchen. It turns out that it was a real con job. Everyone was just playing a part. For example, Paloma does not speak with a Spanish accent. Nigel gives Van his share of the money. Van reveals to Nigel that he wants to get out of the con life, because he has truly fallen enough with Grace.

Grace comes downstairs and heads out with Van, knowing nothing of the con.