Wind at My Back

Season 5 Episode 9

The Summer Plague

Aired Sunday 7:00 PM Feb 04, 2001 on CBC

Episode Recap

The annual Bas Lake Fishing tournament and picnic is coming up, and many visitors are set to arrive in New Bedford for the event. Grace is still in town, and Callie tells Grace she wishes she was still living in town since it has been difficult finding a radio announcer. In the lobby of the hotel, Grace bumps into Jim, who mentions he has been looking for a summer job. Grace recommends Jim to Callie for the radio announcer position.

Dr. Barlow has news that a nearby town has had some cases of polio myelitis. He advises Max to issue a health warning, as mayor.

Toppy finds out her book has been accepted for publication, and she excitedly tells Grace and Honey.

Dr. Barlow has gone out of town, when more bad news arrive about oubreak of polio in the surrounding areas. Max calls a town council meeting, but the business owners are dead-set against cancelling the fishing tournament and picnic, because of all the revenues it brings in every year. When Juanita raises her voice for cancelling the tournament, a racist business owner retaliates by throwing a rock through the Bailey house window.

Jim finds out that Grace had been the one to recommend him to Callie for the radio announcer position. At first, he is angry but eventually, he realizes Grace was only trying to help.

Honey tells Fat and Violet not to go outside, but Henry disobeys her and takes Violet and Zach outside so he could see his friends. Zach soon becomes ill, and Max is angry at Fat, thinking he might have caused Zach to contract polio.

Max asks May and the Bank manager to cancel the fishing tournament and picnic, and they reluctantly agree to. Zach comes home with a clean bill of health. When Dr. Barlow returns, he commends Max and Juanita for taking the correct course of action to safeguard public health.