Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain

Sunday 8:00 PM on Speed TV Premiered Feb 22, 2003 In Season


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Wind Tunnel with Dave Despain

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Dave Despain chats with guests and viewers alike about the auto racing industry.

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AIRED ON 11/6/2003

Season 1 : Episode 80

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  • The 800lb Gorilla is really getting fat, but fits in perfectly with a fatter America.

    IROC, NASCAR the same? Getting there. Nothing will ever be the same as the older, less efficient Porsche's or Camaro's, nor as fun to watch. Didn't they at one time race the Jaguar X220's in IROC? I too miss IROC, especially the old cars. I kinda wish "Back in the Day" With Jr would show those old races. With all the loose car compaints by the drivers, couldn't NASCAR and Goodyear go with softer rear tires instead of left side and right side being different compounds? One last thing. I know that the cars use nitrogen in their tires because there is not supposed to be any moisture in that gas. But apparently there must be for the tires to have to start off on such low pressures, knowing they are going to expand. What am I missing here? Any chance at a bobblehead please!


    Russ Lawson

    Bossier City, Louisianamoreless
  • I am tired of listening to everyone talk about dale jr. please talk about something else. thanks

    Every time I watch your show or any show they are talking about dale well I amd tired of hearing about him their are other drivers that I would like to hear from. I dont even know why yall are talking about dale when hes not even that good anyways He hasnt won and he hasnt even been in the chase. Lets talk about the people that are in the chase and are doing good. For example Kevan Harvick he has been doing good and Tony stewart he is 2 point from being the chase leader that is pretty awesome. Thanks for listeningmoreless
  • Nascar is going down hill fast,They do not have any control over what drivers can do on the track these days. Not only in the cup series but all the nascar races. You should not take out any driver on the last lap. Nascar needs to put these drivers down.moreless

    Vickers hit Johnson on purpose for he is leaving that team and makes no differnce to him. And the he blames Earnhardt what is his problem and Nascars. That Vickers should not have won the race the guy behind is the winner.He should be at the tale end of led lap. Money doesn't hurt these guys they have plenty. Thank God it did not cause a big wreck and no one gets hurt.moreless