Season 1 Episode 7

Changing Partners

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 20, 2006 on NBC

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  • Damien goes ahead with divorce plans, and tries to make ammends with Frankie. Sunny and Peter head to Belgium to acquire a client for their fledgling company. Nina and Cameron reminisce. Sean and Zoe's sister are perplexed by ATM activity.

    I enjoy this program for this reason. They are developing the characters while making them realistic and multi-faceted; too often characters on shows appear one dimentional. I enjoy the way the writer's have taken the concept of winning the lottery and expanded this idea to how it affects relationships and perspectives. Windfall is a fine example of how to take a central theme and create situations and characters which tie into the central theme. The episodes keep me interested and anzious to see what occurs the following week. It is an addictive program.
  • It was really good, thats all Ill say for now.

    I did like this episode because it was really cute when Frankie and Damien got back togeather I always liked Frankie better than Glenia. I feel so sorry for Beth I mean she wanted a baby so bad and then he dumps her. Hes terrible, Carmon Im talking about. I loved the way they ended with her though Im so wrapped up is she pregant whats going to happen. It really scared me when Ninas daughter feel. Its such a dramatic show I didnt know if they were going to kill her and then Nina would get mad at Peter for not being home and then shed leave him and marry Camron, but that didnt happen and I have to say Im glad.
  • I really didnt like the storyline of this episode...

    Things I dislike:
    1) Peter is such a good character why are they gonna kill the character by mixing him with the other girl "dont want to remember her name". They DONT MIX at ALL...

    2) Nina's character is getting pretty boring to me she doesnt do anything...

    3) I thought Galina would fight more to win over Damien's heart but she gives up...

    4) What's up with everyone going to the same restaurant, jajaja people a little more realistic...

    5) The separation of Cameron and Beth is very predictable but it has to happen I know. I would like to see more emotion from them, becuase they are so static.

    Things I liked:
    1) I liked the scene with Frankie and Damien in the bridge and in Damien's room, very cute.

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