Season 1 Episode 5

Money Changers

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jul 06, 2006 on NBC

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  • Yet another cliffhanger episode with nothing happening before it.

    After watching this episode, I've finally learned that the writers have a rather simple form from which they craft each episode.

    They open each episode by telling the audience that what we thought was the worst that could happen following the previous episode's cliffhanger, in fact, did not happen. Rather, what happened was something less worse. Case in point--we all thought that Frankie was shot. It turned out to be Sonny.

    This episode ended with Galina being arrested for involvement in Zoe's murder. I'm willing to guess that this little problem will be tied up quickly next week. I bet that she has a lock solid alibi who told her that she was getting a manicure or facial or something at the time the alleged murder took place.

    More on Zoe's "death." I don't think there's anyone who think that Zoe is dead. It will probably turn up that she is being held for ransom.

    My other problem with this episode is this--what does Peter need this other guy's help with in opening a bike shop? With all his new found money, Peter should be able to open up a new business without a hitch, unless he is hiding something.