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Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2006 on NBC
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A group of 20 friends and acquaintances gets together for their regular once-a-month lottery party in the neighborhood. The following morning they each find themselves $20 million richer -- except for one participant who forgot to sign the list. Cameron gets a visit from an old student with odd demands, Damien finds a way to help a girl in need while helping himself, and Sean needs a way to collect the money without revealing who he really is.moreless

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  • good enough to get you hooked

    Well I love all the pilots to anything I watch but that’s just because it’s the start of the show Now since I have seen more of the shows through out the season It wasn’t the best I’ve seen but just like in the summary it was a good enough pilot episode to have me hooked. I don’t remember all the details of the pilot I mean 3 more episode have been shown since it so I cant say much but I do know the thing I enjoyed the most was seeing all the family’s so happy. I mean it makes me glad when I see people happy [even on tv shows]moreless
  • Introduction to twenty friends who collect one dollar for a lottery ticket to split the winnings. They end up winning 386 to share among them. We are introduced to the various characters and given background information into their lives.moreless

    Interesting premise. I am interested to see how the money is going to be spent by the characters and how not only their lives change, but how their relationships change. The characters are interesting and complicated. I enjoy that all of the characters are not "saintly" and immediately ready to give it to charity, not that that's a bad thing.

    I was rivited by this episode and am anxious to see more.

    Great opening episode. Plus, its nice to see Jason Gedrick and Luke Perry on television again.moreless
  • A very solid beginning to an interesting show!

    The story begins at a monthly neighborhood party where friends all chip in for the lottery. When the 20 individuals who all bought in the pool woke up the next morning they each find themselves $20 million richer. This money will change everything about their lives.

    Here's a brief synopsis on a few of the major storylines that have started to develop--

    --Cameron-a married (to Beth) teacher who has an

    old student show up at his house with a baby picture

    and an accusation that it is his

    --Sean-apparently knows some bad people and is afraid

    that letting his identity as a lotto winner may land

    him in more trouble

    --17-year old Damien won, but cannot collect the money

    until he is 18. Damien then sneaks off with a Russian

    women who his father's friend met over the Internet and

    marries her to beconme an emancipated minor.

    --Luke Perry's character wife-Cameron wants her and it

    was his birthday that she chose, which ended up being

    the winning number. Luke Perry's character figured this

    out at the very end of the episode.

    Overall, this has to be the best summer show so far this season. I will absolutely be sure to tune in on Thursday (and not Friday) to watch the second episode of this new show.moreless
  • An ok beginning to what may actually turn out to be a pretty good show!

    Well the one main problem with the pilot is the fact that there are too many characters to keep track of. With over 20 something main characters it was pretty hard to keep track of who was who. Just like the show said 20 friends win the lottery they all get very happy then their lives change however the producers of the show have to be careful to make sure the show continues as a smart drama then a Despriate Houseviews type of show. Judging on the scenes from the next episode it sadly looks like the second type but to know that for sure I guess I will just have to wait and see till next week.moreless
  • A group of people win a BIG lottery. We find out the drama they will face once they find out.

    Ok, so I thought this was a good start to a great new show. All of the storylines seem to be very interesting, all of the characters seem to be good actors that know what theyre doing. I really like the plot of a bunch of people winning the lottery, and I\'m surprised it took this long to get a TV show about it. I liked all of the diversity with the cast as well. But, there are 9 (NINE) main characters. How are we supposed to keep up with all of that from the Pilot episode? I think they gave us too many characters too quickly. That\'s my only negative thing about this show so far. Otherwise, great show, and I will be watching again next week.moreless
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