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Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 08, 2006 on NBC

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  • good enough to get you hooked

    Well I love all the pilots to anything I watch but that’s just because it’s the start of the show Now since I have seen more of the shows through out the season It wasn’t the best I’ve seen but just like in the summary it was a good enough pilot episode to have me hooked. I don’t remember all the details of the pilot I mean 3 more episode have been shown since it so I cant say much but I do know the thing I enjoyed the most was seeing all the family’s so happy. I mean it makes me glad when I see people happy [even on tv shows]
  • Introduction to twenty friends who collect one dollar for a lottery ticket to split the winnings. They end up winning 386 to share among them. We are introduced to the various characters and given background information into their lives.

    Interesting premise. I am interested to see how the money is going to be spent by the characters and how not only their lives change, but how their relationships change. The characters are interesting and complicated. I enjoy that all of the characters are not "saintly" and immediately ready to give it to charity, not that that's a bad thing.
    I was rivited by this episode and am anxious to see more.
    Great opening episode. Plus, its nice to see Jason Gedrick and Luke Perry on television again.
  • A very solid beginning to an interesting show!

    The story begins at a monthly neighborhood party where friends all chip in for the lottery. When the 20 individuals who all bought in the pool woke up the next morning they each find themselves $20 million richer. This money will change everything about their lives.

    Here's a brief synopsis on a few of the major storylines that have started to develop--

    --Cameron-a married (to Beth) teacher who has an
    old student show up at his house with a baby picture
    and an accusation that it is his

    --Sean-apparently knows some bad people and is afraid
    that letting his identity as a lotto winner may land
    him in more trouble

    --17-year old Damien won, but cannot collect the money
    until he is 18. Damien then sneaks off with a Russian
    women who his father's friend met over the Internet and
    marries her to beconme an emancipated minor.

    --Luke Perry's character wife-Cameron wants her and it
    was his birthday that she chose, which ended up being
    the winning number. Luke Perry's character figured this
    out at the very end of the episode.

    Overall, this has to be the best summer show so far this season. I will absolutely be sure to tune in on Thursday (and not Friday) to watch the second episode of this new show.
  • An ok beginning to what may actually turn out to be a pretty good show!

    Well the one main problem with the pilot is the fact that there are too many characters to keep track of. With over 20 something main characters it was pretty hard to keep track of who was who. Just like the show said 20 friends win the lottery they all get very happy then their lives change however the producers of the show have to be careful to make sure the show continues as a smart drama then a Despriate Houseviews type of show. Judging on the scenes from the next episode it sadly looks like the second type but to know that for sure I guess I will just have to wait and see till next week.
  • A group of people win a BIG lottery. We find out the drama they will face once they find out.

    Ok, so I thought this was a good start to a great new show. All of the storylines seem to be very interesting, all of the characters seem to be good actors that know what theyre doing. I really like the plot of a bunch of people winning the lottery, and I\'m surprised it took this long to get a TV show about it. I liked all of the diversity with the cast as well. But, there are 9 (NINE) main characters. How are we supposed to keep up with all of that from the Pilot episode? I think they gave us too many characters too quickly. That\'s my only negative thing about this show so far. Otherwise, great show, and I will be watching again next week.
  • Better then expected.

    I bascially watched this because there wasn\'t anything else I liked on and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. The characters are interesting and complicated. Nina and Cameron have a past and might be on the brink of an affair, I did love the scene when her husband had the kiddie rides and she told him that he was her wildest dream. I do think Cameron is the father of that baby, I mean he didn\'t deny it. If someone accused you and you knew it was a lie you\'d be saying \"Let\'s go get that DNA test.\" He didn\'t. The whole Sean mystery. Damien and his parents, you couldn\'t help feeling sorry for him when his father said he couldn\'t stand to look at him. Overall there are some pretty interesting stories to be told here, I\'ll be tuning in again.
  • This show is clever, with a great cast and creative writing. I had not seen any of the previews for this show and when I heard what it was about it thought it was another dead sitcom. What a nice surprise when I turn on the television to find this gem.

    This show is clever, with a great cast and creative writing. I had not seen any of the previews for this show and when I heard what it was about it thought it was another dead sitcom. What a nice surprise when I turn on the television to find this gem of a show. I think each character is unique and has their own story. I wonder, however, how they will keep us interested in all 20 main characters? I thought the most touching story was the one with the pizza girl. I also think Luke Perry is doing a wonderful job of downplaying himself.
  • Why Oh Why does this show feel like a Republicans wet dream?

    All the people who won were middle aged to teen aged who already had money or were on the way to getting it, and the way they were acting they already seemed jaded enough not to really have the story go anywhere. The episode was also disapointing when they really didnt show any one besides the walking stereo type pizza delivering black mother who was struggling win last minute of the episode getting the big win(Of course the first thing she would do after winning would sing and dance screaming I'm gonna get my hair did, and then get picked up by a chopper from her trailer park to get dropped off down the street she'll b broke by season 2 if show lasts). It would of been better if they spent more time focusing on normal everyday AMERICANS(latin,african,asian,nativeamericansetc., not just the dominant number of people in the country,but folks who are struggling on different levels. That would b better for the drama in the long run. I also just read that the number of marital splits is at an all time high in over a decade, so I can appreciate the realness of the adulterer on the show, and I have a feeling that Luke Perry's character is going to be a punk compared to Dylan on 90210b.v. All in all the show might last if they focus on the right things and stop the blatent low blows of sterio typing,P.S. Pizza Delivery girls character should keep the personality of when she was broke, Modest,hardworking,humble,independant mother. I know that storyline with the 18yr.old and his Russian bride is going to b a great story ANYONE remember BIRthday Girl starring Nicole Kidman....Oh yeah he is in big trouble.
  • Great show with great writing!

    I hope that if it is a hit but only airs in the summertime
    That the show will come back again next summer as it
    Is good so far. About a bunch of people their not just their real names but what their personalities are like!
    And that it will get better only with time and great acting and writing!
  • While future episodes may improve, the pilot's failed attempt to properly introduce a myriad of characters indicates a disregard for true character development – which is the near antithesis of a serious drama.

    NBC's summer-time premiere, “Windfall,” asks the intriguing question – What would you do if your wildest dreams came true? NBC asserts that it is the American Dream to suddenly become wealthy beyond your wildest dreams, and many Americans would agree. Indeed, the prospect of wealth without the drudgery of work can probably be equated to the “American Dream” just as much as the old-fashioned version that the country's forefathers believed in. Suddenly, through the magic of television (and a healthy bit of suspension-of-disbelief), NBC turns a group of friends into millionaires, each receiving a $20 Million share of the pot. And it is there that the story is born.

    With the 'complication' firmly in place, the show's writers begin to explore each of the characters, totaling somewhere around twenty in all. However, the pilot seems intent on giving each character enough screen time to explain the one-dimensional background that will define the character. Since the writers probably feared that the pilot would drag (the death nell of any pilot), we are treated to a frenetic combination of short, unrelated scenes in an attempt to gain artificial momentum by breaking up the story (I was just waiting for the split screen, but thankfully I was spared). Still, the audience is not convinced, and no matter how many times simple scenes are inter-cut with other scenes, the show never gains the momentum that it clearly wants to have. Instead, the show almost begins to ramble, introducing stereotypical characters with unrealistically-complicated backgrounds by exposition instead of demonstration. The show steamrolls right past the characters actually winning the lottery, which even in their abbreviated form were presented poorly (you'd think these people had just gotten a raise, not won the lottery), and instead presents complicated but equally valueless montages. Add that to the fact that it is quite clear the principals were selected for their physical appearance, and not their ability to act, and you have a formula for one thing – a soap opera.

    While “Windfall” could have been an intriguing and even exciting exploration of the change that wealth brings to 'ordinary' people, instead it appears that NBC is building a primetime soap that will merely have characters explore one implausible complication after another. While future episodes will hopefully not be plagued with the want to explore so much back story in one episode, the pilot does not bode well for a strong drama. Dramas, especially character-driven stories such as this one, must take their time to develop their characters before the audience will care about their fate (i.e. “Lost”), however the torrential speed that Windfall presented character back stories shows a disinterest in actually creating three-dimensional characters. Add that to the sheer number of characters that the pilot decided to explore, and you have a recipe for mediocrity.

    The bottom line: I'll watch a few future episodes to see if “Windfall” grows into the mature and intriguing character drama that it could be, however I fear that it will never rise above the soap opera.
  • This was an excellent Pilot: enough characters in the first episode to assure an interesting show, with a subject that is definitely believable. This will be another NYPD Blue!

    Last night I was so into this program, that I was praying the phone wouldn\'t ring, because I wasn\'t sure I would answer. What a wonderful variety of characters to build a story around. These characters will be wonderful to watch develop. The current realities of these winners shown in the pilot was enough to assure me that next Thursday I will be at home anticipating which characters I will know just a little better by the end of the night. After watching this pilot was the firt time I ever gave serious thought to what I would do if I received a windfall. Thanks NBC for including this show in your lineup.
  • Not as good as I expected, but I'll still watch next week anyway...

    Very dissapointed. Maybe I just had high expectations. The lottery winning plot seemed interesting which is why i tuned in, but it really just completely let me down. The thing is, the reactions to winning the lottery and all the characters first spending sprees were fun to watch, but as the series goes on it's going to be more about the characters' own little plots that winning the lottery affected and those plots just don't seem exciting at all.

    First off, the two characters who are married to different people, but are still in love, Nina and Cameron, that was just annoying. I was watching with my sister and we basically just talked over their scenes, it didn't seem exciting or important. Maybe we would've cared had we know more about the characters and what their history was, but we felt like we were just dropped into that storyline and it didn't really matter to us.

    The Sean plotline started out interesting, but then it got predictable pretty quick. His scenes with the lawyer were more of the ones that we talked over, we figured it didn't matter that we missed his explaination of what happened to him because he obviously was lying and was a criminal or something. And the whole thing with the lawyer was pretty annoying, it happened so quick and out of nowhere, didn't they barely know eachother? I don't care how desperate you are, no lawyer could possibly be dumb enough to actually go through with meeting that guy all those times, finding out he was a murderer, and then still showing up to get the money. I mean, she's a lawyer, and even though splitting Sean's lottery winning would be alot, does she really think helping a murderer who going to be in the spotlight after the lottery win and will probably be discovered is really worth it? Hardly...

    The pizza women, Kimberly, I liked that part, sucks that apparently, from the scenes for next week, someone's gonna be trying to take her money. I almost forgot about how they realized she was the missing dollar, that was pretty dumb. "Oh, how convenient, I took out her dollar bill, which just so happens to have her name and phone number on it, for the kids lunch money, I think we just found our missing person!" There was a better way they could've done that, like maybe just have the person remember that the pizza lady put a dollar in, instead of that whole contrived icky sequence.

    I like Beth, sucks about her husband though, don't really like him. And then there's Damien, and as much as what he did was supposed to aggrivate the viewers, it was actually the most exciting part of the show. Marrying the Russian, that was fun, and then she came back, that was fun, cept then he ditched Frankie, that sucked although that whole part was kind of weird anyway... Oh right, and Maggie, well if I had an evil boss and was leaving my job because I'd just won all that money, I think I might've come up with a better diss or more dramatic way of leaving, but I still like her character.

    So yea, that was my rant, but I'll probably still watch next week just for the plotlines I liked and in the hope that the others will get better...
  • Best line paraphrase: If your wildest dreams came true, would I be in them?

    Love this idea! I think they did a good job with most of the characters. Some of it was typical, but what can you expect from trying to cram a lot of information into 42 minutes? Also, I think the premise is a great combination of new ideas and old school story lines. It is about what America craves, our fears and dreams. This show fits well into our weekly inundation of Reality TV, 24, CSIs. More fluff than a show like Lost, obviously, but we need this too! It really made me want to tune in next week. Yay for Dillon McKay- back in our lives!
  • I might give this another shot, but I was heavily disappointed with the pilot

    I will admit that my attention waned at times and I didn\'t pick up everything, but I truely did not like this show. For every conflict, you had to suspend your disbelief one hundred times more than any episode of Lost. I never realized what the party was about, but apparently it was champagne and cheese pizza. $386 million in the cash-5 lottery?

    I felt that there were too many seperate characters with too many wierd yet predictable problems. I hope I am not spoiling anything; but why again did the pizza lady put her own phone number on the dollar bill(I don\'t recall seeing her actually do it before putting the money in)? You can\'t get to liking anyone really, because every person in that show is is either evil, stupid, or just unfortunate in a way you really can\'t feel sympathetic for.

    The characters haven\'t been really developed yet so I think I may give the show another chance next week (mainly because there is nothing else on). Hopefully the show will improve.

    oh and just for ha-ha\'s, here is some math in case anyone was curious:
    $386,000,000 / 20 people (assuming each put in the same amount) = $19,300,000/person

    $19,300,000 - taxes (amounts to approx $6,740,000) = $12,560,000

    if they take the lump sum, that is (12,560,000 * 44%) they keep $5,526,400 at once

    or they take the 20 year annuity and (12,560,000 / 20) they keep $628,000 a year.

    I\'m not saying that it\'s not a lot, but when you break it down, it\'s a lot less than the whole $386 million. Also take into account that there were some people who put in more than just $1, and if they split the money acording to how much was put in, those who only paid $1 (like the pizza lady) might not be walking away with even that much.

  • Meet the newest millionaires and learn their secrets

    So much drama. One of the winners going through a divorce, one a minor with an overbearing father, one a single mother holding down two jobs while going to school and another who can't claim his money because he has some major skeletons in the closet. And that is just a handful of the winners. They couldn't have packed anymore twists into this episode. There are alot of different storylines, so there is the possibility that they will all get jumbled up and add too much clutter; hopefully during the remaining episodes they will only feature a few of the main characters, not all of them in every episode. One of the more promising storylines was Kimberly George as the pizza delivery girl who undoubtedly deserves the money more than any of the rest of them...but is it really hers...? Imaginative and different, this show presents definite possibilities.
  • I think the Pilot episode was really good. I think this is going to be a very wicked series. Thursdays have no become my new favorite day of the week!!!

    I really love how the lotto winners all come from different living situations. I really thinkg the whole thing with Damien, Frankie, and Damien's new Russian wife is going to get really interesting fast. I am also really interested to know what the deal is with Sean. I really hope that Zoe finds out everything about him because I am really interested to know. Overall the episode was amazing and I can say that I am going to be very addicted to this show. The more I watch it the more I'm going to love it. I can't wait until the dvd's come out now, even though the series has just started.