Season 1 Episode 4

Running with the Devil

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 29, 2006 on NBC

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  • OK, some nice developments, but all in all quite predictable

    Some of the developments and new storylines were nice, like the new house and the problem with the robberies (although the small hint of the robbery at the parents home seems oddly out of place in the episode), but mostly, this episode was unoriginal and very intrusively dramatic - the mother who hates her husband and tries to shield their daughter from him, the \"affair\", the bad guy who didn\'t do what everyone thought, the shooting...
    I\'m sorry, it might be my fault, maybe I watch too much TV, but I\'ve just seen stuff like that too often to be surprised.
  • I absouluty loved it!!!

    It was wonderful. I was so surprised when Sean found Tallys gun but so relieved at the same time I did not want her to shoot him. I really want Zoey to be found though and thats why I was so glad that they were going to wait at that house until that guy came home but yet so dissapointed when he said he didnt have her. I feel so sorry for frankie to I mean her parents are going through a divorce, Her mom moved her to New york and now shes in love with a married man. lol. I dont really want Nina and Carmon togeather I mean I like their spouses better for each of them I dont know why. But I hated the way this episode ended with someone shot on the floor, but something tells me it was Sunny not Frankie because they gave you a glimpse of a robe she was wearing while he was getting the gun out and then the person on the floor was wearing the same robe.
  • Movement on the Zoe storyline and a new storyline regarding a house add more substance to the show.

    It didn't taken a genius to figure out that the episode entitled, "Running With the Devil" may revolve around characters' temptations and choices that they'd have to make. Is the question--Will they make the morally wrong choice or the fun choice? Or is the question, should they make the correct choice or the wrong choice? The answer is that it depends.

    We finally saw some action on the Sean searching for Zoe storyline and it proved to be interesting. Sean figured that Zoe has been kidnapped by that ex-friend of his, Jeremy, the scruffy, blonde dude who threatened them before.

    Meanwhile, after buying a wonderful new house with Nina, Peter decided to go on a fishing trip with some potential investors in his bicycle business. Little did he know that these guys don't fish for fish, they fish for women.

    We also see how much Cameron wants Nina but then he also told Beth that he wanted a baby with her. Despite this sentiment, Cameron heads to an alone Nina.

    Damien, who desperately wants to rid himself of Galina, is asked/told to move back within with his parents. He decides not to so he surprises Frankie in NYC at her mom's new apartment. The two finally kiss.

    However, the show ends on a sad not when Frankie goes to her dad's house and her dad, thinking that it was an intruder, seemingly shoots Frankie.