Season 1 Episode 2

The Getaway

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 15, 2006 on NBC

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  • Money changes everything??? Well, I hope it gives Cameron a conscience!

    The stories slowed down this week. I liked that it gave me a chance to learn their more about their characters. I don't like Cameron for the most part. It seems as though he can't make his mind up and does not care who his choices hurt. I mean how cold can a person be? It does not matter to him that he is trying to break up a family, that is bad enough. But he is trying to destroy his best friend's family. That is just wrong! At least he took in the baby which shows that he does have a little compassion, maybe?
  • A great second episode to this season--we see both character and plot development.

    Wow! I just finished watching the second episode of "Windfall" and I have to give this episode two thumbs up. We saw some great character development and some even better plot development. Moreover, we see that the recurring theme that money changes certainly does ring true.

    The big story is that we learned that Cameron is not the father of the student's baby as she had previously suggested. Instead, she is just a junkie looking to score money off a newly minted multi-millionaire. So what does Cameron do? He brings home the baby so as to rescue it from a seemingly horrific situation--a druggie mom and dad living in a crappy apartment.

    Of other major importance was the disappearance of the Zoe who was helping Sean escape his shady and as of yet, unknown, past.

    What surprises and shocks me the most is just how much money these people seem to be throwing away. I mean, it is not cheap (try $15,000 cheap) to book a last minute first class ticket to Paris from the states.

    Finally, we see that another person might have a claim to the money and that while the situation is being sorted out, the other 20 millionaires may have their money frozen. This is one of those storylines where the audience knows that the girl who claims to have won did not actually win, but we have to watch the other characters stress out over knowing how and when the situation will end.
  • What keeps me watching is the budding relationship between Damien and Frankie.

    The first episode seemed sort of confusing so, upon watching this episode, I seem to understand the story better.

    Events that occured during this episode:

    1. Sean and Zoe get rid of Sean's ex-con buddy and plan a nice getaway. Before they can though, Zoe disappears.
    2. Peter, Nina, Cameron, and Beth head out to Paris for awhile. When they come home, Beth discovers that Cameron has a little baby boy with him(The mother did not want him anymore).
    3. Frankie, upon discovering that she has feelings for Damien, makes a complete fool of herself at his party. She is found leaning over the toilet barfing. Later, Frankie confesses to the cook how she likes him.
    4. Damien goes through a few problems with Galina. Her family is poor and Galina is trying to use Damien's money to help them.

    Hopefully in the next episode we can figure out where Zoe is, how Cameron and Beth will deal with this baby, whether Frankie can confess her feeling for Damien to him, and how Damien will deal with Galina's family.

  • Dont read my review if you havent seen the episode yet.

    I really liked this episode, I don’t really have anything to compare it to other than the pilot which in my opinion in most of the shows I watch the pilot is always best out of the episodes. But I did really find this one intresting. I loved the ending to where Camron (Don’t know how to spell his name) came in with the baby. And I loved the way they thought of the ending to make Zoey come up missing like that! I mean I don’t know about anyone else but I can’t stop watching it now I mean I have to find out what happened to her!
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