Season 1 Episode 9

The Myth of More

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 03, 2006 on NBC

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  • Peter Peter, pleeeease find out about your whore of a wife!!

    This episode makes Nina\'s adultery with Cameron seems justified. They somehow try to make Peter emotionally unavailable to her and this pushes her to Cameron. The truth about the situation is Nina would probably find ANYTHING, however minor, in the marriage a problem and use that as a reason to run her adulterous ass to Cameron. Peter calls her to talk to her... as a cry for help... trying to be a better man and husband to her but all she could think about is Cameron, whom by the way is a such a sweet talker, I\'m sure he was a candy cane in his past life. I\'m just glad that the writers didn\'t make Peter an adulterous ass as well when he was with Sunny. Because that would obviously make Nina and Cameron\'s relationship seemed justified. The thing is, it is Nina that is emotionally unavailable in the marriage. She cannot and would not be there for Peter in any situation. When was she ever there for him? And yes, she\'s a terrible mother. That is the only sentence that doesnt make me wanna vomit when she was churning out words! I hope Peter sees her with Cameron really soon. And then, I\'ll be really really curious with what\'s gonna come out of her mouth. And while she\'s raving about what a total saint she is, I can only hope Peter slaps her.

    The Sean/Tally/Zoe storyline is interesting. It\'s quite good and it somehow saves this show from the total crap it would be if it\'s only about Nina/Cameron. The only minor problem that I have is the message that Zoe left for Tally. Who in the world says, \"I\'m your sister\" to their sister? Minor but it\'s obviously just to let Sean and the whole audience know that it\'s Zoe. As if we didnt already know.

    As for the rest of the storyline, Beth, the lovestruck teenagers (i forgot their names), it\'s all good. Nothing to scream about but it\'s nothing to poke my eyes out either. The only thing that would actually make me wanna poke my eyes out? Nina pretending to care for Peter and tries not to cry everytime she talks.

    To me this was a great episode because every one thought that Zoey was dead and there she was meeting with Tally. It ticked me off when I Saw her because I like Sean, and she did that to him, I like that Frankie and Damien are getting closer I always liked them togeather I didnt like Gelina that much at all. I dont want Nina and Cameron togeather truthfully but Id rather Nina divorce so she could be with Cameron rather than having an affair, I mean I dont like her playing on Peter thats just not fair.