Season 1 Episode 3

There and Gone Again

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Jun 22, 2006 on NBC

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  • I hate Sunny. Poor Kim.

    I hate Sunny, that's so bad of her. I hope there's a confrontation and the money goes back to everyone. That's money, and she didn't deserve it. Crazy woman. I hope she rots in hell. Poor Kim. If I was Kimberly, I would hire a sniper and have Sunny killed. That'll show her who's rich.

    Anyway, I love it when the winners are all together. Those scenes are special and you don't see them very often. Nice episode, although I wish Damien would just hurry up and ask that girl out and dump the Russian wife. Anyway, a good episode of Windfall. :)
  • I found it exciting because of Sunny putting a hold on everyones money I mean I didnt know what was going to happen next.

    I loved it partly because I love every Windfall episode but still I do not like Sunny at all. I mean that was not her dollar and what does she have against that girl [ Sorry I havent learned but a few names. I liked the ending when Beth finally takes to the baby because it is so sick. I thought that was sweet. But I dont like the way everyone had to give some of there money to sunny because she is a cry baby it wasnt right. I mean they had to give a lier a bunch of money because shes a little spoiled princess whose jealous as crap!
  • Only an average classification because nothing really happened.

    I have got to rate the third episode of this series as "Avergage" because nothing really happened and the only interesting storyline (the girl who claimed that she was at the party and should have gotten 1/20th of the money) was resolved in less than an hour.

    There was no resolution as far as Cameron taking the baby storyline went, though we did see his wife start to warm up to that fact that they had the baby.

    The only cliffhanger storylines are the where is Zoe angle and what does Damien's Russian bride have up her sleeve. Will she leave him and take some cash or will she stay and make his life miserable? It's clear that Damien is ready to move on, but can he without forfeiting some of his lottery winnings?