Season 1 Episode 11

Truth Be Told

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 17, 2006 on NBC

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  • A perfect 10 just because of Peter's reaction...

    Oh, finally the affair is revealed. I've been waiting for this forever! The best storyline in this episode is with Peter and Nina. During the confrontation on the porch when Nina just came back from the hospital, that was acted superbly by both the actors. We can even see the pain when he was talking. And the thing that i'm even happier with is, Nina finally come to her senses when she realises she cannot lose her family. Now I'll be so excited to see how she's going to run back to her family as Peter is getting close to Sunny (who is no more the horrible character that she was when she was first introduced).

    The storyline with Sean and Tally is choppy at best in this episode. How can Tally be so blind as to not be able to see Sean tailing her all the time? How can the police department not be able to arrest Sean when he's been walking around town in the broad daylight? How is it that the storyline seems contradicting all the time? And where is the evil lawyer? He doesn't want the 10 million dollars anymore?

    There's too much going on with this episode... the story with the nurse (i forgot her name), Damien and Frankie, it all seems rush although we finally get some drama with the nurse. And how convenient it was for the nurse to overhear her sis-in-law's-evil-converstion in her restaurant?

    This show is very promising and the storylines are interesting. However, the feeling that one gets when watching is that there's too much going on and too much storylines in an episode albeit each character being interesting. Maybe they need to cut down on storylines and concentrate with less on one episode. I dunno...
  • I LOVED!!!!!! it

    I (as I said in the review deck) loved the episode, I cant stand Gelina more than ever! I mean I felt sorry for her, with her punched out eye, and it turns out she got popped bye the man she was sleeping with wife! She deserved it, On Tally I new at the ending last week that she killed Zoey. I am so depressed that Sean got shot, and I felt so sorry for Peter when I saw him After he found out about nina and Camron, that’s pretty much it for this week though.
  • A solid episode with plot development.

    In a show that is built on twists, turns and where one should expect the unexpected, it is no surprise that this episode, although very solid, ended on such a downer.

    The audience is clearly rooting for Damien and Frankie as Galina is just a darn, annoying nuisance. Galina is a waste--she spends a ton of money on room service, gets Damien punched out after she led him to believe that her, maybe, husband hit her and, to top it all off, she is pregnant. But, is she actually pregnant and if so, is it really Damien's? I really hate these "Who is the Daddy?" storylines. There are far too many of them in television history.

    The other big revelation was that Zoe's sister (I forget her name) accidentally killed Zoe. Now, another lingering question remains--is this true or did she kill Zoe for the money that she know Zoe ran off with? I actually feel bad for Sean.

    It was good to see Nina get the boot from her house. She broke Peter's heart by sleeping with Cameron and I was proud of Peter for standing up for himself.