Season 1 Episode 12

Urgent Care

Aired Thursday 10:00 PM Aug 24, 2006 on NBC

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  • Shawn is shot...Tally runs off with the $$$...Peter kicks out Nina...Damien get attached to G's unborn baby while Frankie meets a new man...Cameron tells Beth about his father's 2nd family & meets his 1/2 sis.

    A very good episode. No lame lines or ppl attacking cakes in this episode.

    The episode begins with Peter having sex w Sunny ( no doubt in retaliation to discovering Nina & Cameron's adulerous affair ). After the sex Sunny tells Peter SHE LIED about the $1 /Kimberly George's ticket. After Shawn was shot by the motel owner , selfish sister killing Tally grabs the $$$ bag & runs off. Shawn goes to former nurse Maggie for help. Shawn reassure Maggie that he is not out to harm her, but instead he needs her help, since he will be arrested if he goes to the hospital for treatment since he is wanted by the police. Maggie wraps him in gauze while Shawn tells her his plight since becoming a millionaire. Maggie believes him and helps him. Maggie pays the counter worker @ Tally's gym $1000 4 the security tape from the night of Zoe's murder/ the night when Talyy hid the $$$ @ the gym. As they are watching the tape, Shawn begins to have trouble breathing & pases out ( he lost pints of blood ). At the hospital he is arrested by being chained 2 the bed. Cop tells Shawn : "We know exactly what happened. Tally came to us. She is no lnger afraid of you Shawn."

    Frankie meets a young man. It turn out ( he is a male Nicky/ Paris Hilton ) his parents own the hotel, and upon their death he will inherit it. Frankie's mom cuts of her credit card, so Frankie's new hotel heiress friend gives her a free room.

    Damien goes to an OBGYN w Garlina. There he finds out that the males in Garlina's family have a blood disease which Garlina's child will have. The paternity test is not done bc the dr didnt know Garlina wanted 1. While wating 4 the results, D goes in2 the room w G. He sees the baby's fist & hears the baby's heartbeat. D then goes outside, obviously touched by the heartbeat. The camera zooms in 2 him so we are supposed 2 understand that D feels bonded to G'a baby.

    Nina break up w Cameron. Peter discovers Cameron bought Nina a cottage & is even more hurt bc he figures out C & N had planned their life 2gether. Nina & Peter then xplain to their 2 daughters that they are seperating. Violet runs away bc she is upset over this. Violet is later found at the carnival, hiding by the carousel bc " Mommy it reminded me of the night we had the carousel in the backyard...remember we were so happy...I just want us all 2 b happy again like that night".

    Cameron gives a 29 yr old grad student a $300k for a cruise around the world so that she'll b able 2 finish her thesis. Cameron tells Beth & we discover/it is revealed that Cameron's dad never married Cameron's mom, & that his frequent business trips as Cameron was a child was really when he was with his other wife & chidren. 1 of those children is his 1/2 sis, the 1 who he gave the cruise 2.